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What is Harry Potter: Ero World

Read ‘Harry Potter: Ero World’ Online for Free, written by the author light_novel_addict, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Afterlife wasn't something that he had thought about, or maybe he had, the downside of being thrust into a new world wit...


Afterlife wasn't something that he had thought about, or maybe he had, the downside of being thrust into a new world with your memories wiped and having no recollections of any dreams was disorienting. ...but then again he chose this path, now in a sexualized version of the original novel. How much can magic, which depends on strong emotions could be driven by Lust and Desire? Warning! The story contains and centers around Smut, there is plenty of plot to go around, but if you want to avoid the smut entirely, it might be a little difficult!! ---------------------------- Extra chapters and character photos on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Light_novel_addict

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Hello author I wanted to know if there is ntr or Yuri in this novel ?


to much emphasis on breasts and their sizes, i came looking for booty


The author here with a shameless 5-star review! This is a s mut story, although it would start late but it will come. + 1st s mut is around chapter 12 I think. There would be many girls involved including Daphne, Narcissa, Hermione, Ginny, Susan, Fleur, etc. + The story is fairly slow as I'm taking my time with this, MC has the option to grow stronger by having se x (Obviously), but his main source of strength still is grinding. + Rituals and Runes would become an important part of the story as MC would master spells fairly quickly because of Gamer's Mind. + The Plot would change a lot as dropping a character with foreknowledge of the world would mess up the timeline! You should see the changes happening from around chapter 12, so at least give the story a chance till then I would say! Also, feel free to use this space as a Q&A session!


good overall but chapters are super short and the updates take forever, but great other wise and really can't wait to see where this goes.


i mean its great what else is there to say? honestly a big recommend. it's also nice like having like an actual MC that is a parselmouth and its actually shown him using it. now i just want more parselmouth interactions since its such an underrated power and even if people have it its never used but it is in this one heck yeah.


Reveal spoiler


I want to know things Will all the girls be easy target or there will be some real romantic relationships in the future that will be build up slowly for example Daphne this ice cube need to melt up slowly slowly ? Also I want to ask about the slow release of new chapters Will you continue this fiction or you are busy those days ?


It gives the impression of a Chinese novel with all this conspiracy stuff about heirs and the way they say things like "heir to the oldest and noblest house of Blacks..." and also this talk of ritualism, whether to inherit the family or collective improvement. If you ignore this excess Chuunibyou, you may have an above-average reading.


Author should think about changing the title because it feels like clickbait. Segs scenes aren't erotic enough to justify it. The only good parts are the slight SM scenes, but the rest of the story is a letdown for the erotic genre. Every woman in the story falls for the main character just because of his big D, wealth, and superior magic abilities, not because of who he is as a person, not because they love him.sigh..... To me this book felt completely soulless.


Reseña desde el cap 105: Eh de decir que me ha sorprendido para bien, la construcción del mundo a partir de HP es muy buena, agrega más profundidad al contexto socio-poliítico y no deja de lado el tema de la educación en materia de que son estudiantes, aunque el hecho de que sea +18 le quita realismo, siento que las interacciones de los personajes no son malas, el sistema es bueno, la traducción automática por parte de WebNovel le quita un poco al ambiente a la hora de leer en español, pero conociendo el contexto no resulta un problema. Por último, felicito al autor por no generar una historia aburrida y genérica, su ortografía y gramática son excelentes para el estándar, sin embargo, me resulta triste el grado de actualización, espero con ansias el próximo capítulo.


This fanfic is definitely a five star. Just as a synopsis said, there is smut and good plot, also the grammar without many mistakes. If there's one thing I hope the author will start to do more is showing the MC status every few chapters, after all if he has an RPG system then all the fund is to see how the MC is becoming progressively stronger numerically. There are times when after the MC conquer a girl, he is supposed to get a plus 1% affinity in some affinity of his, but the author stopped showing this is the message, which is kind of a bummer...


I'm really enjoying the world, the characterizations, and the plot intermixed with the lemony goodness. I like that not everything is easy, even if the system is helping him get more powerful. I kind of wish this plot-heavy portion had not come until later, but I am still enjoying it.



So far the introduction arc is great, the "promises" set by the "system" are speaking volume and future is looking crowded. ----- Btw Author-san, as a fellow "man of culture" would you mind sharing your greatest titles in the reading list that are "most inspiring" for your writing in this genre?


Great story. Awesome alternate story line and great scenes.


Reveal spoiler






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