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Harry Potter: Legacy Keeper


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A fifteen-year-old boy who had just played the Hogwarts Legacy game was seemingly transported to the Wizarding World in the time of Harry Potter, with the same powers as the protagonist of the game he had just played. How will he fare during the tubular period? === Basically an OC with the powers of the Hogwarts Legacy protagonist goes to Hogwarts at the same time as Harry Potter. I know, really unoriginal. this book is made because I was bored writing my other book. This is not a power fantasy where the oc is a maniac and thinks with his dick, it has a lot of slice-of-life part in it, similar to my other book where the focus is the relationship between MC and the people around him as he will try to understand their mindset, even if he didn't really agree with them. because of this, there will no bashings or bias against characters. so if you think that's boring, you should probably not read it. all cept ocs are not mine


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