Harry Potter : Transmigrating as Cedric

After awakening the Righteous Mage System, Cedric finds his path set: as long as he behaves like a true Righteous mage, he earns rewards such as experience points, magic power, magical herbs, and secret treasures. This journey molds him into the most upstanding Hufflepuff in Hogwarts history. At Hogwarts, Cedric leads by example and excels in his studies. He respects his teachers and abides by school rules. He loves his classmates, prohibits bullying, and does not tolerate any illegal or unethical behavior. Cedric becomes known as the benchmark that meets everyone's expectations for Hogwarts students. He is the warrior admired by Gryffindors, the god of learning worshiped by Ravenclaws, the prefect respected by Hufflepuffs, and the white mage most feared by Slytherins. Cedric is the idol who has shattered Voldemort's conspiracies time and time again! *************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes". original novel: 一霍格沃兹:史上最正派白魔法师 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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Chapter 1 This Child Of Mine Is Going Crazy

"Cedric Diggory."

"A big boy full of reason, talent, grace and a sense of justice!"

"He's everything one could hope for in a Hogwarts student!"

Cedric raised his eyebrows at himself in the mirror.

It has been six years since he traveled to the world of Harry Potter. He also received the admission notice to Hogwarts a few days ago and has reached the age to go to school.

Although he likes the appearance and quality of this body very much.

The world of Harry Potter.

It is a wizarding world where attack and defense are not proportional.

No matter how powerful the magic power is, the body is still that of an ordinary person. No matter how powerful the wizard is, if he is distracted for a moment, he may be killed by the enemy.

In the original work.

Even Cedric, who was powerful and loved by his classmates, could not escape death!

"He fully embodies the unique qualities of Hufflepuff Academy and is a role model worthy of everyone's learning."

"He was a kind, loyal friend who believed in fair play, and his death has shocked everyone, whether they knew him or not."

"Please always remember him, and when you have to choose between the right path and the shortcut, don't forget what happened to an upright, kind, and brave boy."

He don't know how many times.

He heard it in his dream, Dumbledore praising him after his death, and then he suddenly woke up, sweating profusely!

this is too scary.

In order to sleep peacefully, he must let the old snake that always wants to be resurrected die completely.

This way he can have a good night's sleep.

"Fortunately, I activated the righteous system!"

"Everything will be different!"

Clearing his throat.

Cedric began to straighten his appearance in the mirror.

He has an important meeting today.

He hoped that he would perform well in that person's eyes so that he could be qualified to go to Hogwarts in advance.

After a while.

There was a knock at the door downstairs.

Cedric's father stepped forward quickly and quickly opened the door.

Standing at the door was a witch wearing square glasses, curly black hair tied into a high bun, and dark green robes.

"Hello, Mrs. McGonagall, I'm sorry to bother you with such a trip despite your busy schedule."

Amos Diggory quickly gave way to the door.

And extended an invitation to Professor McGonagall.

"Hello, Mr. Diggory, Mrs. Diggory!"

Professor McGonagall nodded.

Hogwarts has entered the admissions season, and she is now busy visiting Muggle families with children with wizarding talents.

Fortunately, the other party's letter was sent early.

Otherwise she would definitely not have time to make this trip.

After coming to the house and taking a seat.

She directly took out the letter she received and asked doubtfully:

"Mr. Diggory!"

"To be honest, although I understand your request, I don't understand what you mean! What do you mean by wishing to check into Hogwarts earlier in order to practice magic?"

Professor McGonagall's eyes stared at him behind his square glasses.

She wanted to confirm whether the other party was playing a trick on her.

Amos Diggory waved his hand quickly, as if he was already prepared for this question:

"I knew you would misunderstand, so I specially invited you to come in person so that I can explain it!"

"it is known."

"In a family with adult wizards, it is difficult to tell even if a young wizard practices magic, but our family is in a special situation!"

He glanced upstairs warily.

Then he lowered his voice and said: "My child is in a special situation, so I hope to be able to move in as soon as possible."

"Special circumstances?"

Professor McGonagall immediately thought of this special situation.

"No, it's not because of bad talent."

Amos Diggory explained awkwardly again.

"On the contrary, my child's talent is very good, but..."

He glanced at his wife.

After receiving encouragement, he continued to explain to Professor McGonagall: "This kid in our family is going crazy!"


Professor McGonagall tilted her head, thinking she had heard wrongly.

What the hell kind of adjective is this?

"Let's put it that way!"

Amos spread his hands: "Actually, he asked me to write that letter, mainly because he said that it was wrong for him to use magic at home!"

"I didn't say that, Father!"

Everyone looked up following the sound.

Cedric walked slowly down the stairs.

"This is a Ministry of Magic rule!"

"It is clearly stated in the Regulations Prohibiting the Use of Magic by Underage Wizards that wizards under the age of 17 (underage) are not allowed to use magic outside of school."

"The first time I use it, I will receive a warning letter from the Ministry of Magic, and the second time I will be expelled. This is the reason why I want to move into Hogwarts early."

"Of course, this clause is still flawed."

"Mainly because Trace Silk cannot specifically identify whether the magic was released by an underage wizard. This technology has not been reformed for decades. I will definitely find ways to improve it in the future!"

Cedric came to Professor McGonagall.

Opposite him, the vice-principal of Hogwarts, bowed slightly to show courtesy:

"very sorry for interrupting you!"

"But since I started to activate my magic power at the age of 5, I have been too curious about spells, so I can only apply to you!"

"I hope you can understand how I feel."

After doing all this.

The system prompt appeared again in Cedric's ear:

[Science popularization and maintenance of magic regulations will reward 100 experience points. ]

"I see!"

Professor McGonagall nodded.

She suddenly understood what it meant to be Crazy.

Glancing at Cedric, who was clean and tidy, Professor McGonagall was very satisfied with his appearance.

She likes outstanding students the most.

Children who have just entered school.

It is extremely rare to have a performance like his.

Even though many adult wizards have magic, they still make a mess all over themselves!

She composed herself and said:

"Then, regarding your application for early admission to Hogwarts, I will now make a simple inquiry to you!"

Professor McGonagall never expected that.

The next question and answer will shock her so much!


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