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Afterlife wasn't something that he had thought about, or maybe he had, the downside of being thrust into a new world with your memories wiped and having no recollections of any dreams was disorienting. ...but then again he chose this path, now in a sexualized version of the original novel. How much can magic, which depends on strong emotions could be driven by Lust and Desire? Warning! The story contains and centers around Smut, there is plenty of plot to go around, but if you want to avoid the smut entirely, it might be a little difficult!! ---------------------------- Extra chapters and character photos on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Light_novel_addict

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Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Greengrass!

{Gringotts, Diagon Alley, London}

{23rd June 1991}

The fact that someone recognized Minerva and took the time to stop and chat with her wasn't that out of the world, the names though did drag his attention. Daphne Greengrass, the most loved female lead from the hundreds of fanfictions he could remember.

'And she delivers...' Rigel thought as he walked toward the trio. She wasn't tall, nor she was too feminine. Her face was just beautiful. That was the only way he could describe her. She had soft facial features, with smooth cream-like skin, her skin tone though was a touch darker than both Narcissa and Minerva. 

She was clearly wearing makeup with her eyelashes and lips, but it didn't look overdone as she managed to preserve a pure youthful image. Her breasts were about a B-cup at most her gold choker hinted at the slightly naughty images as her body was covered by the Yellow sundress she was wearing. 

While Daphne was beautiful, Adorabella was stunning. If Rigel had to describe what a Bimbo would look like he would simply point at her from now on. Her chest bulged outwards and while it wasn't as large as Minerva's or Narcissa's it was her blond hair and blue eyes that completed the famous look.

Her hourglass figure was barely covered by some dress that he couldn't name and her lacy black bra was visible quite clearly. The entire purpose of the dress was to marvel at her breasts and quite possibly her ass as it wasn't something he could see from his angle. 

"Professor McGonagall?" Rigel called out as the aged professor turned to him, her eyes roaming around likely looking for Narcissa.

"She left midway through the meeting," Rigel shrugged, he wasn't going to reveal what happened so he leaned more into the confused teenager role.

"I got the money, the goblin said 100 Galleons should be enough for the school supplies." Rigel continued. His admission got a raised look from Daphne as their eyes clashed, her dark brown eyes were in stark contrast to her mother's blue, and for a moment Rigel wondered how she would look with a pair of sharp blue eyes.

'A pureblood princess as the books described her... or did they, my head is full of fanfictions descriptions of her...'

"Ah yes, that would be sufficient..." Minerva cleared her throat as she regained her bearings, "...this is Lady Greengrass, and her daughter Daphne Greengrass, heiress Greengrass will be joining you in Hogwarts starting this year."

'How am I supposed to greet them, I'm assuming just waving my hand lazily won't do...' Rigel thought but as he stepped forward, Adorabella took a step forward and extended her right hand toward him. Rigel looked at the angle of her hand and grabbed it lightly before he bent down and brushed his lips lightly against her knuckles.

"Pleased to meet you, Lady Greengrass," Rigel spoke hoping this would be the right way to greet, when he saw the light smile on her face he guessed that he made the right move.

'Are they still stuck in these traditions?' Rigel thought and he turned to Daphne.

Unlike her mother, she nodded slightly and spoke, "Pleased to meet you heir Black."

Her greeting was searching for an answer and a small smirk paved his way onto Rigel's face. This meeting wasn't a coincidence and he had a feeling that he would be seeing a lot more of Daphne in the near future.

"The pleasure was all mine heir Greengrass," Rigel spoke, he admired her beautiful face one last time before he turned to Minerva and questioned, "Shall we go shopping?"

"Yes," Prof. McGonagall responded before she turned to Daphne's mom and spoke, "We'll catch up later Adorabella, see you in school Miss. Greengrass." Minerva greeted before she nodded to Rigel. 

Rigel nodded to Daphne and after a couple of nods back and forth the group divided into two parts with Rigel and Minerva walking toward Diagon Alley while Daphne and Adorabella stayed behind.

