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In an office at Hogwarts the charms professor sat contemplating his upcoming meeting. He was both saddened and anticipative of the upcoming meeting with probably the most gifted student he ever taught. That title belonged to Lily Potter, though she was better than him in practical but he has her beat in knowledge and creativity. Yet fate life had been cruel to the boy, afflicting him with a cursed body. The boy had persisted, beaten the odds but now it seemed that it was catching up to him.

The door to his office opened and in came the boy, wearing his uniform with grace, though his face was pale yet it had that unique and ever present calmness in it.

"You called for me professor, yesterday I came but you weren't here so I left. I hope it wasn't urgent."

Yes, he had been busy with the staff meeting and the first years yesterday and forgot about the meeting.

"Oh nothing my boy, sit. It was nothing urgent I just wanted to talk with you." He beckoned the boy to a seat which he took. The pain he was in was never visible on his face, yet Poppy had told him that she had never seen such tolerance among child. Yet, he could not understand the emotional pain the boy was undergoing, abandoned by his family. He was alone to face his own fate, he did not like it.

"I heard about your affairs and I was saddened by them, how are you." He asked the boy.

The boy smiled, " It was expected professor, we both know that this was inevitable. Lucius Malfoy would never let me be a part of his family, you should be surprised it took so long."

Those words saddened him but were expecting them, that is why he had done something for him, it was nothing much but hopefully it would help him, he opened the drawer. Took out a bunch of letters and handed it to him. He looked towards him with a raised eyebrow,

"I am sorry professor but these are?"

He smiled, most people did not know this, even he had only found out about it last year. The boy had started a small business, many ancient families had limited the jobs that muggle born could get in the ministry and they also controlled all the businesses, but in the past 7 years a new business had started, on surface it was nothing special. It was started by a pure blood named Callus Montague. No one had seen him, but the business was small and conspicuous enough that most often did not look too deep. Yet upon deeper inspection one found out that, its work force consisted solely of muggle borns and half bloods.

Only he knew about the truth behind the name Callus Montague, after all it belonged to his unofficial duelling apprentice.

"Oh. These are not addressed to you you see. They are addressed to one called Callus Montague. Now, I could not find him this summer so I thought of passing them to you,"

The boy smiled, he had guessed his intentions.

"I appreciate the gesture professor,"

"I just wanted to say that you are not alone, despite your families nature and circumstances.You will always have people that care about you."

"Thank you professor, I also wanted to ask your permission for something."

"Ask away."

"Professor, I might miss some classes this semester, I will make up for the work later. But in these two months I would want to be excused."

He was in thought, there would be a good reason that he asked for smething like this,

"Why if you don't mind me asking, it would make things easier for other professors."

He smiled, a genuine smile."I am close professor, its not complete but I know that I am close. I just want to put all of my time into it."

He was surprised, he of course knew about their ambition but it was a disease so old and uncommon that he thought it impossible to be possible. He was happy, for a chance even if so small given to his most favourite student.

"Of course, I will talk to the staff, if you need my help in any thing don't hesitate to ask." He meant every word of it.

"Then, professor can you get me to meet someone discreetly."

And thus he was given a request, nothing difficult and he would do it for he knew that the boy

Harry Potter sat in his class, bored and a little annoyed. Quidditch had been cancelled for a tournament that had not even started yet. The whole saving grace in his school life had been quidditch, the thrill, the rush all made him feel free. His life before Hogwarts was rough but as soon as he started Hogwarts he had hope that this would be different, and it was not better per say but it had gotten bearable. And then in the summer break of his first year something unique happened.

His relatives could not beat him, he would always get food magically delivered to his room. He had thought it a fluke and then immediately stopped eating it in fear of it being tampered bt then he got a letter

To Harry Potter,

You should not waste it, and it is my way of showing that you are not alone.

Callus Montague.

He had checked and Hogwarts had no one named as such. That meant that it was a fake name. they exchanged letters and this had helped him a lot. He had someone other than Sirius he could rely on and someone who was in similar plight. He had asked him to keep his letters a secret and he had obliged, he had guided him in his studies and even told him tid bits about his parents, though he did not know a lot. And thus Harry Potter would always consider tham faceless name a friend. Diferent than both Ron and Hermione but a friend, nonetheless.

Suddenly he was called out of his deep thinking, the class had ended and now everybody was leaving then suddenly Professor Flitwick spoke.

"Mr. Potter do stay behind for a moment." The charms professor said before he could leave.

He just shrugged and remained in his seat, knowing that he had done nothing wrong.

"Mr. Potter I was asked to give you this and a detention for This Saturday."he said

Harry was about to retort when he was handed an envelope he was very familiar with.

To : Harry James Potter

Callus Montague

And he just looked at his professor, who was just smiling at him. He read the letter and it was short.

''''Do take the detention, it will be fun''''

He again looked at his professor.

"I can rescind the detention..but…"

"No, professor I will be there." He said his eyes still not leaving the letter.


And we have it between, the mysterious Callous and our very own Fleur Delacour.

The match was very anticipated and as soon as it began, the boy stepped out of the way. The girl did not relent and continued her barrage of spells yet the boy only dodged rarely conjuring a shield.

The match ended when the boy transfigured the rocks by the girls side into ropes and had them bind her legs getting her to lose balance and then disarming her.


"That should be enough then princess," he spoke to the blonde sitting opposite to her.

"No, you just dodged this time, I want you to use some real magic." The girl said with a huff

"If I could beat you like this then imagine if I used real magic, you should just leave it princess." The boy said with a small smile.

Both of them were similar yet were so different, she took people's disdain and threw it back with double the spite, yet the boy in front of her took it all and endured, endured it all. Perhaps this was the reason she liked him, he was something she could never hope to be. She was not that meek, calm and patient while he was calm, patient and understanding.