4 Starter pack stuff and befriending harry

'Hmmm , judging from these descriptions the best way to use this starter pack is use the potion first then the crafting style roulette ticket and finally the forge access ticket.' Nick thought seriously as he eyed the potion questioningly. 'Fuck it!' he finally steeled his resolve and grabbed the test tube and uncorked it before closing his eyes and downing the liquid inside. He waited for a moment then another and then another but nothing seemed to happen. Nick looked at the test tube in confusion when he felt no change at all. 'was that it?' he questioned in disbelief.-

The answer was obviously "no" as moments later Nick felt a pulse from his stomach followed by another and another with each pulse feeling like fire was growing through his veins like ivy. It was horribly painful like fire ants biting him all over his body lasting a full minute before vanishing just as suddenly as it began. Immediately Nick could feel the difference from before he drank the potion as he could literally SEE the magic of the galleons nearby and intimately feel his own magic flowing through him steady but weak.-

Nick had already figured out that he was in the world of harry potter with all the hints he's been given so far but he didn't remember the books mentioning a phenomena like this meaning that potion was likely WAY more valuable than he initially thought making him regret drinking it a little. 'One opportunity lost but I got another in exchange so no use crying over it , next is the crafting style.' Nick thought with a shrug. Carefully reaching over Nick grabbed the ticket with the roulette wheel drawn on it and taking a deep breath ripped it in two.-

This time there was a big spectacle as from the torn ticket mist spewed out in huge amounts until it filled the entire room before collapsing with a rather loud "POP!" revealing a roulette wheel with an uncountable number of sections and a red pointer waiting for Nick to spin it. 'Now we're talking! Lets do this!' Nick grinned and grabbed the side of the wheel and pulled down as hard as he could. "BRRRRRRRRRR!" The wheel hummed as the pointer flicked the pegs while they spun past it. After a minute the wheel began to slow before eventually stopping on a section that was blue colored.-


'Hold on celebrimbor as in the lord of the rings celebrimbor?' Nick thought incredulously before the roulette wheel exploded into mist that then shot up his nose and imprinted the basics of the style directly into his mind giving him a massive headache. 'Fuck! this system might as well be called the abuse system with how bad it's treating me!' Nick complained as he rubbed his temple to try and ease the headache. 'I'll wait till tomorrow before I continue because it's hard to focus with this fucking throbbing in my head.' Nick decided and hid the rest of his starter pack in the small hiding space under a board in his closet and removed the lock on his door.-

The night wasn't peaceful for Nick as his mind was filled with the images of an elf forging while talking about what he was doing as well as how. It was extremely realistic and life-like as even when Nick thought of a question the elf would answer it without pausing his forging at all. Nick woke up the next day with a bitter smile as he was learning even in his sleep now apparently.-

Nick got dressed and grabbed his bag before leaving his room as today just so happened to be the first day of him going to school since he was in fact underage and thus required by law to attend. He wasn't looking forward to it at all since before being reborn as a ten year old he was twenty seven and in college for his masters degree in chemistry. This was to say that he was being forced to attend classes so far bellow his actual level that it may as well have been physically painful.

What Nick wasn't expecting however was that he was in a class with the Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley Dursley. Nick stood out like a sore thumb when he was introduced to the class thanks to the huge scab and yellow and brown bruises on his head alongside the short grey locks of hair that had managed to grow back in the past week at the orphanage. Nick could tell that when he treated Harry in a friendly manner during the class that it made the boys whole day as he cheered up considerably. 'Sometimes just being accepted is enough' Nick thought to himself with a small genuine small when he said good bye to Harry for the day.

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