Harry potter: The ringmaker

Nicholas died under mysterious circumstances on earth and was reborn into the world of harry potter as an orphan with a mysterious ring maker system. He does not know why he is here nor why he has this system but Nicholas is determined to make the best of his new life , noseless freaks be damned.

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Sweet revenge

Helena was fascinated by the principles behind Nick's crafting style and even said it was the perfect thing for a Ravenclaw as the more you know and understand the more powerful your enchantment. She did warn Nick heavily however that he probably should be very careful with using his spiritual energy as soul based magic's were the most unknown kind. Nick found this rather ironic considering thanks to the crafting style he already had a very decent understanding of souls. Not like masterful levels of understanding mind but a solid foot in the door of the subject.-

Nick transfigured himself a chair and a clipboard after they were done talking as he needed to get started on his revenge against Dumbledore. His plan was very simple really as he simply planned to air out some of Dumbledore's dirty past. Simple but horrible things like his relationship to Grindelwald and how he left Harry in a muggle family that abused him as well as the heavily implied threat the man stated at the beginning of the year feast. To top it off Nick even added in his most recent stunt and the terrible implication behind it as well.-

Every dirty secret Nick could remember about the man went into this letter and ended up taking close to four whole sheets of parchment paper to finish. He then went to the owlery and placed the letter in an envelope that he then addressed to one Rita Skeeter with it wax sealed with the Ravenclaw signet ring. Unless the woman had suddenly decided to change her slanderous nature and no longer wanted to be a journalist Nick was sure she would leap at this chance eagerly. Dumbledore could expect some serious backlash from the wizarding community once his sins were aired for everyone to see.-

While it was doubtful that the man would take any real punishment for his actions his reputation will take a sharp and painful hit. Nick had thought about enlisting the old goats help in freeing Sirius from prison but the man had cut that idea down with this last stunt. All of the owls were eager to do Nick's bidding and he ended up choosing an eye catching great horned owl that just so happened to belong to Mcgonagall for the task. It was hard to ignore a bird that size trying to get your attention after all.-

The moment the owl flew away with the letter in it's grasp Nick visibly relaxed as he had officially gotten his vengeance and now merely needed to wait and watch. He had skipped lunch and got knocked out before eating his fill at breakfast so he was understandably hungry. Returning to the workshop Nick got comfortable and ate some lembas bread since he planned to skip dinner as well. While he may be calm at the moment he was aware that he may do something to tip the old bastard off that he had done something if a confrontation happened.-

He would much prefer simply biding his time until breakfast tomorrow when the news paper came in. Nick could only shake his head at Helena waving around the hammer like a lunatic with a wide smile. He didn't mind her holding the thing since it was useless to anyone who wasn't him thanks to the fact that unless specified otherwise anything he gets from the system was bound to him exclusively. Stealing it was impossible since the moment someone tried it would simply vanish and appear in his inventory which was basically just Greed.-

The rest of the evening Nick simply laid back and relaxed in his workshop while reading the books on rituals. Helena was quite surprised to see him reading the book since it was in a lost language. But since her unbreakable vow made her unable to reveal what she learned in the workshop he came clean about his ability to speak , and read any language. She looked jealous of him and stated that that particular magical gift came from a certain middle eastern wizarding family. It would seem somewhere in the last thousand years Nicks ancestors had mixed with that family before leaving it again.-

He simply wouldn't be Caucasian otherwise as most middle eastern families had dark skin and he had tan if a bit pale skin. Helena had a theory that her mother had taken Nick's ancestor to the middle east and it had simply been a matter of coincidence that led Nick to being in Hogwarts teaching purview. Nick assumed that there was probably more to the story but decided to keep that to himself as he went back to his book. Helena looked at the title of the book but didn't seem to care about it , likely since she had read it already.


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