1 1. The Boy Who Eats   

[A/N: This story has a slice of life and wholesome stuff, but also a serious plot much later.

MC has been blessed with the power of luck, but it's not omnipotent. People can and will scheme against him. People can come after him. Happy can get injured. But luck is supposed to ensure Happy gets the best out of all the troubles in the end.

High risk with high reward. But the risk is reserved for the enemy side. While the enemy may seem to be winning for a little while, eventually, when Happy gets personally involved, his Luck starts acting up.

If you are looking for a pure 100% OP, slice-of-life story where nothing but good things will happen. This Gorilla humbly suggests you look elsewhere, instead of reading it and feeling lost later.]


On a warm spring Sunday, when most children were busy running around and playing games on their day off. A young kid was sitting on his hospital bed, reading a book, while the bright sunshine from the window warmed his pale face.

A pile of books, a laptop, and a couple of comic books were on his side table.

On the hospital bed, a small clipboard was hung with his name on it.

[Name: Happy Lestrange]

[Age: 13]

[Blood Group: B+]

[Diagnosis: Gastric Adenocarcinoma]

Happy Lestrange, a kind, sweet boy who suffered the worst of fate.

At the mere age of three, his stomach cancer was diagnosed early. But, no matter what drug or treatment, it only got worse with each visit. At the age of six, he had to be hospitalized. Adding injury to his wounds, the hospital visit became permanent, and he never got discharged due to his worsening condition.

His parents were wealthy, but money was useless. He couldn't eat any food. All he could do was survive on nutrition from his intravenous line.

The only respite to his boredom was movies, manga, anime, and novels, among which he particularly liked Harry Potter. Who didn't want to wield magic and go to a school with an infinite supply of food? Ah, Happy truly missed the taste of food.

More than the awe of magic, Happy's mouth would water at the description of food in the novels and scenes of feasts in the movies. He wanted to know how sweet Harry's birthday cake was, he wanted to know if Butter Beer was anything like the butter he tasted before he got sick, and he wouldn't even think twice about eating one of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

'At least they would taste like something...' he thought.

Happy continued to flip through the novel in his hands, but his stomach suddenly churned. A sharp pain ripped through his internal organs, causing him to clutch his belly and fall back.

Cold sweat started to form on his forehead.

Struggling through the intense pain, Happy managed to stretch his hand to the side table, knocking down the pile of books. He grabbed the nurse call remote and pressed the button.

The last thing he heard before he passed out was a flurry of footsteps as the nurses rushed into his hospital room.


Happy didn't know how long he was out. His eyelids flickered slightly, and the first thing he heard was his parents standing near the door of his hospital room, talking to his doctor in whispers. Happy still felt the stabbing pain in his body, but he was too weak to open his eyes.

"No! You have to do something!" His dad suddenly shouted at the doctor.

"No, no, no. Not Happy, h-he doesn't deserve this..." His mom cried, tears falling from her eyes, incoherently muttering in disbelief.

"Doctor! Please, you have to help him!" His dad grabbed the doctor's arm. His legs almost gave in, almost kneeling to the doctor.

The doctor was strong enough to hold him up, trying to talk to Happy's parents calmly. If the doctor wasn't ready for the emotional reaction of family and friends, he wouldn't have been the one to give them the bad news.

"I'm sorry. This is the only option we have right now. If we wake him up, he's going to feel extreme pain every single day. Giving him too many anesthetics would only harm a small child like him. So a medically induced coma is our only option." The doctor spoke very calmly.

Even if Happy was still young, he understood some of the doctor's words.

'Coma? Are they going to make me sleep? Well, it's better than feeling this sick all the time...'

Happy's mom kept crying, holding back her loud sobs.

Happy's dad finally dropped his head and nodded to the doctor while staring at the floor. He looked like a defeated man, losing all hope.

Happy could hear footsteps getting closer and someone moving his IV. Then suddenly, his body felt heavy, like it was drowning in the dark. Then, everything felt light, like he was floating in the void of dreams.

Finally, he understood that he was falling into a deep sleep.

'So this is coma?'


Happy spent two years in his coma.