"What do you think?" Adorabella asked as she waved her wand around, a comfortable coat of magic enveloped them making sure their conversation remained private.

"He is a lot better than Draco at the very least, his eyes did linger on you a lot though," Daphne replied, the pleasant smile on her face retreating as a stoic look appeared on her face.

"All the boys would look at my more developed body Daphne, don't worry your magic should stabilize soon after your birthday and you could start practicing," Adorabella spoke as she gave her daughter a small smile. Her daughter had taken most of the political teaching from her husband so she had copied his stoic look. Adorabella tried to teach her the benefits of using her natural charms but gave up on it pretty quickly.

"Yeah," Daphne mumbled as she turned around to look at Rigel who was walking away, the way he was casually wearing muggle attire irked her a little bit, but seeing as he wasn't trapped by the Malfoys at least meant that they now had another move to play.

"Don't worry dear, if he was able to survive Narcissa, he's a lot smarter than he portrays himself. You do need to work hard to maintain a connection with him though, the Black family is one of the oldest, so a lot of girls will be after him, especially older ones..." Adorabella spoke receiving a glare from Daphne.

"I'm not going to whore myself, Mother," Daphne replied, her tone sharp but Adorabella simply shook her head.

"Don't be an idiot, he'll have plenty of whores, you need to be more than a cocksucking slut for him. He grew up in an orphanage so he must not know a lot of our customs, start your bond through that..." Seeing the frown on Daphne's face she continued, "Think about the curse Daph."

"I know, I know..." Daphne replied as she bit her teeth, she looked back at Rigel's retreating form but found that he was not there anymore. Before yesterday her family was resigned to agreeing to Narcissa's demands regarding Dowry, but just by existing, Rigel had changed the fate of the Greengrass family.

Now all that remained to be seen is by how much...


{Diagon Alley, London}

{23rd June 1991}

Rigel was walking behind Prof. McGonagall but his attention was focused on the screen before him, as he expected the requirements to dominate Daphne to be much less strict than Narcissa or Minerva. But they weren't as easy as they seemed. At least he wasn't time-constrained here.


[Name: Daphne Aquila Greengrass]

[Measurements: 32"- 26" – 34" (B- Cup)]


[A witch born in the same year as Harry Potter, she joins you in your 1st year at Hogwarts. Descendent of one of the oldest families in Britain and a firm believer of Pureblood supremacy, the Greengrass family is a lot less aggressive in acting on their beliefs. ]

[Cygnus Greengrass and his father decided not to take part in the second Wizarding War and by using their family's funds maintained their 'Neutrality' in the war. The Greengrass family is a firm believer in maintaining their traditions but aren't opposed to letting Muggleborn join 'their' world.]

[Daphne Greengrass is a witch burdened with the fate of her family, though your arrival has given her a new hope and leash on life.]


[Lust: 100]

[Morals: 0]

[LP needed to dominate her: 4,900]


[1. Garner enough interest due to your magical exploits or your political prowess.] {Completed}

[2. Gain control of the Black Family heirship, OR Have a discussion about any obscure spell outside of Hogwarts curriculum and surpass her knowledge on that spell.]{Locked: LP needed- 200}

[3. Gain access to the Black Family Library and mention it to her, OR Casually do a feat of wandless magic in front of her.]{Locked: LP needed- 500}

[4. Blackmail her into giving you a blowjob every time she asks for a book from the Black Family Library, OR tease her with wandless magic- 1000}

[5. Force Daphne to deepthroat you, OR use magic to stimulate her clitoris during a class]{Locked: LP needed- 2000}

[6. Facefuck Daphne until she passes out, OR Kiss her while fingering her]{Locked: LP needed-3000}

[7. Make her pass out from pleasure overdose, OR have sex with her using the Core Expansion Ritual.]{Locked: LP needed- 4000}

[8. Creampie her.]{Locked: LP needed- 5000}


'I have already completed one objective?' Rigel stared at the panel but before he could think about clicking on the completed button, Minerva asked, "So do you want to buy your wand and in the meantime, I'll go and collect your school supplies?"



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