Harry Potter: Journey to Godhood

Follow Alaric in his journey to be the strongest wizard out there by hook or by crook. This is the story of a guy who went to a different world to get power and to find new relationships in his life. Read how he fights off Voldemort in process becoming the leader of new generation of wizards and builds up his new life with his new friends, family and wife. A story of a wizard using his wisdom and power to ascend to the pinnacle of the world, who will do anything to protect his new family. This is a little slow paced and also somewhat slice of life story so keep that in mind, that focuses more on Alaric's relationship. There will be heavy changes to the original plot so be aware and also MC becomes overpowered rather quickly as the story moves forward and he won't hesitate to take some drastic measures if necessary, so he won't have a moral compass. If you want to support me and read advance chapters please visit: patreon.com/bobthewriter Main World: Harry Potter Second World: Game of Thrones Third World: ..... #harrypotter #gameofthrones Cover Image isn't mine original creator can contact me to remove it. I don't own this story, and this work and characters are entirely fictional, any resemblance is purely coincidental, and imitation is strongly discouraged.

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Chapter 77: Obtaining the Philosopher's Stone

As the black flames engulfed the Philosopher's Stone, Quirrell, and his conspiracy, the events surrounding the Philosopher's Stone came to an end.

In the flames, young wizards seemed to witness Voldemort's shattered soul, as he screamed and escaped the Fiendfyre fire, clearly suffering significant harm.

At this moment, Dumbledore finally arrived, witnessing Voldemort's broken soul departing.

This deeply furrowed his brow. A troublesome autumn was approaching. Then, he turned to his five students.

At this very moment, he had to face the reality before him.

It was these students who had entered the Philosopher's Stone chamber, confronted Professor Quirrell, and Voldemort who had possessed him. 

In the process of the battle, one student had to use the Fiendfyre fire to eliminate Quirrell along with the Philosopher's Stone to save their comrades.

The Fiendfyre fire that Alaric used possessed the ability to burn magical forces, so when it encountered something purely magical like the Philosopher's Stone, the result was complete incineration.

After learning this fact from everyone, Dumbledore had to believe that he had forever lost the Philosopher's Stone.

However, he did not blame Alaric because he had to do it at that time, considering Harry was in Voldemort's hands.

To prevent Voldemort from resurrecting again, and to destroy Quirrell, possessed by Voldemort, along with the Philosopher's Stone, it was the best choice Alaric could make at that moment.

Now, Voldemort had to go into hiding again, planning his next conspiracy, while Dumbledore, as the greatest contemporary white wizard, had to make early preparations for the Dark Lord's resurrection.


After leaving the Headmaster's office, all the young wizards who participated in this mission were extremely exhausted.

In order to quickly obtain the Philosopher's Stone, they set out in the early morning and didn't sleep all night. 

Through various obstacles and the final confrontation with Professor Quirrell and Voldemort, both their physical and mental strength were completely depleted.

So, upon returning to the dormitory, they all immediately fell asleep.

Before going to bed, Alaric didn't forget to hide the Philosopher's Stone in a magically locked box.

Indeed, in the previous battle, the Philosopher's Stone was not truly destroyed.

In fact, Alaric had planned to obtain the Philosopher's Stone very early on, just like Quirrell. 

However, he couldn't extract the Stone from the Mirror of Erised, and he didn't want Dumbledore to notice him taking it—after all, he hadn't finished reading the books in the Hogwarts library.

So, at the beginning of the school year, he made this plan.

At that time, Hermione suggested exploring the room where the three-headed dog was located, but he temporarily postponed it. 

He was determined to implement this plan at the end of the semester—because only then would Harry take out the Philosopher's Stone from the Mirror of Erised to confront Voldemort.

Only then would he have an opportunity.

For this plan, he had even prepared a fake Philosopher's Stone in advance.

Through researching, Alaric knew that the fake Philosopher's Stone was a degraded version of the real one, entirely composed of magical energy.

This meant that the Fiendfyre fire could completely burn it, leaving no residue.

So, he chose to transform a diamond into a fake Philosopher's Stone.

As is well known, diamonds are entirely composed of carbon and are quite pure, with no impurities. 

