41 Imagination

After Harry fell into darkness, his mind wandered to nothing, nothing but those feelings he had before he died.

The pain of losing someone you loved in front of you.

The pain of not being able to change that.

The pain of being weak.

''Why am I so weak?'' He muttered once more.

''Do you want to change that? ''

A voice asked, making Harry open his eyes.

''Adam? '' Harry said, seeing Adam a few feet away from him.

Harry glanced at Adam and saw where they were now.

It was a well-decorated room, with shelves with books and other things. There were study tables and chairs. And in the center of the room, a large rug with the image of a floating island.

Harry found it all very interesting, but he wasn't really in the mood to enjoy it. Also, he saw that he wasn't alone with Adam in the room. Which was to be expected, after all the others had entered with him. Though now, he no longer trusted what he saw.

In the living room, Isabella was in a corner, crying, sobbing, and shaking.

Hermione, who had a look of fear and terror on her face, looked scared when looking at anything.

Anthony clenched his fists and shook with rage, his eyes red, he had been crying.

Terry had a sad look on his face as if he had fallen into a bottomless pit of bitterness and sadness.

Harry, looked the best of them all, although it was possible to see the emotions flickering in his gaze. The appearance of tranquility he had was more because he was still in a state of guilt and denial.

Adam looked around at all of them.

A faint trace of pity flitted through his gaze, but it was gone soon after.

He didn't say anything for a long time. He hoped that whoever was crying would stop, and whoever was shaking could calm down.

He could stop all of them from feeling what they felt right now. But why would you do that?

From the beginning, his main point for doing what he did was so that they could fully feel some feelings.

When everyone calmed down and realized they were far from the scary place they were before. They looked at Adam, there were traces of anger and doubt.

''You did it? '' Hermione asked, her voice weak.

''Yes,'' Adam said.

''Why?'' Anthony asked, his voice husky. He knew Adam always had something on his mind.

Adam glared at them as he answered.

''I wanted you to feel the fear, the loss, the shame, the inability.'' He paused and continued. '' Just like I wanted you to realize where each of you's weak points is ''

''Our weakness? ''Terry murmured as if trying to understand. ''Couldn't just tell us. What the hell, what the hell was that? ''

Adam didn't change his expression as he said.'' Do you want to know where you were? ''

Without waiting for an answer, he continued.

''You were in your mind, and yet you couldn't do anything there. Your minds are your absolute domain, if you cannot control your minds, you will be defeated by yourself in the end…''

Adam sighed and continued.

''Everything they experienced was just a fear they already had in their minds. Moments they hoped never to dream again. Or moments that thought, what would they do if it were different? ''

The five shuddered as they remembered what they saw, and lowered their heads, some almost crying again.

Adam in a calm voice spoke. ''No matter what you witnessed there, at the end you all died with the same question in mind.''

His voice became softer as he spoke.

''Why am I so weak? ''

The question that all five asked at the end of the illusions ended was spoken aloud now.

Making them wonder again.

Why were they so weak?

''Is this what you wanted? '' Isabella asked, her voice almost out of tears. '' Do they show us how weak we are? ''

''Yes,'' he replied. ''Only by understanding how weak we all are can we have the willpower to change this. Only when we lose something important do we realize how important it was. Only by knowing pain can you understand it''

He looked at the five, ''Today you knew it, felt it.''

He paused and continued.'' Now I asked you, do you want the power to change that? Do they want the power to control their lives? Do you want the power to grab fate in your hands and take your steps? Protect those they love?''

His voice was rousing and seemed to ring in the minds of those he heard. The memories resurfacing in the minds of each of them, the moment they lost, were humiliated, and suffered.

''If you want it, I can give it to you. ''He shook his head and corrected. I can show you the way, but you must walk it."

"If you think you will suffer a lot with what you had today, I tell you to leave through that door, this is not your place. '' He pointed to the entrance that had opened.

''I can make them forget what they saw today. If you walk out that door, you'll forget all the pain you've suffered today. But if you go out through that door, you can't come back.'' He paused and waited, but no one came out, the five of them just stood there, looking at him.

How could they go?

They remembered perfectly how much they suffered, what they lived through, and the pain of being weak.

If they left, they felt they were going to the place where what they saw could come true.

