He is a Nymphomaniac.

Rhehan expected her to fall for his wicked smile. The moment he tried to touch her uncovered thigh , he was thrusted with a tight slap on his right cheek. The beautiful woman sitting in his front cursed him and stormed out of the cafe. The nymphomaniac within him took a break again and he could not even sleep. He had to take revenge for the slap. How dare she hit him like that? Doesn't she know who he is? How can a girl possibly be not affected by his looks and wealth? ..... The next day he entered the same cafe and ordered everyone to move out. Nobody had the courage to refuse him. As soon as the girl was also about to leave, he held her waist and pushed her closer to his already lusty body. It was just the two of them in the cafe. " Not you my dear," he said holding her waist and feeling her curves on his hardness. ..... What will prevail Love or Lust? For a nymphomaniac man like Rhehan is it possible to love anybody in his life? Get ready to experience a rollar-coaster ride of Love, romance, mystery, magic and action.? P.S. Since many people are confused about me using the term Nymphomaniac for a male, I would like to clarify that there is a reason I have done that! Part 1 (Finished) Paert 2- Married To a Nymphomaniac read on Readamo, Toimoi, Lereader, Novelenders, Easynovel, Noveloasis, Yumread, Upnovel. Happy reading! ********** Join me on my discord server, for more interactions and updates! https://discord.gg/48Fvp5B ************* Other Novels- 1.When Love Happens! 2. The Perfect War Story... 3. Pool Of Lust 4. It started with a bra 5. Oath of seduction 6. When the clouds Lie (Readamo) 7. Help the CEO is seducing me (Goodnovel)

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Exorcism of E...Rose!

They took another glance at the scary figure, amidst the vast smoke and they quickly dropped their pipes in fright.

They all bamed into each other in fright, trying to run away. The white figure was dancing clumsily and waving her hands, as if casting a black magic.

"Oh my god! It's a witch," shouted a middle aged maid and screamed.

"Arrrghhhhhh," they all screamed and took a few steps behind. They all were now standing at the far end of the vast kitchen.

Rhehan was also horrifyingly looking at the figure. It looked like it had insects stuck all across its body. The huge oven was now emitting smoke at a great speed, making the image of the dancing figure more blurred.