Chapter 21 Wang Qingci Panicked_1

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After hearing Lu Chen's words, Wang Qingci was momentarily stunned, and her jade hand holding the perfume bottle paused mid-air.

Didn't she come to the North Prince Mansion just to get close to the North Prince?

She never would have thought that the North Prince would take the initiative to suggest that they have a private talk!

This was truly a rare opportunity!

If she could captivate the heart of the North Prince, wouldn't she be able to inquire about the whereabouts of the Mysterious Grandmaster in the North Prince Mansion?

Not only that, but if she could captivate the North Prince's heart, once the people from Blood Moon Tower arrive, she could find a way to lure the North Prince away, making their task much easier to accomplish.

Moreover, perhaps they wouldn't even need to wait for the people from Blood Moon Tower to arrive to complete their task.

With this in mind, Wang Qingci immediately said to Lu Chen, "Of course, it would be my honor."

Lu Chen said with a smile, "In that case, let's change locations to talk."

At this point, Lu Chen turned to Mu Zixuan and said, "My love, I'm planning to have a chat with Miss Wang alone. As for these trial perfumes, just have someone deliver them directly to Hundred Flowers Tower."

Mu Zixuan knew that Lu Chen was planning to win over Wang Qingci, so she immediately said, "Alright, Prince, I will have someone send these perfumes to Hundred Flowers Tower later."

At this moment, Lu Chen stood up from the bench in the pavilion and turned to walk outside the courtyard.

"Miss Wang, please follow me. I'll take you to a quiet place."

Upon hearing this, Wang Qingci sneered inwardly.

"Truly a lecherous fellow!"

Although it was time alone, Wang Qingci was not at all worried about Lu Chen doing anything to her.

In her eyes, Lu Chen was nothing more than a useless Prince.

Apart from his attractive appearance, he had no real strength.

As a Ninth Grade Martial Artist, how could she possibly be afraid of a useless Prince?

If Lu Chen were to try anything with her later, she could easily find various excuses to avoid it, just as she had done in the past with the men she had been tasked to assassinate.

If Lu Chen insisted on using force, she could also use her Charming Skill to bewitch Lu Chen, plunging him into a sweet dream.

When dealing with an ordinary person, Wang Qingci had a hundred methods, stemming from her confidence in her own abilities.

As Wang Qingci thought about how she would deal with Lu Chen momentarily, she followed him to the main courtyard.

As soon as Lu Chen and Wang Qingci entered the room, Mu Zixuan immediately summoned Chu Yuqin.

Chu Yuqin was somewhat puzzled. What did Mu Zixuan want with her?

Although Mu Zixuan had great faith in what Lu Chen said, she was still worried that something might go wrong, as Lu Chen and Wang Qingci were alone together, and Wang Qingci was a Ninth Grade Martial Artist.

Seeing Mu Zixuan standing at the entrance of the main courtyard, Chu Yuqin approached and asked, "Zixuan, is there something you need me for?"

After spending some time together, Chu Yuqin and Mu Zixuan had become very familiar with each other, and Chu Yuqin hardly ever called her "Princess" anymore, opting instead to call her by her name.

At this time, Mu Zixuan said, "Madam Chu, the Prince has taken Miss Wang into a room, and I'm concerned that something might happen, so I've asked for you to come and keep watch."

Hearing this, Chu Yuqin looked at Mu Zixuan with a puzzled expression.

"Zixuan, are you talking about the Miss Wang you invited to the Prince's Mansion?"

Mu Zixuan replied, "Yes."

Chu Yuqin was somewhat confused. She had initially thought that Mu Zixuan had summoned the Oiran from Hundred Flowers Tower to serve Lu Chen.

But now Mu Zixuan was asking her to come here and watch.

What did this mean?

Could it be that Mu Zixuan was jealous?

And wanted her to mediate?

Chu Yuqin then continued to ask, "Do you intend for me to have a word with Chen'er? To discourage him from associating with women of ill repute?"

Upon hearing Chu Yuqin's words, Mu Zixuan immediately realized the misunderstanding and hurriedly corrected her, "Madam Chu, you've got it all wrong. My point is, it's somewhat unsafe for the Prince to be alone with someone else. Should anything happen later, you'll be there to intervene right away."

Chu Yuqin then understood that Mu Zixuan was worried about the Oiran from Hundred Flowers Tower posing a danger to Lu Chen.

However, on reflection, Mu Zixuan's caution was warranted.

She had felt something was off about the Oiran from Hundred Flowers Tower since the woman walked with a graceful lightness reminiscent of a high-level Qinggong expert.

Letting Lu Chen have a private encounter with someone who might possess Inner Strength was indeed dangerous.

Chu Yuqin responded, "Got it. If there's anything unusual in the room, I'll go in immediately."


In the room.

