1 [1] Wait, I am Hashirama Senju?

Chapter 1

Title: Wait, I am Hashirama Senju?

"People die when they're killed."

He couldn't exactly remember the name of who said it, thanks to the splitting headache he was suffering from, but he could recall making fun of his Fate-stan friend about it, mocking him by saying how his favourite Main Character was a clown for saying such an obvious thing.

Yet, after dying himself, here he was— alive and kicking.

'Still, that means that Emiya whatever guy was wrong after all…'

He thought, somewhat sad he couldn't show this to his friend and clown him some more.

His sight was blurry and his newborn ears were unable to fully comprehend the world around him.

But he was sure of one thing, it was a blazing fire. He was in the arms of a blonde, a girl from the sounds of it, and she was hugging him like a protective armour, running through the fire to go to probably somewhere safe.

The odds that this was a fever dream—that he had survived and this wasn't reincarnation as he was speculating it was—seemed to grow lesser each second as he felt the heat get the better of his newborn and therefore weak body. He was choking for breath and the few flares of flame that managed to land on him despite the girl's hug only made things worse.

"H-hang on, Hashirama! I promise to get you out of here!"

The girl yelled, and though it hurt his ears at how loudly she yelled, he didn't complain— he just hoped she could live up to her promise. He didn't want to die, that actually hurt a lot.

'Though didn't she just say Hashirama?' The otherworldly soul, not knowing that he wasn't in his world anymore, thought in amusement. 'She speaks clear English, yet I have a Japanese name— moreover, a name like that. Perhaps I have goofy parents this time around?'

Oh well, they may as well be dead, thanks to the fire. At least his mother was dead for sure since this blonde girl grabbed him and ran the moment the fire struck, and he doubted his mother who had just given birth could avoid it.

'Rest in peace.' He prayed in somewhat sadness, however, panic soon struck him once more when the blonde girl narrowly managed to avoid a falling, flaming tree branch. '...and pray that I don't join you anytime soon.'

That prayer seemed to disappoint him as, from one of the burning coconut trees, a coconut fell right on top of the girl's head, making her fall forward, though she managed to spin her body to land on her back to not let him get hurt.

He appreciated her for that but, it didn't seem like either of them survive to celebrate

"Haah…" No way, he wasn't dying again so soon.


—-[Time Skip]-—


It's been a long 3 years since that incident and he had indeed survived.

It would be a lie to say Hashirama— now having accepted his new identity— wasn't surprised at all the things he learned about this world.

First of all, his full name was Hashirama Senju, which had given him some suspicion about this world when he first learned that. Secondly, this wasn't his world— it was a world of supernatural. Yet, no, it wasn't the world of Naruto either, rather this was the world of Pirates and Marines, the world of One Piece.

He had a hard time accepting all that, truth be told. Because while he had accepted his status of reincarnation, it was weird how two Naruto characters existed in the world of One Piece.

Yes, two, because he wasn't the only Senju.

The girl who saved him from the fire— his alleged older sister, was called Tsunade Senju and even had an appearance similar to the name. She was 19 years old now and claimed to be his only living family in this entire world.

Now, he wasn't doubting her words— neither would he be mad if she did lie. Because she had taken very good care of him for him to feel anything negative for the girl, she was just too lovely for that.

He didn't yet know the full story behind the fire on his birth though— but from the bits she told him, and from his own memory, he managed to stitch things down somewhat. He was born on a ship, which was attacked by another ship, and Tsunade had grabbed him and taken a small boat out to the nearest island, however, the enemies had noticed it and shot some sorts of fire explosives on the island, causing the forest that existed within the island to catch on fire.

Truthfully, he would have died that night. If not for the very lucky incident of that coconut dropping on Tsunade's head from one of the burning trees. She had eaten the fruit upon realising it was one of the legendary Devil Fruits, and that's how they survived through the fire.

The devil fruit was the Elemental-Elemental fruit, which gave Tsunade the ability to create and control four elemental powers, namely— Earth, Ice, Air, and Fire. Though obviously, they were on a pretty basic level or else she would have been too OP for this world by now.

And as for himself, despite his grandeur name he had yet to find anything interesting about himself. Except perhaps the existence of Chakra inside him, which he only realised was there because he had nothing to do as a baby and figured it won't hurt to try and sense chakra— after all, it may as well exist since the Senju people did.

Later he found out he really did have Chakra, and when he told his sister about the feeling of this energy-thingy inside his body, she only seemed pleasantly surprised— as if she had expected it. Though she refused to elaborate on what was up with that.

"She's late," Hashirama mumbled as he looked out of the window, the forest outside looking back at him. "Again."

This place he was staying at wasn't the island that was on fire, of course. Back then, with her newfound powers, Tsunade had fled from there by freezing the sea on a straight line to create a road for her, through which she skated to a nearby island.

