1 ? The hell? Anyway...

Luke was just your average guy. Wake up in the morning go to work, come back home, play some games or read some books and repeat. This was core off his life and he loved his routine. He may have a few friends left but he did not hang out with them often, maybe once a month. It was just so boring to him. Talking about the same boring stuff every time they meet. New stuff being as boring as the old one. When he is with them he is always wondering how long he has to be with them so he can go home and not offend them.

It was 11 p.m. when Luke finally could go home from work. Today his boss was really annoying not letting him go home until she was satisfied with yelling and mumbling at him for 2 hours. He once again did nothing wrong but he learned that it does not matter what he says, she will never listen. He did not care much because he was still getting paid by the hour and she never did anything besides yelling.

Once Luke got into car and turned on some rock music he drove off. He was trying to get home as fast as he can so he can read more before going to sleep.

"Hmm, she just does not listen. Why is it my fault that internet was once again down? She has the worst timing." (Mumbled Luke under his mustache)

His boss returned as soon as internet was up and all of the emails started pouring in. Luke worked as an receptionist and reservations were backed up for 4 hours.

"Thats just life i guess. Sigh... Still it is really dark tonight. I can not even see the moon" He worked at a hotel in mountains and until he got down into more populated area There were no lamps to show him the way. Even though he drive this way almost every day, he still fully concentrates on the road.

As he was thinking about what he will do once he cames home, he realized that it was quiet. When he looked at the radio some random letters were blinking on the display. As he was thinking of changing the station he suddenly felt realy strange. He felt like somebody is looking at him.

Very slowly he turned his eyes and looked in the front mirror. Immediately he felt shiwers going down over his whole body. He saw there was somebody sitting behind him in back passanger seat.

He could not see the face, only dark figure. The only thing he could make out are long, dirty, black hair. It was probably woman. He was paralyzed by fear and could not move his eyes away. As he was thinking about what is going on and what he should do he heard breathing. It was very quiet but heavy.

When he again focused on the mirror he realized that the face of the dark figure is right beside his ear. He still could not make out facial features of the figure but it was intently staring at him. He started feeling the breaths on his skin. It made him even more scared. And then it got quiet again. He looked in the mirror and saw the creature looking at the mirror. He made eye contact. The biggest rush of adrenaline he has ever felt made its way through his body. It overpowered the cripling fear and allowed him to turn back really fast.

There was nothing... Since for some time he was not paing atention to driving his car went out of the road and started rolling down the hill. He felt every bone in his body breaking and his muscles and skin tearing appart. Fear of what was happening kept him quiet. Broken bones only bahe him bit his teeth more. After 10 seconds of violent rolling the car finally stopped.

*Cough. Luke knew he was going to die. He could not move and felt he was getting weaker because of the bleeding or trauma to the head.

His car was upside down. With last strenght he turned his head to look outside. There it was again. Staring at him. Never moving just creepely staring. At this point he did not care as he was almost dead and very tired. He closed his eyes waiting for the end.

It came. Sweet release of death. Finally he got away from the creature. But then he had a thought. "how exactly am i still thinking?! After life is real? Reincarnation?" He opened his eyes and found himself lieing down on the ground in some forest. Another rush of adrenaline struck and he jumped on his feat and started looking for the creature.

He did not see anything besides trees and some plants. As he was going to calm down again he realized that everything looks kind off big. "Where am i? I have never heard of evergreen trees this tall." after thinking about it he looked down and saw ground really close to his face. It got worse... he finally saw his feets or better said paws. "The hell is this?" He started looking at himself realizing that he got reincarnated, rebirthed, soul transmigrated or something into the cat body. He freaked out... "What is going on? I am a cat? Where is that creature? Did it do something to me?" After few minutes of panic and a lot of scared curses he lied down on the ground again. He did nothing and just looked at the sky, thinking about everything.

"So it really happened huh? Reincarnation... So many fanfics, so many hours spend reading about this... And it finally happened!!!" Luke got really happy all of sudden freaking some birds in the trees. "But why am i a cat? Where is my truck-kun? What was that creature? What is this discount reincarnation?" There are all kinds of emotion going through him right now. Happiness, anger but mostly fear. He tried to focus on the good and make fun of the situation but he still could not forget that breathing. Being a cat also did not made the situation any better.

"I had no family and i will not really miss my friends that much. I did not have a lot off money and was working as an receptionist. Pay was just enough to survive. My future was bleak." Luke was looking for good things to focus on. "Hmm i am starting to get a little thirsty and i am sure that hunger will follow. If i dont want to die i should probably move. I can think about this on the move."

Walking came naturally to him. "At least i am not stumbling like a drunk with this new body." He started going faster and faster until he runned at full speed that his body allowed him. "This is actually kinda fun" Luke smiled as he continued going down the mountain. "So first thing i should do is probably find some stream and follow it out of the forest. I am a cat and i doubt i would survive here for long."

As he was making his way downhill he started thinking about where he is and what he should do. "Am i still on my earth or in some story? Maybe this is another dimension? There is not much i can gather from my surroundings. Maybe when i get to some village i can learn more. If there even is one." He was not even sure if there will be one but he could hope. Buildings and people will really tell you a lot about the world you are in.