Eventually, his condition deteriorated further. The cancer only got worse. Even if he was given nutrition through the IV, his muscles were atrophied, and he became as thin as a skeleton. His vicious cancer had spread to his other organs, and several of them had stopped working. He was holding on to dear life through the help of medical equipment.

Because there were a lot of people visiting his bedside and checking on him every day, he had small intervals of alertness in his mind. Even if he couldn't move, speak, or even open his eyes, he could hear people talking. The voices sounded like echoes in the dark. He could hear his parents talking to the doctor.

The doctor came today and calmly asked his parents to sit down and talk.

His dad already felt his heart drop, while his mom was terrified.

The doctor told them about Happy's condition and that there was no way out now. Only the machines kept him alive, and without them, he couldn't live a single minute. There was only one option that could relieve him from the pain forever, but that was the option no one wanted to hear.

"NO!" Happy's mom suddenly shouted. "You said you'll do everything you could! You said my son would come home! He's going to get better! He's going to get better! He is!"

'Mom...' Happy could hear his mom's shrill sorrow and denial.

Beside her, Happy's dad sat in silence. His face was buried in his hands.

"Ma'am, we tried everything we could...." The doctor sat in front of them, looking regretful. He did try his best, but he wasn't God. He can't save every patient, even if he was the best doctor in his field. Cancer wasn't always predictable. All he could do now was to relieve the poor kid from living a pitiful life in a vegetative state.

Happy could hear the doctor's regret in his words. He could hear his mom's grief and understood his father's silence.

"Honey, say something! We can't let Happy die... No! I won't. I won't let him!" Happy's mom pulled on her husband's sleeve.

After a moment of silence, Happy's dad placed his hand on hers, letting her see his tear-filled eyes.

"I don't want him to go either. But..."

"You can't do this!" Happy's mom grew even more distraught as she pushed his hand away.

"Dear! Listen to me." Happy's dad held her hand as he spoke in a cracking voice, "Happy is in pain. If you love him... if we love him, we can't let him suffer just because we want him to be around us. We can't torture him like that. We need to help him. Help him let go of all the pain. We have to let go, let him go to a better place... Even if... Even if it's without us."

Happy's mom stared at him wide-eyed. Her expression changed from shock to pain, pain to sorrow, and sorrow to grief. She understood what he was saying. She understood that keeping Happy alive like this was a form of torture, keeping him from being free, free from the pain and the bed that was now his entire world.

Happy also understood. Floating in the darkness of his mind, he knew that there was nothing else he could do. Even if he woke up, he couldn't experience anything in life. He would be confined to this hospital bed forever and slowly die painfully.

After a long silence, Happy's mom finally nodded with a heavy heart. They agreed, as they couldn't watch him suffer since his condition wasn't getting any better.

After a few minutes, Happy could hear footsteps echo in his void. He knew they were slowly removing all the machines attached to him, except for his ventilator.

He heard his parents coming closer, and his dad whispered to him.

"Happy, you know... I gave you that name so you would be the happiest boy in the world. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I thought I could do anything for you. I would have given you the world." He choked up. "Son, this might be the last thing I could do for you. Please don't be in pain anymore... I love you."

His dad kissed his forehead.

'Dad, please don't be sad. I understand. I really was happy.' Happy tried to yell in his mind, trying to tell his father how much he meant to him.

Happy's mom came closer and whispered in sobs while holding his hand, "Happy, my precious little boy. You are my world, my heart... Mom knows you're in pain, and I don't want that for you. But I'm sure you'll soon be in a better place, no more doctors or needles... So please... don't be afraid. You'll be in heaven."

She choked up, trying to deny her own fear, "Happy, I love you."

'I know, Mom. I'm not afraid... I love you both. Thank you for everything. I'm... I'm sorry. I haven't made you happy... Mom... Dad...'

Happy could feel his body getting lighter and lighter, as if he was floating into the air.

'What's... heaven... like?'


Happy suddenly felt warm light shining in front of him. He opened his eyes but had to squint back. Shielding his eyes from the bright light with his hands, he noticed that he was standing in front of something big. It looked like a giant bolder. But then he looked further up and noticed an old man sitting on a massive golden throne.

"Who are you?" Happy asked, slightly terrified.

Happy, being as small as a toe of the old giant, looked around in confusion and at his own body.

"I…I can walk again? Speak too?!"

