He Stole Me From My Deadbeat Husband

[COMPLETED.] [Side Story released!] [Mature Content.] “That baby is mine, and so are you,” He declared, pointing at Kate’s belly while his deep green eyes gazed at Kate, like a viper ready to strike. Kate couldn’t believe that he– Henry Grant, her new boss eight years younger than her, was the father of her unborn child. “We should be together by default. But I will give you a choice. Go and suffer with your deadbeat husband, or come with me, I will show you the fun you’ve missed.” ===== For the past five years of her marriage, Katherine “Kate” Woods, 32, had always believed she was infertile. She was unable to conceive a child and her deadbeat husband Matt always insulted her for it, calling her a useless woman despite never finding a job himself, forcing Kate to be the sole breadwinner of their family. Yet, he still had the nerve to cheat on her with her own sister! Heartbroken, Kate escaped to her office late at night with four bottles of strong red wine. To her surprise, she wasn’t alone. A handsome young man stood in her office, watching her. He refused to give her his name, but offered to keep her company for the night. With lust and booze coursing through her veins, Kate readily abandoned herself to her basest, most repressed instincts, seducing the nameless but willing visitor. In her drunken stupor, she boldly declared, "If my husband wants to sleep with every woman on earth, then two can play that game." She didn’t care if they did it raw, as she always thought she was barren. Only to find herself staring at a positive pregnancy test a month later. Kate Woods, the supposedly ‘barren woman,’ was pregnant. The stranger had accomplished in one night what Matt could not in five years. - Now that Henry has given her a choice, would Kate leave her deadbeat husband and jump into the sea of uncertainty with this young man? Or would she stay with Matt, her husband who cheated on her for the sake of their families? - Official Commissioned Cover. - Contact me: Instagram: @ForeverPupa -

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Chapter 11

"ME?!" Kate flinched.

This man was full of surprises, she didn't expect him to point at her as the woman of his choice.

She wasn't sure if it was the alcohol talking or if he was just teasing her.

She peered at him with scrutinizing eyes and found that this man was dead serious, it seemed that he meant every word he had just uttered. He really wanted Kate as his woman, as for the reason she couldn't figure it out.

The man chuckled as he watched Kate's reaction, "What's with that look? You shouldn't be surprised."

"What the—You said that I'm the woman of your choice. Of course I'm surprised!" Kate snorted. "Don't mess with me! Seriously, I'm not in the right mind to hear some bullshit."

"I'm not messing around," the man stated firmly as he kept his eyes locked on her. "And it's not bullshit."

"Then you're dumb!" Kate shook her head and scoffed thinking that the whole thing was ridiculous. "And you probably have some stupid excuses to choose me."

"My reasons aren't stupid. You shouldn't be looking down on yourself, Kate," the man said. His eyes scanned her from head to toe, and smirked as if he had gotten his answer.

"I like a decisive woman. You threw that ring away and stood on your ground against his crazy open relationship idea. I like her gutsy, and I want her just like you."

"Hah, how smooth!" Kate sneered. "Did you tell that to every woman you met?"

Kate tried to be hostile to this man, she didn't want to be seen as an easy woman who could easily be won over.

Surprisingly she was not mad at what he said just now. In fact, she liked it, mainly because Matt was the polar opposite of this man.

Matt was a very stereotypical man who had, in the beginning, told her to be a good housewife and raise their children. But as time passed and he wasn't earning anything, it was at that point that he changed his mind. Then, he told Kate to be a good woman who obeyed her husband's order, and he ordered her to work her ass off so they could live.

"Hahah! Well, you're not wrong," the man finally laughed. "I have been with a lot of women, I am quite popular. But I never told them that I liked them because of their personality."

"Yeah? And what did you tell them? That they're sweet and cute?"

"No," the man smirked as he eyed Kate's luscious lips and his attention wandered down to stare at her breasts. "I told them I like beautiful women with luscious lips and nice tits, and you just so happen to have both."

"You—Pervert!" Kate yanked at her blazer to cover her chest. She tried to put up an angry expression for this unscrupulous man, but her body betrayed her.

Her entire body heated up, including her face, which made her as red as a cherry. The man snickered as Kate tried hard to show how furious she was despite her cherry cheeks.

"Hey, don't be so angry, I was just answering your questions, right?" the man teased. "Besides, I do have another reason to choose you."

Kate said nothing, she simply crossed her arms on her chest as a sign that she didn't want to listen to his bullshit more.

But he stared back at Kate with his deep green eyes and said, "Because you're here with me. You're the only one who has listened to my story, and I think I'm also the only one who listened to yours. Wouldn't it be a sign that we should be together?"

"T—That's the dumbest reason I've ever heard!" Kate argued. But her mind also started wondering if this man was actually right.

He was the only one who ever asked about her story. She didn't plan on telling anyone, not even her mother, because she had a weak heart and was on constant medication.

Even more so she couldn't tell Matt's mother because that woman hated Kate the most because of her infertility.

This man was the only one she could talk to. He was the only one that had even bothered to ask. Out of all the people in the world it was a stranger that had to ask.

She also didn't need to worry about what he thought, because they were strangers who would forget each other tomorrow morning, and she assumed it to be the same for him.

He must've had many responsibilities on his shoulders since his parents could easily dictate who he should marry.

So this whole meeting felt more like serendipity, she met him by accident, and fate intertwined them, two strangers, to be entangled with one another.

'—At least for tonight,' she thought, not wanting to make things awkward with him.

They stared at each other for a long time after their conversation, but it wasn't awkward.

It was solace, she was at peace and they seemed to have a tacit understanding of one another's problems and how to solve it.

The room stayed silent until the man broke it with a question that Kate never expected.

"You're making it hard for me to resist when you keep staring at me like that. Why don't we just forget all of our problems for the night and do something crazy?"

What kind of crazy? Hmmm~~~

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