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Derived from LOTR The author is still young and not fully experienced,but you have to bear with his petty description of things.A lot will not be described as you wish.Sincere apologies!! 'When I looked into your eyes...I...I....I saw heartlessness, coldness,malice,hatred, brutality, cruelty,beasthood,bloodshed.I saw an endless sea of enmity and destruction.I saw all kinds of evil swimming about.I saw something that I had never seen in anybody's eyes.I saw someone fiercer than the fiercest beast that ever was.I saw someone more powerful than power itself.I saw someone completely beyond destruction.But what's more.The person I saw was locked up.He was bound to himself by gigantic shackles.He couldn't move about easily or manifest his power.He was clearly as useless as he seemed to be.Even his power couldn't break the chains off of him.He was simply doomed to die.And he didn't seem to understand what was happening to him.He kept on striving to free himself but to no avail.....' Courtesy of: Ginevra Glorédhel[Kyra]


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