13 The Wind Is... Alive

When December arrived, the world was already white, covered by the snow that the end of November brought.

Many students were playing in the snow near the black lake, which was now completely frozen over.

Adam didn't show much enthusiasm for the snowball competitions, which Terry invited him to.

It was a Wednesday morning and he didn't have class, so he decided to read in the library.

As soon as he arrived at the library, he saw four Gryffindors reading a thick book at a table. He thought for a while and walked over.

''What do we have here'' He said sitting next to the redhead.'' Great wizards of the 19th century '' He read the title of the book.

Isabella glared at the intruder, but became less aggressive when she saw who it was.

''What it was ? I'm not welcome'' Asked Adam, seeing that everyone looked uncomfortable.

''It's not that,'' Isabella said, ''it's just that..''

''It's a personal matter,'' said Ron, aggressively.

Hermione seemed to have something in her mind. ''Perhaps he can help,'' he said.

She didn't like to accept it, but she knew that Adam read a lot more books than she did and always got the best grades, probably if there was anyone who knew what book to look for someone it would be him.

''No,'' said Ron. ''We should keep this between us, shouldn't we Harry? ''

Adam looked at Weasley curiously, somehow he could sense that the little rogue didn't seem to trust him. But he didn't remember doing anything to arouse suspicion.

'I don't care what rascal Weasley thinks anyway' He thought with a shrug.

Hermione snorted at Ron. ''We've been at this for weeks, and you're barely helping Ron.''

Harry looked at Adam and said, ''Hermione is right. '' Said.'' Maybe Adam can help.''

Adam chuckled .'' Talking like that, it sounds like you guys are... plotting'' He said in a low voice.

Seeing the foursome tense up he chuckled. ''Come on, it's not like I'm going to rat you out''

''Let's go then,'' huffed Ron.

''Listen, Adam,'' said Isabella. ''Do you know which book, we might find something about a... Nicolas Flamel?'' His voice almost whispering at the end.

'So they already know about Flamel.' He thought, and looked at the books under the table. 'But it looks like they still haven't discovered anything about him'

''I know,'' he replied, causing a look of happiness to come over the four of them.

''Come on, tell us'' Asked Harry excitedly, he couldn't stand looking in books anymore.

''Philosopher's Stone'' Said Adam

''What's that?'' asked Harry confused, and Ron looked the same.

But Hermione and Isabella got up quickly.

''Then that's it''

''How did I not think of this before''

Adam laughed and got up, he didn't intend to interfere anymore from now on.

''Don't you want to stay?'' asked Isabella.

Adam shook his head. ''watch out'' he said and started to leave.

Now the rest was up to them.

Time kept passing and the weeks came and went.

It was night and Adam was walking through the castle silently, under the effect of disillusionment and sound muffling spells.

Nocturnal exploration was one of his great hobbies, and also one of the reasons he loved single rooms, which made it easy to get in and out without being seen out of bed.

Adam explored the castle every night, in his mind a mini-scale replica of the castle was recreated as he explored.

'One of my personal goals is to recreate the Marauder's Map' thought Adam, remembering the shiny map that was now in the possession of the Weasley twins.

Exploring the castle was one of the fundamental steps for this.

But he didn't know exactly how to do that now, and he left the idea for later. He explored for a while longer before heading back, he needed a satisfying number of hours of sleep.

His life at Hogwarts continued in a systematic way, since he arrived in this world and understood his own talent he knew that time was the biggest point that separated him from the great wizards of the century.

Training his body, mind and magic power, attending classes and exploring the castle, these were the cornerstones of his daily routine.

Every day the training became more intense, pushing himself to the limit to break his own limit, not wasting a single day of that time that seemed like heaven for magical training.

Furthermore, his own personal work on runes did not stand still, and although little progress was made he did not lose heart.

When Christmas came, Adam chose not to come home. He sent George a letter, along with a gift.

He also received a letter and a gift. The gift was a book. A book on elemental magic, focused on air magic.

''He still remembered,'' grinned Adam, remembering how he had complained that he hadn't found anything really profound about these specific spells.

This was one of Adam's biggest complaints about a specific subject, sometimes it was as if there wasn't truly advanced research on the subject.

And elemental magic was one of those. There was very little subject matter about elemental magic, the spells available were mostly small and medium scale, there were few truly strong elemental spells.

He could hardly imagine how much George must have spent on this book, from the old but well-preserved appearance it must have come from some inheritance.

This was something Adam saw a lot on his trip, young heirs who had no attachment to the old items in their kin's collections.

Things like jewelry and shiny items would always be kept. But the books were, for the most part, sold. Of course, the wizards who sold them were always idiots who didn't understand their true value.

''Now you're part of my collection'' He murmured smiling before starting to read the book.

For Adam this was a really productive read, he was always good with spells, especially the elemental ones. Hence your frustration at not finding anything very advanced.

And wind magic was one of the things he most wanted to learn first, the reason was none other than to learn to fly.

