30 Creating Life?, and Dream

Elemental magic is already one of the most amazing areas of magic. And little is seen talking about. Most wizards stick to the basics of spells.

Adam always found elemental magic interesting, great flames that devour everything, showering his enemies with waves of water.

The elements are amazing, and when used well, absolute.

Adam wanted to improve his elemental magic, but for him, this was a path where he couldn't rely on the contents of the books, or expect to gain the experiences of another wizard.

For him, this was his own path, and Merlin's, but the prince of spells, there wasn't much left on that part.

The whole room was a mess, dozens of targets were broken, and the floor of the room was damp, as if it had rained there.

Adam was in wet clothes, his hair was in his face, and he had a bored expression.

''Obey me'' He said, trying to impose himself.

Adam was being a bit greedy. Although his simpler mastery of the wind achieved some results, they were far from excellent, and even so, he began the study of another element.

He made an upward grabbing motion, and the water on the floor floated in response. Adam was shaking as he tried to maintain this position.

Concentrating, he made another move, and the water should change to form a water ball.

But that didn't happen, all the water fell the moment Adam tried to force change. On impact on the floor, as if on purpose, a part of the water splashed on Adam.

''Fine, that sucks.'' He grumbled, with a nod, and poured all the water back into the bottle he had beside him.

Adam was frustrated, he had come to train in order to improve his water domain.

How he managed to connect in a simple way before, and the water was somehow 'gentle' to him, and there was still the healing factor.

He thought it would be easy to get into the part where he controlled. But he couldn't be more wrong.

With a sigh, he began to write down what he understood.

' The water is even fiercer than the wind. He had a will I haven't come close to mastering.

If I try to use it beneficially, like to heal. Or even feel the energy in the Water, my responses are positive. But if I try to force my will, I get nothing...

Things to analyze: Maybe I'm missing something, and that makes me not learn, something that should be obvious.

Perhaps, water is not made for the aggressive part of the thing, and its only use is healing. Chances of this being it (Extremely low).

Maybe my magic isn't mature enough for the Water Element, although I can't exactly see that because water is stronger than Wind, I can't help but realize that's the truth.'

''Maybe there's something in the Legacy…'' Adam muttered, sitting on the floor of the requirements room.

''It's a pity I have no idea where the Legacies of the founders are.'' He sighed, thinking that maybe Merlin could have given him the initial direction.

''I need to find the first Legacy to find out about the others.''

He had already explored much of the castle, but had not found any clues about the Heritages. He believed that maybe he could find the way when his magic was more mature, or maybe he was missing something important.

''I'll find it when I have to,'' I said, pushing thoughts of Heirlooms to the back of my mind.

Shifting your attention to what was in front of you. There was a bottle of water, a vase, earth and mandrake root. Plus a few other seeds, which he took from his collection for potions.

Adam had stolen this route during Herbology class. While he was studying the mandrakes, he got an idea of what effects his enchanted water would have on plants.

Adam waved his hand and changed the clay vase to a clear glass one. With another nod, he placed the earth inside the pot and finally placed a seed.

I wasn't going to start with the mandrake root. When I did experiments, I liked to always start from something basic and super gradually.

He took every experiment seriously, and wrote down every change. That was how I found the details, which helped me to always choose the best method.

''Now there's water,'' he murmured, opening the bottle. ''Don't let me down again'' He said, as if he were talking to the water, and blaming the failure on the water, not on his inability.

Although the bottle looked small, it was enchanted to hold a few dozen liters of water, and had no weight or volume on the outside.

With the open bottle, Adam poured the water on the ground. Leaving the earth moist.

Then he placed his index finger into the earth and injected his magic. The moment he did that, he could feel his magic coming into contact with the water as well as the earth.

It wasn't a deep connection, like the one he made with the wind in the astronomy tower. It was something simpler.

Adam was always surprised when he connected with something. It was like he became part of it. He could feel every grain of damp earth in the pot. I could feel there in the middle the place where the little seed was.

When the seed was covered by earth and water energized with pure magic, it was as if it had found an irresistible source of energy.

Like a sponge soaking up water, the seed seemed to suck up all the energy and water, causing its husk to scratch and the seed to rupture, to destroy itself.

Adam had a stunned expression on his face now. I felt something magical.

He felt the entire process of absorbing the water, and when his energy was inside the seed, he had not lost touch with its energy. Hence, it was as if he were for a moment inside the seed.

He could feel the seed, as if it were an extension of his body. So it was a bit sad when the seed 'died' it was like it lost something.

''That was a lot of energy for the little seed in such a short period of time.'' He sighed, slightly sad.

''First Test - Failed''

After marking the first test as a failure, Adam did not immediately start another.

''Maybe I don't need the water and earth as intermediaries,'' he murmured, picking up another seed.

With the seed in hand, he gently injected his magic. Just like before, he connected with the seed. He could feel every part of the seed's body.

By letting the seed gradually absorb his energy, Adam began to feel the organism of the seed change, and little by little the seed also began to change.

The bark cracked a little and a stem emerged, growing little by little.

Adam looked at the scene in surprise, on the outside he could tell everything was going well. But because he was connected to the plant, he knew that although his energy was feeding the seed and speeding up the process, the seed was weak inside.

The seed still needed the Water, no matter how pure its energy was, it seemed like it couldn't go against the natural course of things.

