1 Prologue

"You understand,very well,that the child she is to bring could be a menace," Mandos Namo said to Manwë Súlimo.The duo were standing at the top of the Isle Of Almaren,at highest spot there was in Almaren.

The two were protectors of Eru Ilúvatar,the Allfather's creations,which were majorly the Quendi and the Atani.Being protectors of Arda,they all were entitled to have no children amongst themselves,The Fourteen Ainur.But Manwë had disobeyed the Allfather's decree for the fourteen to not have children from themselves,which was the major reason he gave them the Maiar to be their children and servants. He,as king of the Valar,and Varda Elentári,Queen of the Stars,were expecting a child,but that was going to be troublesome enough.

"What do you mean?"Súlimo asked Mandos.

Clad in his long silver robes,his long golden hair cascading down his back,held down by a golden diadem,Súlimo looked calm and untroubled.He had to keep and look calm like the king he was,lest he became suspicious.But deep within, Súlimo could barely contain himself,after finding out about his to be son with Varda.He felt worried and anxious and a whole lot more feelings he could barely describe.

"What do you mean what I mean?"Mandos asked, looking at Súlimo.Mandos,clad in his usual long black robes,looked like the death he brought along with him.His long black hair danced in the wind behind him,and so did his robes.He was holding his golden scythe,a symbol of his authority over the dead.Today,he was particularly calmer than usual and he spoke with a hint of gladness.

"Don't you understand the troubles you and Your Queen are about to bring upon the Ainur!" Mandos stated casually."Of course I do understand,and it hurts to think about it!" Súlimo said, trying to no avail to sound calm."It should hurt," Mandos said, planting his scythe into the soil below.He,then,crossed his arms on his feeble chest.Mandos was thin,his face white like the ghosts he lived with.

There was a moment of silence as the two men watched the beautiful landscape of what will soon nolonger be their home,if Eru Ilúvatar found out that one of them had bore children from their kindred.This place was beautiful.Well,Aulë,the smith,endeavored hard to keep it in shape, together with his Maiar,who protected the green of Almaren.In the distance was a beautiful blue sea,home of Ulmo,king of the sea.Ulmo kept that place all riled up.There were endless storms,claps of thunder and a lot of chaos on the sea,in which Ulmo took great pleasure. Súlimo gazed up into the sky,which he ruled.There were beautiful clouds and the birds flew around freely and gladly, completely unaware of their master's plight.The sky seemed to erase Súlimo's worries clean out of his head whenever he gazed into it.

"You know very well that,in Arda,princes are twice as strong as kings are!"Mandos suddenly interrupted Súlimo's moment of freedom from his worries."Whatever that is supposed to mean!"Súlimo kept his gaze in the sky. Mandos walked to the very tip of the cliff on which they stood and gazed down into the forest below,"Your son could be twice as much trouble as Melkor was," he said.

Súlimo looked at Mandos, perplexed it seemed.He was questioning what he had just heard."Do you really think I could bear someone as horrible as Morgoth was??" Súlimo asked,a hint of anger in his voice."You never know,"Mandos said,"after all the Allfather hid our hearts beneath our chests!"

Mandos was right.What if his to be son turned out to be a monster?What if he,too,got corrupted and became like Morgoth,a brother and former mate of theirs?He was to be beyond their power,more powerful than Melkor[Morgoth] was.He could easily destroy the whole of Arda.

"You are right, somehow!"Súlimo couldn't help but agree,"after all,Melkor,too,is the Allfather's son.He turned out to be evil,unlike what Eru Ilúvatar meant for him to be!"

"There is a way out of every situation!" Mandos said, waltzing back beside Súlimo,who stood, gazing into the sky,his arms crossed behind him."We could, possibly, prevent what would come before it did,and perhaps, preserve our titles as Protectors of Arda." Hitting two birds with a single stone,Mandos looked like he had an awesome idea frothing and foaming in his head.

"Tell me,and we'll see a way out!"Súlimo braced himself for Mandos' idea.

"Very well known,it is,that we the Ainur,or the Valar are good at curses,spells and magic.At the time the child is born,a curse or a spell will do just fine!"Mandos said.

"What you are trying to say is we curse that young fellow!" Súlimo asked,puzzled by Mandos' idea, moreover on a young child."I'm glad you understood!That curse will help us forbid a Second War Of Wrath,and perhaps,help us retain our Guardianship!"Mandos said, casually. His lips curved into a thoughtful smile.

"You understand very well that only the Allfather can undo our spells and curses!" Súlimo said, looking at Mandos.

"Oh,yes I do!But it won't be very necessary to undo that curse,since Melkor is over with!" Mandos reassured."But,what if my son turns out to be of good will!" Súlimo asked,more like stated."Then will you bear,you and the spirits you domain,to lose The Isle Of Almaren.With that curse,you will be able to retain our Guardianship and the Isle,at once.Hitting two birds with a single stone,if the Allfather never finds out about your son."

"I'm afraid I'll have to agree to what you are saying!" Súlimo nodded slightly.

While they stood there, watching the beautiful landscape,an eagle,one of the many servants of Súlimo,came and roosted on a tree nearby.It had a message, Súlimo guessed.

"What brings you here, fellow??" he asked, holding out his hand for the eagle to roost.The eagle flapped its wings and rested on his arm.

The eagle delivered its message,and immediately,a face of utter surprise,shock and worry befell Súlimo's face.Shades of worry filled his eyes,as he turned to face Mandos.

"Eru Ilúvatar has asked to see me!" he said, swallowing hard.

"Try hard not to reveal anything,until your son is born.Then we will go on with our plan!"Mandos said, starting to disappear in a gust of dust.

Súlimo straightened his sleeves,after the eagle flew off and disappeared into thin air,to go and meet Eru Ilúvatar, hoping for very much, including disappointment in Ilúvatar's voice,being cast out of Almaren and a whole lot more.

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