5 5. Something Magical

Magnus paddled his way back to the park before it was time to return home. He was relaxed to see his father still sitting on the bench and reading the newspaper.

He went to him and said, "Dad, let's go home. I'm hungry."

Adam put the paper down and got up to stretch. Then he noticed the untied shoelace of Magnus. He crouched to tie it. "Alright, let's go. But don't expect to get pancakes again. Seriously, how do you even fit so many pancakes in your little stomach?"

Adams tickled Magnus as he said that and got up. Magnus giggled, "Hehe, I can eat pancakes all day every day. But mummy will never make them every day."

"Yes, Grace can't make pancakes for you every day because she knows you'll get fat if you do that. Well, today we're having roasted chicken so that should cheer you up. It's your second favourite dish." Adam said, dragging the bicycle while Magnus just sat comfortably.

"Yes... I will eat the whole chicken." Magnus cheered. He was seriously feeling very hungry.

They reached their hope and smelled the amazing fragrance of roasted chicken.

"Mummy, you're the best." Magnus complimented.

Grace chuckled and patted his head, "You only say that when I cook something tasty. Is mummy not the best at other times?"

"Oh, no no... Mummy is always the best. I will go and bathe. I'm sweaty today." He said and ran to the bathroom.

Grace looked at Adam, "Honey, it's winter, why did he sweat so much?"

"I don't know, he was just riding his bicycle the whole time," Adam replied, but it also confused him. Grace, being a doctor, decided to check up on him later.

Meanwhile, Magnus was humming a poem he learnt in school while bathing.

"A hot water bath is the best. It feels so nice. Hmm, why did that lady call me filthy today? I don't smell that bad. Was it my sweat? What is Muggle." He wondered while making different hairstyles shampoo bubbles on his head.

Soon, he was done and went to the dining room to eat dinner. There, he ate half of the whole chicken somehow. Both his mummy and dad were shocked as they saw him devour so much food.

Once Magnus felt full, he put down his knife and fork. "*Burp* I'm full."

"No shi... I mean, yes." Adam nearly had a slip of tongue. He was shocked by Magnus' ability to eat

But Grace was looking at him with worry. Since that lost thing happened, she had noticed some changes in Magnus.

"Are you okay, dear?" She asked and touched his forehead.

She jumped from her seat as soon as she touched his forehead. She frantically ran to her room and brought her thermometer.

She immediately put it under Magnus' armpit.

"What happened, Mummy?" Magnus asked in confusion.

Adam too was confused but seeing the thermometer he had some idea. He also touched Magnus' forehead and felt as if his skin was on fire.

"How much is the temperature, Grace?" He asked quickly.

Grace pulled out the thermometer and checked. She nearly fainted seeing that.

"1...110° Fahrenheit." She breathed.

"Is that bad?" Magnus asked with furrowed brows. He had no idea what temperature was considered good and what bad.

Adam ran to wear his coat and ready the car while Grace ran upstairs to grab her purse and Magnus' coat.

"Let's go, sweety, we need to go to the hospital. You have a slight fever." Grace calmly said so as not to scare Magnus.

But Magnus wasn't really feeling anything. To him, his body felt normal. Even better than ever, so he couldn't understand how he got the fever.

"But mummy, I'm feeling good. I don't think I have a fever." Magnus argued. No child likes going to the hospital, after all, needless were scary.

Grace knelt in front of him and put a cap on his head. "Sweety, the thermometer indicates you have a fever. Let's just get you checked up."

Magnus sighed and accepted his fate. He held onto Grace's hand and followed her to the car. But Magnus did feel a bit scared seeing the rushing steps of his mother.

They quickly got into the car and reached the military hospital where Grace worked. She was a heart surgeon, not a paediatrician, so they took him to the child doctor.

There were many other kids with parents but Grace got to enter first as she was a staff and a ranking military officer.

"Sam, check his fever quickly. I checked at home but I suspect the thermometer was wrong. How can a child have 110° Fahrenheit and be so unfazed?" She asked. She knew the doctor.

With a raised eyebrow, Doctor Sam put the thermometer under Magnus' arms and in the end, it also showed 110° Fahrenheit.

Doctor Sam was left in shock. He repeatedly blinked his eyes and checked the thermometer. Digital thermometers were not very common in that era so they didn't have any other way to measure.

In the end, he touched Magnus' forehead. It was indeed very hot. So, he called a nurse and told her to bring as many thermometers as possible.

Soon, there were ten thermometers stuck under Magnus' underarm.

"What's wrong? I'm fine. I don't feel bad anywhere." Magnus insisted.

It was indeed strange that Magnus was acting so normal. But, when the ten thermometers were taken out and they all showed 110°.

Later, they did some blood pressure checks too but found them under normal range but still borderline high.

"Doctor Grace, I have no idea what's wrong with him. 110° Fahrenheit is a temperature at which the body's organs start to fail and leads to death.

"But little Magnus is as normal as any other kid. This is very... unusual. He doesn't even act like a child with a fever. There is a new machine being researched on caller MRI, it can look through the whole body for problems but it will take a few more years to be completely made. For now, we only have blood tests to do.

"Fever usually comes because the body is fighting some virus. So, let's hope we find out what is causing it in his blood sample." Dr Sam explained.

(A/N: MRI and CT Scan were invented in the 70s.)

Grace looked at Magnus in worry while Magnus just played with the stethoscope. She knows about MRI and also knew it was going to take years to be made and usable for the ordinary public.

"Okay, let's do the blood tests." She replied.

Eventually, Magnus ended up getting pierced by a needle. Instead of getting something injected, something was taken from him.

His mood was spoiled and for it, Adam bought him an ice-cream.

With a big smile, he held the cone in his hand and proceeded to eat it. But then he noticed something.

"Oh no... It is melting. I must eat fast." He commented.

*Nom Nom Nom*

Instead of licking his ice cream, he literally ate it in three big bites. Adam and Grace just looked at him strangely, waiting for Magnus to grab his head in brain freeze anytime now.

But that didn't happen. He just wiped his hand with a napkin and looked at his parents. "Mummy Daddy, let's go home. I need to do homework for tomorrow. Mummy, I want pancakes in the lunchbox for school. We will be going to the Queen's house for a field trip."

"Yes yes, let's go, sweetie." The two parents came out of their stupor. Both of them were thinking about Magnus. About what was wrong with him and quietly prayed that it was nothing fatal. Unknown to them that it was something magical.

[A/N: Little Magnus will be going to the enemy territories now. Will his identity be found out? To find out...]

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