81 A strange plan

Nick suddenly had an idea , small at first but the more he thought of it the wider his grin became. 'A garden of extinct resources for my use only.' He thought with a bright expression. The way he planed to obtain these resources is quite simple really and the best part was he knew exactly how to pull it off without messing with history. See in this world the single most broken form of magic seems to be heavily under utilized , time magic. To be more specific the magic of traveling back in time using a time turner.-

Any attempts to go further back in time than five hours always destroys the device and since it's creation method was lost no one save a certain alchemist knew how to make more. Even worse was that any attempt to recreate the techniques is heavily prosecuted by the ministry in fear of paradox's. You see history wants to happen and if someone from the future goes back in time to try and change things time gets shuffled in dangerous ways to compensate and keep things the way they were meant to be. This meant changing history is technically impossible creating a paradox like effect with dangerous consequences.-

Nick's plan wasn't to go back far enough in time to prevent the extinction of these resources but rather to snatch an inconsequential sample of them that did not effect history at all and bring it back to the present. In this way history is entirely unaffected by his action and he gets to "revive" a whole garden of extinct resources to personally use. The best part though was that no one would know how he got these resources if he didn't explain himself. The ministry may try and get greedy and seek to confiscate them but by the time he can use this idea he will be practically untouchable already.-

Nick didn't write this plan down but made a mental note of it before turning his attention back to the book on the table. Meanwhile Voldemort was slightly irritated that his sabotage attempt had failed though not by much. 'If the boy is half as skilled as the old man seems to think it makes sense he may check his equipment. I am being suspicion however as I made sure that it appeared like a prank taken too far.' the wraith thought with a sneer.-

'I shall wait until the old man lowers his guard before I make my move on the stone , Halloween should do perfectly.' The dark being laughed as he went back to grading papers from the upper years. Dumbledore meanwhile was contemplating how to obtain a drop of Nick's blood without panicking the him. "What do you think old friend , would that work?" the old wizard asked the only other thing in his office looking for help , a large red and golden feathered bird perched on a golden rod , Fawkes the phoenix.-

The bird eyed the old man angrily with a golden eye for a moment before turn away from him causing Dumbledore to sigh. The supreme mugwump had been having to deal with his long time partner and friend being in a poor mood ever since Nick had arrived at Hogwarts. Dumbledore was used to confiding everything with the phoenix but when he even sounded like he meant even to smallest amount of harm towards Nick the bird shunned him. The old wizard could only smile mirthfully at this as he was pretty sure it was because of Nicks connection to his wand.-

'Phoenix's are fiercely loyal and protective of their own kind despite being prideful solitary creatures. Fawkes likely sees the boy as kin and as a result refuses to help me with anything to do with harming him. The only reason I haven't likely been attacked was because of the fact my old friend knows I mean the boy well.' he thought with a tired sigh before returning to his plans. Nick didn't know that he was occupying the thoughts of two magical juggernauts as he eagerly devoured the information in front of him. Even if he did it wouldn't have made much difference as he was too weak to resist either.-

6 soon came around and Nick packed up the book he had made a little progress with and headed for the great hall. He didn't immediately seat himself after arriving however as he instead approached the teachers table. "Good evening professors I ask your forgiveness for my presence but I wanted to show my latest work to Professor Flitwick before giving it to Hagrid who ordered it." he explained respectfully while trying not to flinch under their stares , especially Dumbledore's. "You may proceed." the old wizard spoke softly but his voice still created a slight twitch in Nick that he quickly suppressed.


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