''We were, what now?'' Harry asked, wanting to hear what Adam had prepared to prove to them that they could change their weaknesses.

Adam didn't respond directly, he waved his hand and all five saw the moonlight change, and found themselves elsewhere.

The place was a field of green grass, the open air, the sky blue, and the sun shining, the sound of birds could be heard in the distance, and the wind was blowing, making the smell of earth rise.

It was a place where only tranquility existed.

''Where are we? '' Isabella asked, reaching down to touch the grass, which looked so real.

''That's an illusion,'' Adam replied.

Making everyone gasp in surprise.

Only now did they calmly think about what Adam could do.

They all understood that they had been in an illusion in their minds, where they had experienced some trauma. Each to their mind.

But what about now, everyone was in the same place, how had Adam done it?

''The mind is an amazing thing, sometimes we believe in something that isn't real' He said as if answering the question on everyone's mind.

A playful smile came over his face and he said.

''For example, now you think you're on a green lawn, when in fact the ground doesn't even exist''

''What? '' Everyone asked and looked down.

At the same moment, they felt the world spin, and they found themselves falling.

Just falling, falling from the sky, in the distance, they could see the ground approaching.

The five screamed and tried to talk to Adam, but they fell too fast and the wind was strong, preventing them from opening their mouths.

When they reached a few meters from the ground, they closed their eyes.

When the impact finally should have come, they felt nothing.

''We are fine? '' Terry muttered, running a hand over the body.

He felt his body inside and sighed, relaxed.

Opening his eyes, he found himself back in the clubroom. A few meters ahead, Adam was facing them with a smile.

''The mind, it's the amazing one,'' he said, his words sounding as if he were enchanted.

''You loved it, right? '' Terry grumbled.

''Of course.'' Adam chuckled, ''you would love it too if you could see their faces.''

Adam laughed and joked some more, before turning serious again, and continuing talking.

''Can someone tell me what it takes for a wizard to perform a spell? ''

Hermione raised her hand in the same instant, making Adam chuckle before waving.

''To perform a spell, a wizard needs a wand, correctly reproduce the movements of the spell, correctly speak the incantation, as well as a concentrate and have the intention to perform such spell,'' Hermione spoke almost without breathing, stopped, and thought some more but found nothing else to add.

''Perfect Hermione, you would have had full marks,'' Adam said, making the little witch smile, but the smile didn't last long.

''If we were in a sophomore class,'' he added.

''What do you mean?'' she asked, and the others behind her waved.

''You know there is wandless magic, right? '' Adam asked.

''Yes.'' She replied, explaining. ''But from what I've researched, it's something very advanced, and only highly powerful wizards can perform it''

''So it's possible to do wandless magic, right?'' Adam asked again.

Hermione hesitated but agreed, although advanced and difficult, it was a practice that existed. ''Yes but…''

Adam interrupted her.

''Then we can take the wand away from your previous answer,'' he said. ''We don't need a wand''

Hermione wanted to question but didn't get the chance, Adam kept asking.

''And magic without reciting the incantation, is it possible? ''

Hermione opened her mouth but closed it, raising her hand.

A funny and sad scene at the same time. Even now, he was monitoring himself to raise his hand before answering.

''You don't have to raise your hand, you can answer…'' Adam said.

''Yes, magic without enchantment is possible, but it's something advanced too…'' She said and wanted to continue, but Adam interrupted her again.

''Then we can remove the need to recite an incantation from your previous answer,'' he said. ''Recite the incantation, not necessary''

Hermione tried to complain but stopped herself, looking at Adam, wondering if he was going to continue.

The four behind her laughed, they didn't care to answer, Hermione had the best grades among them.

Adam laughed too. '' You want to know if I'm going to say that intention and concentration are also unnecessary? ''

Hermione nodded, cautiously.

"Don't worry, it's really necessary,'" Adam said, adding. '' So your answer would be average, not sure if you'd get a super grade on it''

Hermione looked sad at what Adam said, which made everyone laugh.

''The first thing I'm going to ask you is to forget what you've learned as rules about magic,'' Adam said. '' Wand and speak the incantation? What the hell are wizards? Talking baboons holding a wand? ''

Adam shook his head and continued. ''The magic is within yourselves. It's part of you''

''I'll tell you what it takes for a wizard to perform magic,'' Adam said, and everyone listened.