He was grateful for that, and he loved her a lot, but there was one thing he heavily disliked about her. Her overprotective behaviour, and when he said 'over' he was talking about beyond anything that could be considered healthy. He hadn't stepped out of this forest yet, in the three years of his life. Heck, he hadn't stepped out of this house more than a few days, as she liked to say the forest had many deadly and unknown animals that might harm him. Sure, she was right, but why not just move from the forest then?

At that moment, he watched a sweaty, blonde girl with explosive curves run towards him from the far. The girl, his sister, noticed him peeking and waved a hand with a huge smile.

"Shira! Sorry, today was busy at the hospital!" the blonde girl yelled as she came closer. "But I bought you good food!"

Hashirama sighed and shook his head in defeat. He couldn't even feel annoyed at her for leaving him once he saw her sweaty form. She worked so hard just for him…

Really, this was a strange feeling.

* * *

It's been five years since then, and he was eight years old now. He had a bit more freedom than before, but he had yet to visit outside the forest.

Only through books and picture books had he learned about the outside in the last 8 years.

Honestly, he was getting suspicious.

Did a town even exist beyond the forest?

Or did his sister make a pact with the devil to bring food here every day?

In the end, unable to hold his curiosity any longer (it was surprising how he held on for long at all), he decided to leave the house an hour after she did. He didn't follow her right behind because she also had Chakra, it was apparently a family trait originating from his grandmother's side. Using her Chakra, Tsunade could sense him if he was too close.

As for any danger he may face due to being, well, an 8-year-old? He didn't worry because he may be young but he was physically pretty strong, and by that he meant stronger than an adult human. That strength when added to his previous life's Jiu-Jitsu and Krag Maga gave him confidence.

Confidence that he very much needed right now.

Because without that, the bandits he was facing right now, having come across them just a few minutes after leaving the house, may have killed him by now.

"Che, how is a brat so strong?" A bulky man welding an axe said, clicking his tongue. He was bald and had a scar running down from his head to his left cheek, and if that wasn't scary the fact that he looked to be so much in leisure even after Hashirama defeated three of his men single-handedly was enough to make him seem menacing. "Oh well, guess I'd have to cut those swift legs. Some of my customers are interested in amputee little girls."

Okay, he blamed Tsunade for keeping his hair long. His childish appearance made it hard for people to decipher what gender he was. For what it counted, he was a full-fledged biological male interested in the opposite gender.

Hashirama couldn't muse for long in his head because the remaining seven people of the group, along with the leader, all ran to him at once.

'Maybe this really was a bad idea.' Hashirama thought, realizing that perhaps there really was a good reason why his sister kept him hidden.

He decided to just turn around and run.

Except he couldn't run.

The leader, wearing a sadistic grin, appeared right in front of him and then swung his axe horizontally on his legs.

It was a fast attack. He could see the attack coming, thanks to his previous life's training.

However, even his above-average body, stronger than most adults, wasn't enough to dodge the attack.

A part of him hoped for a miracle. But a larger part of him knew that a miracle would never come. Due to his past life job, he was aware of that. The world wasn't fair.

'So this is what people felt on the verge of being murdered?'

As expected, no miracle happened. With blood gushing out, Hashirama felt the blade pass through his legs without much resistance.

A painful shriek left him, as he was unable to hold it in, while the bandits laughed out loud as if this was a game to them.

Hashirama fell on his stump, wincing when he felt the small rocks, broken branches and everything else that was on the ground of the forest poking his stump.

It hurt.

It hurt alot.


It didn't hurt for long.

One of the bandits stopped laughing and looked at Hashirama with wide eyes,

"Huh? Hey boss, did I drink too much last night?"

"What are you talking-"

At first, Hashirama thought it may be a hallucination, but hearing their exclamation and then their eyes locking on his form, Hashirama realized he wasn't seeing things.

…Perhaps, a part of him had seen this coming too.

His legs were growing back.

At a marvelous speed.

One moment his legs weren't there, separated and lying on the side, and another moment his legs were there, while his severed pair of legs trembled on the ground before two trees sprung out of it.

"...You bastards."

Turning away from the inhumane scene, Hashirama glared at the seven bandits.

"You're dead."

Then, he screeched, waving his hands forward and feeling his authority over two new trees enabled him to control the branches to, one after another, impale the seven bandits.

The boss managed to resist a bit, raising his axe to cut the trees, however it simply regrew in a matter of seconds before rushing forward and then wrapping around him, before the branches sharpened and grew, consequently penetrating him in multiple areas.

Hashirama sighed aloud, releasing a tired breath as his legs swayed and he lost consciousness.

He felt exhausted.




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