At least, not now...

''Let's get you some water,'' Adam said, placing the seed in the pot, whose soil was still damp.

The plant was in an accelerated process, and absorbed the water almost in an instant.

Now with everything it needed, and Adam gradually controlling the amount of energy, the growth process was efficient. And less than five minutes later, Adam was holding a potted plant.

Adam did nothing for a while, just stood there admiring the plant. In a way, it was as if he had given 'life' to something.

Many ideas crossed his mind as he looked at the blueprint and went over the process.

There were two types of thoughts, the first, thinking about the plants.

'The plants that grow by absorbing pure magic, are they better than others? What differences would that make in creating a potion? How far can I make a plant grow? Could a willow tree reach its adult size in a day? Plants with fruits, would their seeds already differ? Would the fruit taste different? '

And was there another part of him thinking that if his magic could force a plant to grow, it could do the same to other kinds of living things?

'Could inject magic into another living being? If so. What would that do. Would it explode? If it was a wizard, would it conflict with the common magic within the wizard?'

There were too many questions, and he had no answers. It would take tests, lots of tests, some that would go against Ministry of Magic laws.

"But then it would be illegal'' He sighed.'' I can't do that, can I? '' There was a smile on his face.

He couldn't care less about this, this something that must be done. And this time he wasn't even thinking about why it would be good for the wizarding world, no.

It was just his selfish desire for power, during the last year he had thought a lot, and he felt that the idea of being alone at the top did not seem so attractive, but that didn't mean that he would stop going to the top, and he wouldn't stop doing something because it is illegal or because someone would fail to approve.

If someone was going to be with him at the top, that person needed to accept going on this journey with him, or at least accept who he was and what he did.

Of course, Adam was just a kid with gigantic dreams, like any kid with dreams.

The difference was that Adam had the means to make those dreams come true, and perhaps by following that path, people would consider him a monster, a savior, the devil or God.

Adam didn't care about any of that, he could just feel the excitement he felt as he looked at the blueprint.

''I need more tests.'' He mumbled, putting the plant aside, and picking up a new seed.

Running a new series of tests in the next hour. When his body was already drenched in sweat, Adam stopped the tests, took everything and went back to his room, with short and slow steps, he was exhausted.

''I need to find a way to increase my energy reserve'' He complained, dissatisfied with how little magic reserve he had.

If another wizard heard this, he would be stunned and call him crazy.

Adam had been training since he was four, and though the time before eleven wasn't great for increasing magical energy reserves. It was still a time that most wizards had no training, which left him in front of everyone.

In addition to his exhaustion training that since he was eleven years old, it proved to be something very useful, and that practically no other wizard practiced.

'First, I need to find a way to increase my magic… But even if that happens, maybe my body won't keep up, and I'll have problems… so I need to improve my body too…'

Adam sighed thinking about how it wasn't easy to increase his power in a balanced way, there weren't many studies about these methods, and wizards followed the natural process of magical development.

Leaving that problem for later, Adam looked to the side where there were a lot of potted plants, some looking good, others seemed to have muscles because of how thick the stems were, some had their color changed and looked like they would explode at any moment.

They were the vases I brought from the room of requirements.

''I think I need to increase the enchantment of the case'' Adam laughed and waved, making all the plants shrink and placed them in a corner of the room.

Then he took a shower and fell into bed.

Adam was exhausted and slept like a baby. That night he had a great dream.

He dreamed of a place he didn't know and could travel through that dream.

This sensation reminded him of when he visited the magical worlds in his memory, but it felt different…more real.

The place, although it had some similarities with the common magical world, it was very different.

Magical beasts could be seen walking through the distant trees, some were rare, and others looked different from usual.

Adam swore he heard the roar of a dragon amidst the mountains on the horizon.

'What place is this... I'm really dreaming?'

It wasn't just the magical beasts that were different, the whole place felt magical, and Adam, even without his physical body, could feel that the magic was extremely strong in this place.

There was a long green forest, the trees were different, containing hundreds of meters.

Plants, flowers, herbs and other types of unique vegetation enchanted the place.

There was a river of crystal clear water that flowed through the land and seemed to bring life to everything around it.

If ever there was a place that deserved to be called magical, this was it.

While 'traveling' through this dream, Adam saw a large castle that was right in the center. The castle was so tall it could reach the clouds, black and dark blue. There were symbols carved into the castle walls, but Adam didn't recognize them.

On top of the tallest tower in the castle. There was a platform. As if that were the place where someone who was above all would be, dignified at the top, where he could see everything below.

And there was someone there.

Adam was in the distance and could only see the silhouette, which appeared blurred.

'Who is it?' Adam wondered.

He tried to strain his eyes and move closer to see, but the moment he did, he felt his mind shudder.

A pair of blue eyes that seemed to contain the world, stared at him. Adam was frozen by that look, and he felt afraid.

It was the first time he had felt fear, and it was a frightening feeling.

Adam felt like he was just an insignificant insect in front of a God.

But even though he felt fear, Adam realized that the look held no hostility. Which was even scarier.

Adam wanted to speak but couldn't and found himself pulling away.

As he was repelled, Adam realized that all that forest, rivers, magical beings, and the giant castle were not on the ground.

And now he understood why the castle reached the clouds.

The last thing he remembered seeing before waking up was a majestic and imposing floating island in the Sky.

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