16 Can't Swallow

Ollivander came back with a metal shopping cart. The cart was piled with three thick oil paper bags, a pile of square cardboard boxes of various sizes, and a wooden food box at the top.

When he entered the store, he saw that there were guests and immediately began to greet them warmly.

"Look who this is." Ollivander smiled at the man in a gentleman's suit. "Mr. Palmston, apple wood, unicorn tail feather. How is it? Is the wand in line with you as usual?"

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Ollivander." Mr. Palmston reached out to take off his gentleman's hat and bowed to Ollivander in a gentlemanly manner. He smiled gently and said, "It is not a compliment. I think Mr. Ollivander is the best in the magic world when it comes to choosing wands."

"Hahaha, I don't dare to admit it."

Ollivander was obviously very happy. This was the first time Coven had seen Ollivander laugh so heartily from the bottom of his heart.

"Oh, there's also Mrs. Palmston." Ollivander turned to the lady and said with a smile, "cedar wood, unicorn tail feather. I haven't seen you for so long. It seems that there is no problem with your wand."

"Yes." Mrs. Palmston bowed to the noble. "I still remember the lesson you taught me about wand maintenance when I got the wand from you."

"It should be, it should be. Haha." Ollivander smiled and waved his hand. Then, he looked at the children of the three families.

"Hello, Mr. Ollivander." The child reluctantly put away the expectation and joy on his face and bowed to the noble with a straight face. "I hope to get a wand that suits me the most from you."

"Of course! Of course!" Ollivander nodded repeatedly and smiled gently. "I will definitely choose the most suitable one for you."

After saying that, Ollivander turned to the couple and said, "Later, I will arrange this child."

"This is the one in the newspaper..." Mr. Palmston looked at Coven and said in a deliberate tone.

"That's right, but there are always some excuses in the newspapers." Ollivander responded and then greeted Coven, "Come on, kid. Let's get to know Mr. Palmston."

"Oh!" Coven finally stopped pretending to be transparent. He quickly stood up and bowed slightly. "Hello, Mr. Palmston, Mrs. Palmston. I am Coven, Coven Quinn."

"Hello, Mr. Quinn." Mr. Palmston and his wife responded softly in unison.

"Hello." Little Palmston suddenly interrupted. He stared curiously at Coven and asked, "Are you also a freshman this year?"

"I..." Coven knew that he should play dumb at this time, so he made an expression that he did not know how to answer.


Sure enough, when Ollivander saw this, he answered the question, "Coven is also a new student this year. Perhaps you will spend seven years in the same academy in the future."

Little Palmston nodded excitedly and looked at Coven with anticipation. "Great, you can call me James in the future. Can you call me Coven?"

"Of course! Of course!" Coven still nodded cautiously, but his eyes deliberately revealed a look of anticipation that could not be concealed.

"Alright, everyone. Let me choose a wand for Mr. Palmston first." Ollivander interrupted and then looked at Coven. "You can't help here, for the time being, so you should go and eat something first."

Ollivander raised his hand and took the wooden food box from the top of the shopping cart. He handed it to Coven and pointed to the innermost part of the shop. "Go to the innermost part of the corridor. The restaurant is behind the black door. You should go and eat something first."

"Yes, yes, Mr. Ollivander." Coven took the food box and turned to walk into the shop.

However, he stopped after taking two steps. He turned to the family of three and said cautiously, "Sorry, excuse me."

"What a polite child." Mrs. Palmston said softly, "Go quickly. Don't worry about us. I hope that when you are in the college in the future, you can have a good time with our little James."

"I will." Coven responded and looked at Little James. He smiled and then walked quickly to the restaurant...


Ignoring the situation in the restaurant, Coven quickly walked to the innermost part of the wand shop and opened the door to enter the restaurant.

Glancing at the ordinary layout of the restaurant, Coven closed the door and quickly came to the dining table. He pulled out a high-legged chair and sat down.

He was really hungry. When he woke up from the hospital, he felt very hungry. However, it was not convenient for him to mention it. Fortunately, he responded with a 'culture word' out of reflex and finally reminded Ollivander.

Without saying much, Coven opened the food box and took out the two sandwiches, french fries, fried fish, and an apple.

"So little..." Coven whispered, "It's all junk food..."

Looking at the English specialty food in front of him, Coven felt a headache. He felt that he had let down his status as a glutton empire.

One had to know that even aliens wanted to try his glutton empire back then...

'There was no other way, just eat.'

Grabbing the sandwich, Coven took a bite and chewed two mouthfuls. A sour and greasy taste burst out, making Coven's expression slightly distorted.

Looking left and right, Coven jumped off the dining chair and quickly came to the pool. He picked up the cup and took a large cup of cold water. He gulped down the food in his mouth.

He breathed a sigh of relief as if he had been saved. He looked back at the food on the table and sighed helplessly. He filled another large cup of water.

Returning to the dining table, Coven had an expression of righteousness. After making some preparations, he picked up the sandwich and quickly stuffed it into his mouth. After chewing for a while, he swallowed it.

In less than two minutes, other than the apple, all the other food was eaten by Coven as if he had swallowed a whole. Then he raised the cup and used cold water to rush all the food stored in the esophagus into his stomach.

"Phew..." After letting out a long breath, Coven put down the cup and muttered, "I really want to die..."

Jumping off the high foot dining chair, Coven stood on the ground, took a deep breath, and then his eyes slightly closed.

A thin and inaudible 'glug' sound rang out, and Coven's stomach, which had been slightly supported by water and food, gradually shrank back.

Coven opened his eyes and controlled his stomach to moe and let out a 'burp' sound.

He fanned the air with his hand, leaned over to his nose and smelled it, then nodded with satisfaction.

"There is no strange smell. You don't have to worry about nausea after burping." Coven whispered softly, "Fortunately, the technique that dad brought back is reliable."

He sat back on the chair again, picked up the remaining apple, and slowly enjoyed it with a 'click' sound...

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