"Hope this is some fantasy world. I dont wanna live the rest of my life as a cat. I mean it is better than nothing and it is interesting experience but i finally got reincarnated. Chances like this dont happen often. I wanna enjoy myself on some adventures, faceslap some young masters, enjoy some beautifull woman. Not to kill mouses and birds"

Then he heard it. "Water!" He followed the sound and finally drank his fill. "Nice. First step of survival find water check. Next would be food? Hmm before that i wanna see what i look like."he started diging a little hole next to the river and small canal that lead into it. It took some time but he did it.

After water calmed down and dirt got to the bootom of his little pudlle he saw himself. "Waaah i am cute! Cough*. I mean what a fierce cat. Even lions will cover before me." Making some weird faces at trying to control his facial muscles he observed himself. He was darker silver kitten with black stripes and yellow eyes. All in all not that unique.

Starting to feel some hunger he decided to move on. He knew that he has limited time. Food and shelter are not guaranted in the woods.

"One, two, three, four! One, two three, four!" Luke singed to himself while marching. He was walking for 2 hours already and no village in sight. "One, two three..." What he did not realize was that the noise was drawing unwanted attention from predators.

"How?!" Luke did not understand how he did not notice such a big bear until he was almost in front of him. He was still not used to being that small. With height of a few centimeters there is no way to see far away in the forest. All the plants get in the way.

"Hello mister bear i heard that you mostly eat berries and plants. You would not eat a cute little kitten like me right?" Luke started to nervously back up. He said this with intention to test if animals can understand him. Also out of nervousnes but he would deny it if asked. After the encounter with the creature he did not get that scared seeing ordinary bear. He knows that the bear can kill him all the same but unknown is much scarier. So even though the situation was dire. He did not panic and started thinking about what to do.

Bear was looking at Luke with hungry eyes and saliva going down it mouth. Luke realized that the bear is really thin and probably did not eat in a while. "You see i am hungry too. We can help each other what do you say?" Said Luke getting closer to a tree.

*Roar. Bear belowed and started running at the little kitten saliva flying everywhere. "Whoa scary." Luke started climbing the tree like a pro and in a few moments he was high in the crown. "Fuuh i am extremly glad that i know how to move in this body. Was getting really stressed with the tought of not being able to could climb like a normal cat. Why did i not test this when i had the chance before?"

Still looking at the bear he sees it climbing after him. "You big cu*t stop following me!!" He looked around and noticed that the forest was very dense. Trees were very close to each other and some branches were touching tips. Bear now named cu*t was still climbing up and could almost reach him so Luke decided for drastic measures. He jumped. "Please make it." And make it he did and very easily at that. His balance was amazing. His little claws ripping into tree a little. Cat with human brain can really do some hardcore parkour.

Bear noticed his pray got away and roared with anger at it´s hunger. "Hah you seen that you stu*id cu*t? You can´t touch this" Luke laughed making fun of the bear. *Roar. Bear could not understand Luke but he knew he was being mocked. Even animals know shame.

He wanted to go down the tree and climb the second one or maybe just wait down. But Luke did not want that to happen. There was only so much trees to hop on and hunger would make him come down eventually. "That bear is clearly very hungry and not the brightest. I can see some self damage from his teeth. Was he eating himself? There is no way he will leave me alone." He decided on plan of action to eliminate the threat.

If there is one thing that cats are good at than it is being annoying. So he started. "Where are you going you fat f*ck? Oh you are not fat because otherwise you would not bother with me. So you are clearly hungry. Then what is it? Are you scared? Look i will even give you a chance" Luke moked and came closer to the bear.

Bear stoped it´s descend and swiped at the kitten. But cats are really nimble so he could not touch him. It wanted to go down again but Luke brought out the big guns. "Catch this." He shaked some branches and made some pines fall on it. When the bear looked up all he saw was Luke grining at him with his mocking smile.

Bear brought to the madness because of hunger and humiliation by such a small creature leaped on the second tree. As the bear was flying Luke had sudden realization." Hmm my first young master was a bear. Who knew?"

But how could small branches from the top of the tree hold such a heavy bear? "All according to keikaku." Though Luke and jumped on another tree. *Slam. *Breaking sounds.*Huh. Realization of the bear.*Roar. Bear started falling from branch to branch getting beaten up by tree into the pulp until it touched the ground.

Luke quickly hiden behind some branches and observed it. There was no need for enticing the bear more. It was clearly hurt as Luke sees blood flowing from the bear stomach. It slowly got up, looked around and then left. "Thats right! Not even a bear can overcome my greatness."

Not wanting to get on the ground yet for fear of the bear returning he decided to rest for a bit. It was getting dark and he heard that cats have good nightvision and that small animals come out at night. Maybe he could get something to eat then. "Probably just look for some worms, bugs or something. Even mouses from from here could probably eat me right now."

After finding some good spot in the branches he decided to sleep for a bit. He has big night today.

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