He's Dating the Russian Swimmer Book

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He's Dating the Russian Swimmer


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[Honestly, I don’t know what I should answer him.] Dino thought with his face red while also not gazing directly at Ivan’s eyes. [But still...My heart is beating fast.] At that moment, Ivan took Dino’s right hand and put it on his own chest, making Dino feel Ivan’s heartbeat. “Dino, can you feel my heartbeat?” Ivan asked in an attractive deep voice while smiling gently, with the pupils of his eyes also dilated. “It’s beating just for you.” Dino Luis Ortega is an 18-year-old Filipino college student who is a big fan of Ivan Sadovsky. Ivan Sadovsky is a 27-year-old Russian professional swimmer who has been in the sports industry for five years. One day, Ivan and Dino accidentally meet, with Ivan beginning to show a romantic interest in Dino during their meeting. Dino also eventually falls in love with Ivan. Will their love for each other be strong enough to overcome the trials that they are about to face together? Read on and find out! Inspired by the Japanese animated shows Yuri On Ice and Free. Book cover designed by Runa Leexhian


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