When a diamond is ignited, it will burn into carbon dioxide. 

This means that when the fake Philosopher's Stone is incinerated by the fire, revealing its true form, it will be burned away just like the real Philosopher's Stone.

Then, he studied the fire curse and its corresponding counter-curse in the restricted section.

After the final exams, he was prepared: he planned to monitor Harry, figure out the day he would retrieve the Philosopher's Stone.

And then coincidentally explore the third-floor corridor and the trap door on the same day with friends.

And when that time comes, he will either follow Harry or pretend to meet them by chance.

In any case, he would find a way to enter the last room together, facing Professor Quirrell.

To make sure the plan kept up with the change and didn't fail. 

Alaric took Hermione and Cho Chang to visit Lurue in the Forbidden Forest, and met Harry and Ron on the way back.

When Harry invited him to participate in the operation, he was actually quite surprised, because he didn't expect that the plan would go so smoothly.

As he knew in this way, the chance of him being suspected by Dumbledore would be even lower.

Everything went according to his plan. 

Since Quirrell was injured in the battle in the Forbidden Forest, his combat power was reduced.

Therefore, when Alaric again faced off against him in the last room, he completely overpowered him in the battle, allowing him to control the situation and prevent it from unknowingly developing in the direction he didn't want.

When Harry found the Philosopher's Stone, Alaric deliberately exposed a flaw and let Professor Quirrell break the wall and discover all this.

Due to Professor Quirrell's threat, when Alaric asked Harry to hand over the Philosopher's Stone to him, Harry readily agreed.

In the following battle, he again deliberately exposed his flaws and allowed Professor Quirrell to capture Harry. 

Alaric believed that due to what had happened between Voldemort and Harry in the past, Voldemort wouldn't immediately kill him.

But since the Philosopher's Stone had been transferred to Alaric, with Voldemort's character, Alaric knew he would definitely try to get the Philosopher's Stone by threatening Harry's life.

This created a situation where the Philosopher's Stone had to be sacrificed, otherwise if Voldemort got it then he couldn't be defeated easily.

And this would be accepted because Alaric wouldn't be able to save both Harry and Philosopher's Stone at the same time.

So in this case, he had reason to destroy the fake Philosopher's Stone with fire in front of everyone.

Then steal the real one without anyone suspecting anything.

Fortunately, the entire plan was executed perfectly according to his ideas. 

He now had successfully obtained the Philosopher's Stone, and Dumbledore neither knew about it nor doubted him.


Soon, word of their feat spread throughout Hogwarts.

Everyone looked at them with admiration. Many people gathered around them and asked questions, trying to understand what happened at that time.

And Penelope quickly found Alaric. Definitely, the reason why she came to Alaric was not just to satisfy her curiosity.

"I've heard all this." In the corner of the common room, Penelope lowered her head and said quietly to Alaric.

"It's a shame that I wasn't with you at that time, otherwise I would be able to help you to fight against those dark wizards."

"The situation was very dangerous..." Alaric told her, but Penelope immediately interrupted him.

"I know!" She looked at Alaric with a complicated expression.

"I definitely know that the situation was very dangerous. You had to face a professor alone, and he was also possessed by a mysterious man. How can the situation not be dangerous?"

As she spoke, Penelope began to get a little excited, obviously caught up in her own emotions.

"I can even believe that picture. A first year wizard, together with your four friends, had to face such a powerful wizard." 

"But the reason for my worry isn't because I doubted your power, it's because your companions are not very reliable. Two of the boys from Gryffindor are quite reckless and weak. 

The two girls, Hermione and Cho Chang, can't actually help you much in these dangerous situations.

You had to stand up on your own against a professor, possessed by someone and protect your friends...Just thinking about that makes me scared…"

At this point, her eyes were already red, showing how deeply she cared about him.

Seeing her like this, Alaric himself blushed a little. He was just doing it for the Philosopher's Stone, but for the girl in front of him, he was really very special.

He sighed in his heart and decided secretly that he should be more careful when doing such things in the future, so as to not make people who care about him worry.

After a while, Penelope came out of her emotions. She solemnly asked Alaric: "Next time if something like this happens, remember to take me with you."

Alaric could only nod his head repeatedly.




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