Harry Potter : Transmigrating as Cedric

After awakening the Righteous Mage System, Cedric finds his path set: as long as he behaves like a true Righteous mage, he earns rewards such as experience points, magic power, magical herbs, and secret treasures. This journey molds him into the most upstanding Hufflepuff in Hogwarts history. At Hogwarts, Cedric leads by example and excels in his studies. He respects his teachers and abides by school rules. He loves his classmates, prohibits bullying, and does not tolerate any illegal or unethical behavior. Cedric becomes known as the benchmark that meets everyone's expectations for Hogwarts students. He is the warrior admired by Gryffindors, the god of learning worshiped by Ravenclaws, the prefect respected by Hufflepuffs, and the white mage most feared by Slytherins. Cedric is the idol who has shattered Voldemort's conspiracies time and time again! *************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes". original novel: 一霍格沃兹:史上最正派白魔法师 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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Chapter 22 house ceremony

"What's going on?"

Cedric's gaze swept over the Hufflepuff table.

"After the Sorting, at least you guys should clap and welcome me, right?"

Seeing their lack of response, Cedric turned his head back.

Professor McGonagall covered her mouth, her eyes shimmering with pride.

"No, just after sorting, how could you..."

Looking up at the teachers' table, the whole classroom seemed frozen. Hagrid and Professor Flitwick, standing aside, both raised four thumbs.

Only Dumbledore's crescent-shaped eyes were shining with a mysterious light.

There was no emotion in his gaze.

Like a cold scanner!

Cedric suddenly felt a chill, as if he had cast the Bubble-Head Charm and plunged into icy water.

Not this, not this.

Cedric suddenly thought of an extremely inappropriate ability!

He looked down at the Sorting Hat on the stool, then glanced at Professor McGonagall again, and said with some sarcasm:

"You all heard what it just said!"

Professor McGonagall couldn't hold back.

Rarely, she expressed her fiery heart in front of others and rushed up to hug Cedric.

"Child, you're the best!"

What the hell, Sorting Hat, you old thing.

You speak to everyone in their minds, why do you broadcast everything when it's my turn!

[Ding, create a rare event!]

[Rare event: Perfect first-year student (note: other people's children)!]

[Reward: speech points 2.]

In a trance.

Everyone's gaze on Cedric instantly became reverent again.

Many people couldn't help but rub their eyes.

Cedric's figure remained tall, not a momentary illusion.

Soon, enthusiastic applause erupted.

Even the Hufflepuff table, which never competed for anything, had people shouting:

"We have Cedric!"

"We have Cedric!"

It wasn't until five minutes after Cedric took his seat that Dumbledore stood up and calmed the discussion down!

"The sorting ceremony continues!"

Reminded by McGonagall, the sorting ceremony was quickly completed.

Next was the welcome feast.

Everyone was very happy, and during the breaks, they discussed today's topic, Cedric.

As a good friend of McGonagall's.

Because she had been researching dragon dung fertilizer and hadn't been at Hogwarts for the entire holiday, Pomona Sprout, the head of Hufflepuff, was actively inquiring about Cedric's situation from McGonagall.

Every time they chatted.

She couldn't help but look at Cedric, her eyes full of shock and surprise.

Knowing McGonagall's character.

Even though she hadn't spoken to Cedric yet, she already had an immense fondness for him.

Throughout the Great Hall.

It was very quiet except for Cedric and Dumbledore.

Both of them were deeply absorbed in their thoughts while eating.

Dumbledore was scrutinizing Cedric, while the latter was contemplating his next move.

But Cedric's silence was soon interrupted by someone.

"Hello, Cedric, I mean, sir, hope we can get along well!"

Cedric turned his head.

It was a first-year student who was nervously coming to clink glasses with Cedric.

"Of course!"

Cedric snapped out of his contemplation.

Almost instinctively!

He quickly clinked glasses with the newcomer, then invited all the nearby first-year students:

"Let's all join in!"

"Hope you all have a wonderful school year!"

Seeing his invitation.

All the first-year Hufflepuffs stood up, bringing their glasses over, forming an irregular circle.

"Have a great year!!"


For a moment.

The Hufflepuff table became the most cheerful place in the entire hall.

"Thank you, Cedric!"

The newcomer left satisfied!

Seeing the newcomer skipping away, Cedric's mood changed.

Forget it, let him be.

Since he couldn't hide anymore, he might as well shine openly!

Cedric looked up again at the high-set pair of eyes.

"Headmaster, hello!"

He finished speaking in a brisk tone, and drained the wine in his glass.

Dumbledore was taken aback.

Then he smiled and raised his glass to drink.

Everything seemed so beautiful.

Next, Cedric completely let go.

"Come, take a look at these dishes!"

"there's a big Chicken loli!"

"Next time we have a chance, I'll set up a table in the common room!"

Without a doubt.

The recipes for these dishes were all taught to the house-elves in the kitchen by Cedric over the past month.

Of the ten Hufflepuffs, nine were foodies.

Cedric's reputation.

Under the blessing of more than a dozen dishes, it reached a new peak.

Everyone became very interested in the hot chicken loli.

Cedric became the undisputed center of attention.

Under the enchanted ceiling.

With the starlight, the students completed their first dinner back at Hogwarts.

After returning to the common room.

They kept Cedric chatting until late at night, until they were extremely tired, and then let him rest.

Lying in bed, Cedric completely changed his plan.

Since he couldn't hide anymore.

Then the plan he had been hatching for a year was scrapped.

From low-key to high-profile.

He was ready to implement a calculated move against Dumbledore.

When Harry Potter enrolled, he encountered the brightest star in the school.

At that time, who would you put your hopes on?

Holding such thoughts.

Cedric set his alarm clock and got up early the next day, ready to start his open and aboveboard plan.


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