Lu Chen sat down at the table, brewed a pot of Dragon and Phoenix Tea, and then said with a smile to Wang Qingci, "Miss Wang, please have a seat."

"Thank you, Prince."

Wang Qingci then slowly sat down, her buttocks somewhat sinking into the stool's cushion, revealing her body was quite supple.

At this moment, Wang Qingci asked with a hint of seduction, "Prince, what would you like to know about North City? I will hold nothing back and tell you everything."

Lu Chen did not start touching her immediately; he seriously asked, "Miss Wang, do you know of any beautiful girls in North City? Especially those stunning beauties that can overthrow states and cities, and make the moon hide and flowers blush with shame?"

Hearing Lu Chen's question, Wang Qingci inwardly despised him, thinking he was truly a lascivious man.

Having just arrived in North City, he was already inquiring about beautiful women here.

It wasn't surprising, considering this man had just taken two concubines not long ago; he was probably thinking about taking another now.

Wang Qingci then responded, "Prince, North City is unlike the Capital City; finding a woman with the capability to overthrow states and cities with her beauty is not that easy."

"However, I have heard of a very beautiful woman residing among the grassland tribes."

Hearing this, Lu Chen became interested at once.

"Oh? Miss Wang is talking about the women of the Barbarian Tribe on the grasslands?"

"How could a Barbarian Tribe have beautiful women?"

Wang Qingci said, "Prince, although most of the women on the grasslands are quite strong and do not fit the beauty standards of men in the Great Xia Dynasty, there are quite a few beauties with lovely figures in the Barbarian Tribe's royal court. The beautiful woman I mentioned is among them."

Lu Chen thought about it; the Barbarian Tribe's royal court is not somewhere he can access now; he should think of something more realistic.

"Miss Wang, let's talk about the beautiful women I can meet right now. The Barbarian Tribe's royal court is not a place I can go to now."

Wang Qingci gave a charming smile and said seductively, "Prince, the stunning woman you can meet right now is right before you, isn't she?"

Hearing this, the corners of Lu Chen's mouth rose slightly. Wang Qingci couldn't hold back anymore and was about to start seducing him.

Since that was the case, he would no longer be polite.

Today, his little Youyou could take the day off.

Lu Chen then placed a hand on Wang Qingci's jade leg, smiled, and said, "Miss Wang is right. It is my fault for not considering the beauty before my eyes but thinking of finding beauties elsewhere."

At that moment, the fragrance from Wang Qingci's body wildly assaulted Lu Chen's nostrils, and his body immediately became restless.

With his current realm, controlling his desires was not an easy task.

Of course, Lu Chen did not plan on controlling himself today.

Seeing Lu Chen starting to make his moves, Wang Qingci knew the condition was ripe and now she could use her Charming Skill to deal with Lu Chen.

A person seduced by the Charming Skill would let her manipulate them at will, and later on, she could also inquire about where the Mysterious Grandmaster from the Prince's Mansion went.

Wang Qingci then looked into Lu Chen's eyes, her gaze filled with implied desire, and said, "Prince, you're naughty. It's not proper to start touching someone as soon as you meet them."

With that, Wang Qingci fixed her gaze on Lu Chen's eyes and was ready to use her Charming Skill.

But the next second, Wang Qingci was struck dumb.

The skill within her body had disappeared without a trace, and now she was no different from an ordinary woman.

Wang Qingci was stunned. How could this happen?

To make a martial artist lose their skill completely, it would require a certain type of skill-dispersing drug.

But ever since she entered the Prince's Mansion, she hadn't eaten anything. Even the tea brewed by North Prince that she just received in the room had gone untouched.

Seeing the drastic change in Wang Qingci's complexion, Lu Chen knew she must have realized the severity of her situation.

However, unfortunately for her, it was all too late.

Lu Chen then embraced Wang Qingci's supple body and said, "Miss Wang, you truly are beautiful. I want you to become my woman."

Hearing this, Wang Qingci panicked immediately, hurriedly saying, "Prince, we've only just met; isn't it too fast? Why don't we take more time to understand each other?"

Wang Qingci realized that not only had she lost all her skill, but she also had no strength at all to push Lu Chen away as if she really had been drugged.

As a martial artist, Wang Qingci understood her current predicament well. If Lu Chen were to do anything to her now, she had no power to resist.

Seeing Wang Qingci flustered, Lu Chen lifted her chin with his hand, looked into her beautiful eyes, and said, "Miss Wang, once is happenstance, twice is familiarity. Since we need to understand each other, we should thoroughly familiarize ourselves with each other."

With that, Lu Chen kissed Wang Qingci's red lips. Wang Qingci tried to struggle and push Lu Chen away, but to no effect, and she could only make muffled sounds.

After a while, Lu Chen directly carried the alluring belle to his bed to start fostering their relationship.