6 Celebrimbor style

Dinner was a simple affair with each child being given a bowl of hearty stew and a thick slice of bread for their meal. It wasn't extravagant by any means but it was enough for their growing bodies to work off of without any issue. The oldest kid in the orphan age was merely thirteen after all since most after that point were adopted or moved out on their own after finding work. After dinner the kids were sent to their rooms for the night while the lights were turned off to save power during the night.

This was when Nick chose to make his move and use the forge ticket to try and craft his first ring. Before that though he sat on his bed and familiarized himself with the celebrimbor crafting style he had. It was different than one would expect at first glance since as a matter of fact it did differ from standard muggle ring smithing in several ways beyond just being magical in nature. Not to make the mistake of thinking that it wasn't a very labor intensive thing , because it was. The biggest difference was that the style was actually very spiritual in nature and required the smith to use their spirit during the forging.

This didn't mean literally putting their soul into the item or else the smith would end up as a lich like Sauron , bound to their creation but otherwise immortal. That might appeal to some people *cough* Voldemort *cough* but Nick didn't want to cut off his future like that even if it offered a supreme artifact in exchange. The correct way to use the style would be to use the smiths soul to imprint magical concepts onto their creation before setting the ring into it's final shape.

While this meant that the crafting style could be used by anyone technically the style was created and designed with powerful souls like those of elves in mind. Thankfully with Nicks magical circuits cleansed both his mind and soul were improve qualitatively to the point of just barely matching the average elf. This was because magic needed a balance between three things to grow stronger , the mind , the body and the soul. The potion dramatically improved Nicks body in a fundamental way and as a result his mind and soul needed to grow to match it.-

Sure he didn't grow an eight pack and earth shattering muscles but for a wizard his body was practically filled with limitless potential. If he exercised his body his magic would grow as well so long as he also continued to learn as he did so. There was a large downside to this style of crafting however in that the effects of the rings created could only be from things one understood themselves or the smith would need pure will power to imbue that property. This in addition to how much stress the method put on the smith meant that Nick was guaranteed to be exhausted by the time he was done with just this one single ring.-

'Time to get started.' Nick thought once the lights were turned out in the rest of the orphanage. Grabbing the ingot , a single galleon and the ticket from his hiding spot Nick took a deep breath before tearing the ticket in two. Immediately the ticket started smoking and burning and there in the middle of the room a bronze door with and intricate carving of a thousand smiths hammering away at a single anvil appeared. The door was massive as it went from the floor all the way to the ceiling and was nearly seven feet across as well.-

'That is certainly an impressive looking door at the very least' Nick though in awe while closely examining the door from every angle. Once he was satisfied with his investigation Nick took a deep breath to calm his nerves and reached out to push the door open. As the door opened three people in the world suddenly stiffened in shock as the aura of what lay beyond it appeared. These people were Dumbledore , Voldemort and Nicholas flammel with each having a different immediate reaction.-

The first thought that the last of the deathly hallows had found a true master and was announcing it to the world. The second thought that a powerful artifact had been created and could only bitterly ignore it due to his current wraithlike state. The final person however was the oldest and most knowledgeable alchemist in the world and recognized the astral realm for what it was due to the song it sang , that of a craftsman. Flammel thought that after so long someone else had finally tapped into the astral spaces for their craft even if he didn't recognize the craft itself and celebrated.


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