5 Pain

The Hogwarts Express reached the station, students got off and were taken to the castle. All the students except the incoming class were entering the hall. Most of the teacher were seated on the staff table, except Minerva McGonagall the deputy Head charged with escorting the new students

He was moving towards his table, his eyes closing from the lack of sleep. He was almost done and now almost had all of the insight required to complete the ritual. Suddenly he fell and felt a piercing pain in his leg, the pain was definitely from a piercing hex. HE turned and saw Marcus Flint looking at him with his venomous sneer, he hated it. He hated being weak, yet hopefully this would change.

"What are you glaring at Crovius Malfoy. Oh, right you are no longer a Malfoy, you half squib. You were just a blemish, a tossed away waste." He said with a sneer, his nearby lackeys laughed at him.

He knew why he was doing it, this was probably on Draco's orders, but what could he say if his own brother wanted him dead. He tried to stand yet he could not, the pain and the weakness made it impossible for him to get up. He reached for a vial in his pocket containing his vial, yet as soon as he took it out it was knocked out of his hand by Bulstrode. He winced in pain as the piercing hex hit his hand. He was about to take out his wand when Ana Zabini hexed Flint with a leg locking cursing and banished him. She made her way towards him, shouting

"Detention all five of you. And if you stand there for a second more, I will double it." Most of them knew about their friendship so they just grumbled away not before Flint shouted.

"I would kill you squib, but why waste energy, by the looks of it you won't make it a month." Flints words caused the nearby Slytherins to snicker.

Ana just took him b his hand guided him to the hall, she took out a vial from his pocket, opened it and drowned it down his throat.

"You could have been gentler." He said grimacing at the pain.

"Shut up, you were about to take out your wand right now. You know how dangerous that is for you right now. Just be careful. We have worked hard; I am not going to lose you to this foolishness." She said her voice quaking a bit.

"Don't worry I will be careful. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with the Prefects." He asked knowing about her routine.

"Well, actually I had a message for you. Professor Snape and Flitwick want to see you in their offices."

"Together or separately?" I could guess Flitwick but why would Snape want to meet me. I did not need him to ask me anything.

"Separately. And I wanted to ask are you going to do that muggle born thing with Cedric again."

She asked.

"Yeah, I have written to Cedric. He is going to oversee it this year. According to him it has become a tradition." I said with a smile.

This had been one of my initiatives, the Muggle Born Association, MBA for short. Every year, we would gather all the muggle born and tell them about the dark parts about our society like the previous war, the politics, the disparity and all the inequalities. This was started by me, Cedric, and a few muggles born and half-bloods. This gave the new students a safe and secure place to discuss and interact with each other. It was open to mostly Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, Slytherin having no muggle born and Gryffindor lost in their own sense of pride. I planned the whole thing; the schedule and other stuff and Cedric was the face of it. It had done wonders for the result of Muggle born who were now almost dominating the top of their respective grades, proving false the bias of blood purity.

"Alright, I will also make an appearance. But be careful, okay and tell me if you need anything."

I nodded and sat down at the table; the students started settling down. I could hear the insults and sneers from the Slytherin table, yet my patience and restraint were the victors. The doors opened and in came McGonagall with the new batch of students and the sorting began.

The sorting was regular to me. I still remembered my very own sorting.

Ah, what do we have here? OH GOD, OH GOD. What has happened to you? You are imperfictus.

'Yeah, I know'

But all is not lost my child, there is hope. You seem to have some knowledge of the future. Use your resources and you will find your way. Now where do I put you.

'I value knowledge so.'

Yeah, I can see that, Salazar would have loved to have you but it would make your life more troublesome than it already is. So


And that had been the best decision. Later through my observations, I came to know that Professor Flitwick truly cared about his students, unlike the Heads of other houses he had regular meetings and gave out good suggestions. He was a blessing to have as a Head of House.

The sorting ended and Dumbledore stood up, I hated Dumbledore. The man was cause of a lot of my grief. He had used my birth to push his own agendas. Making my family more hateful of me. This and that he was a master manipulator made it impossible for me to like him. I would never associate myself with him, this was sure.

I was on my way to the dungeons; Professor Snape's office door was locked and I knocked. After a few moments a voice called.

"Come in,"

I entered and the smell of various herbs and potions assaulted me. I walked towards the table.

"You called for me Professor."

"Yes, sit" he said indicating to a vacant chair. I sat down and looked up at him. He was Draco's godfather. Mine was Rudolphus Lestrange, goof thing he was in Azkaban.

"Your father and I had very long discussions over the course of the holidays. But he was adamant about his descion. Your mother and I tried to persuade him otherwise but he was set in his ways." He said with faint concern in his voice. Well, why would he go that far. No matter he failed, I did not owe him anything.

"Thanks, but I don't think that is why you called me."

"Yes, I wanted to tell you . . .. . I wanted to give you this. It's a bottle of Draught of Pacification. It would…"

I was angry. I knew what it was. It was a potion given before Dementor's kiss said to prepare the body for death. I looked up towards him and said in the most even tone.

"Sorry sir, I think I need to leave, as for the potion well id I was afraid of pain, then I wouldn't have come to Hogwarts. So goodbye Professor,"

"Mr. Crovius …." Snape saw the boy leave his office in anger and hurt. He was about to tell him about the ritual from Dumbledore, but he could not. The oath to Dumbledore made it impossible, he looked at vial and threw it in a basket. It disgusted him; the boy was in continuous pain for all his life. If he was afraid of pain, he would have given up. But he had fought and it seemed that he had not given up yet.

Andromeda Tonks sat in her home with Nymphadora sitting at the table she was in her fifth year now. She was adamant about joining the aurors. Though she considered the profession noble, but it was too dangerous. But she was already set on it. Suddenly an owl came with a letter, it was a pure white owl seeming as it was made from snow, she looked at the letter and found out that I was addressed to her. From someone called Crovius Malfoy. Perhaps they made a mistake.

"Oh, you got a letter from him. He asked if it would be okay to write to you and I said OKAY. HE is a nice guy."

"Who is he?"

"He is the unwanted child of The Malfoy's" and then she remembered her sisters first born son. Suffering from the disease and yet still surviving. She opened the letter and read. Her eyes bulging at every line she read.

"What does it say?"

"He… He asked me if I would be willing to help him by brewing bulk of pain relief and magical suppressing potion. He is willing to pay. But why?" she questioned Nymphadora who seemed more knowledgeable about the issue.

"OH, yeah he did mention it. I told him to write about it. I thought you would be cool with it. He is family, decent family."

"But aren't The Malfoys rich. They can afford it."

"Oh, but you don't know it. He lives alone in a house. He is not allowed to visit the manor. His father hates him and wants him to die. He has to do everything from his trust. He needs a lot of them for his condition and the school can not provide it. So, he mostly bought them. He mentioned the cost in passing so I asked him to write to you."

Andromeda looked at the letter. The boy had been polite and respectful, stating that he would understand if she denied the request and that despite that he would like to get to know her. She remembered her own family and seemed that things had not improved for people like them at all. They were still outcasts. She decided to help him and sent a letter agreeing to the boy's request.

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