Hate You, Love You.

Adelaide Montessori Prep, school for the children of the rich and upper-class members of the social ladder. So what is Melody Jones doing in a school like that? One word: Scholarship. ......................... Meet Melody: Melody is not a damsel in distress. She's witty, sassy, and badass, but one person just seems to irk her every time: Jason Blunt. Meet Jason: Son of a famous model and hot shot lawyer, Jason is living the high life: luxury vacations, private jets and designer everything. He seems to have it all but he just can't seem to stand one person: Melody Jones. But they both have secrets, and once they get woven into each other's web, it will change their perceptions about each other forever. Like they always say: There's always a fine line between love and hate. NOTE: Unless stated otherwise, this book would be told from the female lead's (Melody) perspective.

Queen_Of_Royals · Teen
Not enough ratings
132 Chs


''Can you like leave?"' I yell from the water. I'm only in my underwear and I do not want anyone seeing me like this, most especially Jason. I'm not ashamed of my body or anything, don't get me wrong, but it's just weird having a guy see you…you know, like that.

''This is public property, Jones. I'm allowed to be here.'' I ignore him and continue swimming, but it doesn't mean I don't catch a glimpse of him stripping. He jumps from the rock which I was plopped on minutes ago, and dives straight into the water, splashing water on me in the process.

''Hey, watch it.'' I warn in a bid to annoy him. ''Don't mess up my hair.''

He swims a little closer to me and splashes some more water on my face, much to my surprise. ''Real mature, Jason. Real mature.''

''Can I ask you something?'' he says, his chestnut hair dripping wet from the water. 

Don't look at his abs.

Don't look at his abs.

Actually stare at his abs.