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It is enough just to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether a series of accidents, or a coincidence, but now I have to be reborn in a completely different world. A forced entity that controls the flows of souls in one of the branches of the worlds, contrary to its desire and dislikes for "anomalies", is obliged to give out powers and bonuses - these are the rules. What will life be like for someone who was not destined to survive? If you want to support me or read ahead: https://www.patreon.com/HPMan At least one chapter every day!

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Chapter 50

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Days passed one after another, but the situation at the school intensified more and more. The students walked everywhere, almost in formation. To the classes - accompanied by a teacher. To the toilet - accompanied by the prefect and a couple of assistants. There were simply no loners. Unrest arose among the students. On that unfortunate day, Penelope Clearwater and, strangest of all, Lavender Brown were petrified. Now, remembering all the episodes, I can tell why - a couple of times she, along with one of Patil, approached Harry and Ron with something when they were playing chess. After these approaches, the guys behaved somehow strange and shy.

One day Malfoy took on a particularly happy and proud look, but Harry and Ron were diametrically opposite. It turned out that Minister Fudge had come along with Lucius Malfoy. They arrested Hagrid. Everyone was constantly discussing this topic. But the most unpleasant thing for many - Dumbledore was removed from the Headmaster's post, and now his place is temporarily taken by McGonagall. Once, even in Potions class, Draco struck up a conversation with Snape about why the professor did not nominate himself for Headmaster's post. Draco was praising Snape so much that he couldn't help but smile. Just a little bit, by the very edges of the lips. What blatant flattery!

Draco, by the way, began to turn up his nose so that, as they say, he scrubbed the dust from the ceilings. But at the same time, he stopped getting into any kind of trouble at all. Wow, is it some sanity appeared in him?

There was one bad news for Hermione and me in all this fuss - we could no longer do magic and physical training. The Headmaster's order remained in force, and the younger ones were not left unattended. Neither I nor Hermione expressed a desire to learn any spells in front of witnesses, so all our free time we were in the library. By the way, they also gathered there in groups and, together with an escort of older children, went to learn magic from books.

Three days before the exam happened, what should have happened. The announcement of the Acting Headmistress thundered throughout the school:

"All students immediately return to their bedrooms. All teachers gather in the staff room. Please, as soon as possible."

At that moment, I, like many other students, was in the living room. The guys were bored and unable to move freely around the castle. I was preparing for the upcoming exams.

"What happened? You don't know?" Hermione went to the sofa and sat down next to me.

"Most likely another attack. But judging by McGonagall's tone ..."

"Professor McGonagall."

"Are you still?"

"Even if there is a monkey in the teacher's place, I will say: "Professor Monkey." This is her social status and must be treated correctly."

"Who did you called monkey right now?"

"Absolutely nobody. So what?"

"Well, judging by the tone of Professor McGonagall, something out of the ordinary has happened. Even in our situation."

Hermione turned pale in a second and looked at me with eyes full of shock.

"Maybe someone was killed?"

"Everything is possible. Maybe we should transfer into Beauxbatons?"

"Do you know French?"

"A little bit."

"Eh, okay. I'm going to sleep. If things are really that bad, then tomorrow we may already be on the Hogwarts Express to go home...forever.

Without even saying goodnight, Hermione went to the Girls' Dormitory. It was obvious that the girl's mood has dropped from all these events. Perhaps the reason for this was also the fact that the school leadership ignored our conclusions. I could also say about the younger Weasley, about the diary, but ... I don't know myself why I didn't. Who knows what Riddle would have done if he had found out about his disclosure. We should try to stop using the canon as a guide. At least try it, but now ...

Canon! Harry and Ron were there. Damn, heroes don't go anywhere! And they won't overhear the conversation, and in general ... They seem to have no idea who is attacking !!! Why? Because their "brain" was sitting to my right a moment ago. I didn't take this into account ...

I'm not a hero, but I feel sorry for the girl. Or am I not sorry for the girl, but I just don't want a resurrection of Riddle's piece?

I quickly got off the couch and walked over to Harry and Ron, who were sitting at the chess table, but did not make a single move.

"Gentlemen," I nodded to the guys. "Something irreparable has happened, and we have to find out what it is."

"You have nothing else to do?" asked Ron.

"I know what kind of creature is attacking. And we have to stop it."

The guys' eyes instantly lit up with excitement, and they looked around so that no one overheard us.

"Let's go into the room," I called them after me and headed towards us.

Going inside and making sure that no one was in the room, I started the guys and closed the door. I need these two, and I'll deal with the rest. Yes. I'll figure it out. Oh, I am Gryffindor, Gryffindor!

"What do you know?" Harry asked immediately, looking me in the eye.

"Basilisk. There is a suspicion that a millennial basilisk is attacking. Don't ask for details - It's a long story. I have a guess where the entrance is, but we need to find out what exactly happened. Now all the teachers are gathered in the teachers' room. We will go to the DADA office.

"Why DADA?" Ron asked.

"Because the rats are fleeing from the sinking ship. I don't believe Lockhart has any skills, guys. So he will hasten to get out as soon as the opportunity arises. Let's intercept him there and find out what exactly happened. We need to have information."

"Fine, how to get there?" Harry asked now.

"You two are under the invisibility cloak. I am under a spell."

"Invisibility cloak?"

"Don't pretend to be saints. Use your father's cloak, Harry."

"How do you know?" the guy was sincerely surprised.

"Set aside disputes. Time is precious. I have a bad feeling."

Harry and Ron exchanged glances and immediately rushed to the guy's things. Harry quickly took out his cloak and was ready to throw it over the two of them.

Pulling my wand out of my forearm holster, I froze for a second, concentrating. A couple of complex waves, a verbal key, and I touched my head with the tip of my wand. Feeling like an egg has been broken on your head. Large ostrich egg. I looked at my hands - I can't see them.

"Wow!" Ron stared at where I was a second ago.

"The power of nerds. I am waiting for you at the office," I said, leaving.

I got to the office quickly, although it was quite difficult to walk along the dimly lit corridors with rare torches.

"You're here?" there was a quiet whisper nearby.


Harry's face and the edge of Ron's face came out of thin air.

"Let's go ..."

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