''If that bald guy with no nose can do it, so can I,'' he said, remembering a certain dark wizard who flew without a broom.

Adam didn't know which method Voldemort used, but he was looking for his own way to fly, and wind magic seemed to be the way to go.

In this way, Adam spent the day of his Christmas vacation, studying the elemental magic of air. The book contained many concepts and the author expounded many of his thoughts and ideas, it was a book that clearly did not meet current publication requirements.

But even though Adam didn't get any super spells, he did get something that sometimes, at least for him, was more important, a train of thought.

Inside the enchanted suitcase, Adam, who was sitting on the sofa, read and reread the same question he found at the end of the elemental book of Air.

The book contained a question that the author himself failed to answer.

''The air element, natural that exists on our planet, and the wind that runs free through nature, is it the same as what we generate in spells? '' Murmured the question for the tenth time.

From the moment he read that question, Adam felt something inside him change, as if he had a new perception of magic and the world itself. But it was strange, like it was something I couldn't touch without understanding something first.

He remembered having a similar feeling in the past, when he felt that an even higher level existed.

Where was the answer to these questions? He did not know.

''Come on Adam, think, think''

Throwing the free on the couch he got up. He paced back and forth across the room, his mind replaying the feeling he felt.

And so it was for the better part of the night, for the first time since arriving at Hogwarts, Adam wasn't following his faithful sleep schedule.

He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep even if he went to bed, and more importantly, he felt like he was on to something.

At some point he stopped in his tracks, a question he had read so many times suddenly popped into his mind.

His eyes went to the armchair where the book was open, his eyes fixed on a line near the bottom of the page.

''Is natural air the same as created by spells?'' he muttered.

Adam ran out of the briefcase and left his room, only a cloaking spell covering him.

He ran through the castle, and up the stairs, finally arriving at the astronomy tower.

The moon shone in the sky, lighting up the night. The cold air blew through the night, and it flowed freely across the world.

Adam shivered as the cold hit him, but he did nothing to warm up. Walking to the edge, Adam climbed onto the ledge.

The wind hit her body making her clothes sway, her hair that had grown during these months danced.

Adam closed his eyes and felt the Air, felt the wind that touched him.

Taking a deep breath, the air filling your lungs, your body accepting the oxygen, your body feeling light. His mind cleared and all thoughts were gone, he felt peace, as if any kind of weight had been lifted from his body, as if he was now truly free.

He could feel that the wind wanted to take him, and if he wanted to, he would be a part of it, and travel the world free.

Adam was in a trance state, he connected with the Air, and the Air with him, his magic.

Inside Adam's body, his magic flowed without his will. It emanated from his body and merged with the wind.

Lost in that sensation, Adam took a step forward.

For a moment he felt his body free, and he felt something of the sensation of true freedom.

But in the next instant everything was gone, he felt a force pushing his body, and he opened his eyes in a hurry.

Adam fell at speed, and the ground was getting closer, now, that wind that just seemed like an intimate friend, didn't help him at all.

Adam circled his magic with speed. But he was surprised to find that his Magic reserves were nearly depleted.

His mind worked and he concentrated on the next spell.

'Momentum arrest'

Just before it could become meat paste, Adam cast a spell on himself.

Under the spell, his speed slowed and he reached the ground safely.

''Damn it''

At the show he got down on his knees and took a deep breath, hot sweat dripping from his forehead.

Her body was shaking, and it wasn't from the cold.

Adam knew that reaction, he had experienced it a few times when he got distracted during a spell training and crossed the line.

''Magical Exhaustion''

He looked up and laughed, the top of the tower seemed so far away now.

The moment he took the step off the railing replayed in his mind. He remembered that feeling, he had no doubt that for a moment he actually floated.

But he was sure that if it had only lasted a few more seconds, he wouldn't have enough magic reserve for the spell.

Adam stood there, looking up at the top of the Astronomy tower, it was cold, and the snow was falling on his body. Before long, he was already covered in white snow.

He would give anything to spend just one more second on that feeling, but with each passing moment, it felt like just a memory.

After a few tens of minutes, Adam who now looked like a snowman moved.

He took a step forward and a step made of ice appeared below his foot, then he took another step and another step appeared, each so that he took steps appeared and he climbed higher and higher.

As he climbed, his magic swirled and his body heated up, melting the remaining snow on top of him.

When the last step came up he was back at the top of the Astronomy tower. There was no more snow on her body.

''Now I have the answer,'' he murmured, thinking of the question that had brought him here tonight.

'Is the natural air of the world the same as that of spells?'

After experiencing tonight's events, he had the answer.

''No, it's not the same…'' Murmured, Adam felt the wind blowing once more, bringing the cold breeze of the snowy night.'' The wind…. He is alive''

When Adam got back to his room that night, it was only a few hours before dawn. He had a lot to think about, today he had felt some kind of unique experience involving magic.

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