''Focus, intent, and most importantly, imagination,'' he said, his words sounding confident as if he was sure of what he was saying.

''Of course, you need to have magic power, but I don't need to tell you that, right?'' He joked.

But no one laughed, they still thought about what he said earlier.

''Focus, intention, and imagination…. '' They murmured.

''Only that? '' Harry asked doubtfully. I remembered reading about a lot of stuff in class.

''Only that? '' Adam repeated, laughing. ''Don't think it's easy, actually using the wand and the spells are much easier and quicker to learn.''

''Then why?'' Harry asked.

''Why? Leave the wand and the enchantment aside? ''Adam completed what Harry wanted to ask.

Harry nodded.

Adam didn't answer directly, he pointed to one of the tables in the room and spoke.

''Harry, can you burn this table for me? '' He requested.

''Burn? '' Harry asked doubtfully. And Adam waved.

Harry hesitated a bit but did as asked. He picked up his wand, pointed it at the table, and spoke in a clear, loud voice.


He had learned this spell not long ago, but he got a good result.

A red flame came out of his wand and hit the table, causing it to burn.

''Good Harry, great,'' Adam said, smiling. ''Could you put out the fire now?''

Harry thought for a while, trying to remember.

''It's Finite incantatem,'' Adam muttered to the side.

Helping Harry remember.

The boy waved his wand again and said the general counter spell, causing the fire to go out.

''Great Harry, great,'' Adam said, clapping his hands. ''Excellent, ten points to Gryffindor.''

Harry rolled his eyes and asked. '' Then? ''

Adam snapped his fingers and the table returned to its former state as if the fire had never been.

Ignoring the surprised look of the five.

'Still surprised by a trick like that? '

''What if I asked you to burn only half of the table, Harry? '' He asked. ''' Can you do that? ''

Harry didn't think long before denying it.

Once the spell was cast, the fire consumed the wood beyond Harry's control.

''I don't know how to do that,'' Harry replied. Looking at Hermione and the others who also nodded, showing that they were the same, they couldn't do it.

''Why leave the wand and the enchantment aside? You asked me.'' Adam began to speak. ''Because what we want is total control of our spells, not playing tricks we don't even understand or control.''

Adam pointed at the table, and set it on fire.

The flame appeared as if from nowhere, consuming the table. It was a flame much bigger than Harry's, and it looked like the table would be burned up in an instant.

But that's not what happened.

Everyone looked on in surprise when they saw that only a few parts burned.

Adam waved again, and the flame gathered above the table, changed shape, and turned into what looked like a little firebird, hopping across the table and flapping its beak. In the place where the beak beat, the wood burned.

''I control my magic,'' Adam said. ''I mold it to my will''

On the table, the bird changed color, the flame before red, became white, blue, green, black, and gold.

He looked at the five and continued. ''What can I do? Everything I can imagine''

Adam snapped his fingers, and the bookshelves and tables disappeared, the room was empty, just the six of them in the center.

Now he made a soft wave of his hand.

The ground began to freeze, and ice flowers grew.

The flowers grew, and when they opened, ice butterflies flew from within.

The butterflies flew, flapping their wings. Each time they flapped their wings, a rainbow flashed behind them.

Butterflies fluttered around the five, who looked on in delight. They had never seen anything like it.

They had never seen magic used in this way.

''How beautiful…'' Isabella murmured, a butterfly landing on her finger.


This chapter should have ended with the name of the club, but I couldn't decide on one.

I thought of some.

''Beyond imagination''. Living up to what is preached there, imagination shapes the magic. The motto could be, beyond imagination, the place where dreams come true.

''Tomorrow's order.'' Here you build the future.

''Lords of Magic.'' Like the card game that Adam invented

I thought of these names, there were many others but they sounded better in Portuguese than in English.

There are also the names suggested by you.

''Sorcerer society.''

''magic society''

''Golden Order Studies Club.''

You can choose the name, one of mine, or one of yours that I put here. They can also make suggestions. Especially if it has something to do with imagination and dreams.

I'll choose the name you like the most, so comment on the names you like or like the comments you like the most.

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