Harry Potter : Transmigrating as Cedric

After awakening the Righteous Mage System, Cedric finds his path set: as long as he behaves like a true Righteous mage, he earns rewards such as experience points, magic power, magical herbs, and secret treasures. This journey molds him into the most upstanding Hufflepuff in Hogwarts history. At Hogwarts, Cedric leads by example and excels in his studies. He respects his teachers and abides by school rules. He loves his classmates, prohibits bullying, and does not tolerate any illegal or unethical behavior. Cedric becomes known as the benchmark that meets everyone's expectations for Hogwarts students. He is the warrior admired by Gryffindors, the god of learning worshiped by Ravenclaws, the prefect respected by Hufflepuffs, and the white mage most feared by Slytherins. Cedric is the idol who has shattered Voldemort's conspiracies time and time again! *************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes". original novel: 一霍格沃兹:史上最正派白魔法师 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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chapter 2 The Better Days Are Finally Coming!


Cedric nodded.

He is full of confidence in the test.

Over the years, because of the existence of the system, he has added a lot to himself.

And with his mature adult mind.

Among children of the same age, it is impossible for anyone to be more self-disciplined than him.

before answering the question.

He also quickly opened the panel and added the 100 experience points he just got to the magic value.

Name: Cedric Diggory

Bloodline: Pure blood Wizard

Magic power: 32 points

(Before 50 points, every 100 experience points can increase by one point.)

Comprehensive value: 15 points.

(Third-rate masters have 80 points, second-rate masters have 85 points, first-rate masters have 90 points, super masters have 95 points, the Big Three have 99 points, and god-level masters have 100 points.)

Talent list:

[The levels from high to low are SSS>SS>S>A>B>C>D>E. ]

SS-level talent: Infectious power.

S-level talent: Casting spells without a wand.

A-level talents: Transfiguration, Charms, Quidditch, Herbs, Potions, Fighting, Magic (Defense).

B-level talents: Occlumency, Black Magic (Attack), Pet Affinity, Language.

C-level talent: prophecy.

(Note: Talents can only be increased with talent points or through self practice.)

Available experience points: 0 points.

Available talent points: 0 points.

It can be seen from this panel that Cedric's template is still very powerful, and he has A-level talents in many abilities.

The low rating is mainly due to the small number of spells and their low level.

You know during the Goblet of Fire period.

He was also chosen to represent Hogwarts.

In other words, the Goblet of Fire at that time considered him to be the most powerful student in Hogwarts.

Of course, Cedric is stronger now than before.

All these years of hard work.

He increased his magic power from 10 points to 32 points, and also upgraded his wandless spellcasting, which was originally an A-level talent, to S-level.

Yes, in addition to adding points, these values ​​can also be increased by practicing himself.

This is because of his young age.

The reason why he can only face his parents every day.

After entering Hogwarts and facing more people, the efficiency of gaining experience will increase a lot.

After all, there are too many things that are in line with the right path.

"By the way, you just talked about modifying magic!"

" magic is very profound, and it can't be improved casually!"

Professor McGonagall's expression was serious.

She doesn't like little wizards who talk about this.

So her first sentence was to remind Cedric not to be too ambitious.

"Of course, this will be a long-term goal, and I don't even know whether I will succeed, but that still doesn't stop me from setting it as a goal and working hard for it!"

Cedric shrugged.

"After all, the goal is to be difficult, right?"

Hearing his answer.

Professor McGonagall's eyes lit up.

Neither humble nor arrogant, clear and logical, with logical thinking that even adults may not have.

What a great experience.

Of course, this must not be empty talk.

Suppress psychological joy.

Professor McGonagall continued to ask quietly: "So you should like to study spells very much. Can I know your current progress?"

When asked about this.

She noticed that Cedric was visibly nervous.

In fact, this is a trap question, because Cedric said before that little wizards are not allowed to use wands outside of school.

So if he says he is proficient.

Then it proves that everything before is just his lie.


Cedric shook his head dejectedly:

"Because I can't use a wand, I can only practice some simple magic that doesn't require a wand to make up for my own hobby of magic."

He raised his hand as he spoke.

"Accio suitcase!"

With the casting of the flying spell.

The suitcase originally located in the room on the second floor flew straight up. It flew down the stairs like a swallow returning to the forest, and delivered the handrail into Cedric's hand.

Professor McGonagall was surprised and delighted.


This Summoning spell is not simple, and it is not even a spell that junior wizard students will learn.

And Cedric performed it so skillfully.

The suitcase flew downstairs without any collision, which was enough to show that he had truly mastered this spell.

What shocked her even more.

Professor McGonagall noticed that Cedric did not reach for the wand that was hidden in his clothes.

That is to say.

He casts spells without a wand.

This concept is dozens of times more difficult than the Flying Curse.

There are many wizards who never master this skill in their lifetime.


Cedric demonstrated two more spells.

Cleaned up and as good as restored.

He has become more proficient in these two, and can complete the spell almost in the blink of an eye.

"Very good, really very good!"

The stern Professor McGonagall rarely praised a young wizard to his face.

However, after seeing his performance, she couldn't help but smile with satisfaction.

This kid is really talented.

This made her couldn't help but want to know more about him: "So, besides modifying the trace silk, do you have any other pursuits?"

The Diggory couple beside them became nervous instantly.

The two of them leaned together, clasping their hands and fingers, looking dryly at their child Cedric with pursed lips and wide eyes.

Don't say that! ! !


Cedric suddenly stood up.

There was light in his eyes, and he shouted loudly:

"Actually, my first wish is to break the spell on the mysterious man's name so that everyone can call out his name openly!"

"To eliminate the dark wizard, we must start by burying the mysterious man!"

It turns out to be this!

Mr. and Mrs. Digory closed their eyes with a look of despair.

They could only pray silently in their hearts, hoping that Professor would not be frightened by Cedric's remarks.

This child? Actually pointing the sword at the mysterious man?

Professor McGonagall stood up with a huff.


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