40 Start of classes

Nick wanted to pull his hair out in frustration when he saw the organization that the library had , which is to say basically none. There was once a semblance of order to the library but clearly the past generations of librarians gave up on it as Nick found fifth year books in the second year area and even a book on potions in the charms section. this didn't even begin to go into the books he found in the deeper parts of the library that had looked like they had seen the light of day within centuries , which may even be true.-

Books on rituals , sacrifices , magical crest , veritology(Wand making) and more hyper advanced or dangerous subjects sat in plain view making Nick think that the restricted section was a distraction. 'On the plus side I will likely be way more knowledgeable than the past few generations of wizards.' Nick thought as he grabbed a book called "A beginners guide to rituals by R. S. Black". "Rituals can roughly be categorized into four categories , Sacrificial , Obligatory , Finite and fusion. Before I delve into these types of ritual in depth I shall write a warning to whomever it may concern."-

"Rituals are a precise art that broker no mistakes in their construction for even a small deviation may have catastrophic consequences , You have been dully warned." Nick had a serious expression on his face as he read the entry excerpt for the book he had picked up even though he had no clue what language it was in. Being able to read , write and speak any language was already coming in handy for Nick as a vast majority of books at Hogwarts were in dead or foreign languages. One of the books way back in this area had even been written in cuneiform as far as Nick could tell.-

The warning in the book had made him both curious as well as cautious since he had no clue what he was looking at magically speaking. He severely lacked a lot of information on the magical side of the world and refused to delve into any extra topics until he fixed this problem. A good thing about this "Ancient section" as he decided to call it , was that he also found books on the basics of magic in these lost or foreign languages that he could use to expand his personal knowledge of both old and "modern" magical fundamentals.-

It was funny how hard a task becomes when the key information to it is locked behind a language barrier. Sure if you have the talent and just enough information you could slowly recreate what you need from scratch but this was inefficient and it showed. A thousand years ago magical people on the level of Dumbledore were everywhere. They slowly vanished however as the generations went on and laziness and incompetence ran rampant until what was once common knowledge was considered "obscure".-

Nick had a theory that the reason so many "forbidden" books were in the "ancient" section was because Dumbledore didn't actually know what they contained and as a result had overlooked them. 'More for me I guess.' Nick thought with a grin as he went to the normal sections to try and find normal fundamental books. By the time dinner came around at six he had found literally two books that covered fundamental knowledge. 'This'll have to do for now I guess' he thought depressed as he checked the books out under Ms. Pince's scowl. Dinner was the same as the night before with the selection of food being noticeably english. With the exception of the tacos that had shown up on the table confusing and delighting the majority of the students.-

When dinner was done all the first years got their schedules for the entire year posted on the board in the common room and it was as follows.

Mondays :7-8;45 breakfast / 9-10 potions / 10;15-11;15 herbology / 11;15-12;45 lunch / 1-2 herbology / 2;15-6 free period / 6-8 dinner

Tuesdays: 7-8;45 breakfast / 9-10 history of magic / 10;15-11;15 charms / 11;15-12;45 lunch / 1-2 charms / 2-6 free period / 6-8 dinner

Wednesdays:7-8;45 breakfast / 9-10 flying / 10;15-11;15 astronomy /11;15-12;45 lunch /1-2 defense against the dark arts /2-6 free period /6-8 dinner

Thursdays:7-8;45 breakfast /9-10 DADA / 10;15-11;15 history of magic / 11;15-12;45 lunch / 1-2 transfiguration /2;15-3;15 transfiguration /3;30-6 free period /6-8 dinner

Fridays:7-8;45 breakfast /9-10 astronomy /10;15-11;15 charms /11;15-12;45 lunch /1-2 potions /2;15-3;30 potions /3;30-6 free period / 6-8 dinner

Saturdays and Sundays: FREE TIME.


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