A voice suddenly boomed, "Happy, my dear boy. Just call me Grandpa. You suffered enough. It's time you chose a resting place.

"You shall have two choices, one leads you to heaven, and the other leads you to reincarnation. Of course, it will be a new life that you will start from the very beginning, with no memories of this and the past. But, I will ensure you are born as an heir to that world's richest and most powerful family, with no enemies to speak of. So, make a decision."

God's voice contained the warmth that Happy had never felt before. It was as if he was connected with God. As if he had finally arrived at the home he had always longed for. Away from the pain and sorrow, in a place where only happiness remained.

Though Happy didn't react to anything and kept staring at the old man.

"You don't want any of them?"

Of course, God knew everything before it happened. He was omniscient, after all. He merely tried to have a conversation for the sake of it, not because it was needed.

Happy rubbed his chin and sat down to think. "What happened to my mom and dad? Are you God?"

The giant old man nodded. "Aye, my boy. I am called by many names. God is merely one of the infinite. As for your parents, they were devastated by your demise, but eventually, they had a healthy daughter born into the family. They missed you for the rest of their lives but lived a quality life overall."

That certainly put Happy in a good mood. So he made up his mind. "Hmm… I don't wanna go to heaven. It seems boring. But I don't want to start again from scratch. Umm… Can I ask for a different wish?"

"Go ahead. I already know your desire, but let's hear you say it. Tell me which universe you wish to be born in and why." God chuckled, amused by the teenager.

Happy beamed with joy and jumped back to his feet, "Yes! I want to go to Harry Potter's World and attend Hogwarts! I never got to eat tasty food or drinks because I was sick, and Hogwarts seems to have infinite food! So please send me there."

"Bwahaha… My dear boy, are you sure? The Wizarding World is a perilous place, especially for a kind-hearted boy like you. Racism, specism, blood purity, and such things are still rampant there. The Dark Lord, too, wishes to destroy the world. So why do you seek more suffering?"

Happy embarrassingly looked down. "I… I don't want to be a hero, I swear. I just think the food looks very delicious there. Also, I love the Wizarding World more than anything because one of the characters has the same last name as mine. Although she was a bad woman, still…is that okay?"

"Hah!" God scoffed. "Boy, time and space is my bitc…I mean servant. I rule over the omniverse and all its iterations that can ever exist. The reality exists because I exist, and without me, they would all be gone. So, young one, if this is your wish, so be it!

"Happy Lestrange, live your new life as you want, with the joy and laughter you always longed for. Take my blessing along, for you will need it to traverse the turbulent time. Go, as I bestow upon you the power of luck! But beware, one's elixir can be another's poison. Some hardships you may face, but you shall vanquish them all."

Engulfed in white light, Happy's body instantly vanished.

With work finished, God relaxed. "Such a good boy. He deserves this."

"Dear husband!"

God looked back from his throne. "W-What? What did I do now?"

"You need to take Cerberus on a walk."


"I am the supreme God of the omniverse, woman. Since when do I need to take the dog on a walk? It belongs to Hades, so tell him to do it."

The woman crossed her arms and looked at him with exasperation, "You banished Hades in the eternal void for five billion years…That was one trillion years ago."


"Ffffuu…I forgot I put him there! God dam… Ugh!… I hope he doesn't go all Lucifer on me now."

The woman sighed and left. "You're getting old."

"I'm God! I'm supposed to be old!"

It was a thunderous night in the Wizarding World as the skies above Diagon Alley rained and bursts of lighting flickered. The streets of the market were empty as it was night, but the lights remained.

In an abandoned small building on the outskirts of the town appeared a bright, blinding magical light. When the light dispersed, it left behind a boy.

The boy held his head and groaned, feeling like he was spinning.

"Argh… What? Where am I? This is real?"

Suddenly something caught Happy's attention.



Happy's nose caught a whiff of something delicious near him.

The room was dark, but when he looked towards the window, the only light source, he noticed a small table on which a big plate was placed like a decorative piece.

On it was a sizzling, juicy-looking grilled chicken.

He walked to it, wishing to pounce, but then he noticed a small note beside the plate that washed away all his doubts.

"Complimentary snack from your favorite grandpa God—Enjoy, my boy."


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