Harry Potter: Another Chance

An older Harry Potter dies after experiencing much hardship and defeating his worst enemy before being reincarnated in an alternate version of his world where his parents are alive and he is no longer the Chosen One. Now he used all his accumulated knowledge and skills to protect those important to him and defeat Voldemort once more. The upload rate is currently at 6 chapters per week, I may increase it in the future if I have more time. I do not have specific days or times for the uploads because my full-time job has an erratic schedule so I upload whenever I have the time. But you can expect 6 new chapters by the end of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope my readers understand. A.N - - No harem - There will be a lot of violence, so be warned. - The pacing will not be too fast, this is going to be longer than my previous fic so be patient.

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Chapter 133: A mysterious lady and a new wand


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-Author notes-

Chapter 133: A mysterious lady and a new wand

Harry appeared inside the Leaky Cauldron. It was still early in the morning, so few people were around.

"Welcome to…" Tom stared at Harry with interest. "Did you come alone, boy?"

Tom recognized the Hogwarts uniform. It wasn't that rare to have students coming by during the school year, but the young ones always came accompanied by a teacher.

"Yes, sir. I'm just going to Ollivanders," Harry answered.

"Mmm, you look very young to go alone. Usually, they only let those who have passed their O.W.L.s to travel by themselves," Tom pointed out.

"I am very mature for my age, so they let me go alone. But you can call Hogwarts Headmaster through the floo if you like." Harry cleaned the soot from his clothes. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have an old man to visit."

Tom stared at him as he left but didn't say anything, then he glanced at the fireplace.

The streets of Diagon Alley were very lively already.

It was almost mid-December, so it was normal to see more people doing shopping than usual.

Harry disregarded the stares and made a beeline to Ollivanders. Today, he had no other business in the alley and wanted to get this done quickly.

When he entered the shop, Ollivander was already attending to someone.

A tall woman with long dark hair and elegant clothes.

He could recognize the acromantula silk and gold threads on her tunic, indicating that this was probably a lady from a wealthy magical family.

"Mmm…I don't know which one would be better…"

She seemed troubled about deciding something.

Ollivander averted his gaze from her and looked at Harry. "Welcome, young one. I will be with you in a moment."

The woman turned around and looked at Harry.

When he saw her face, Harry was surprised at how beautiful this woman was.

She appeared to be around his mother's age, with a perfectly proportioned face, dark eyes, and a kind smile.

"Hello, young man. I'm sorry for taking this long…oh!, perhaps you can help me."

"Help with?..." Harry asked.

"You see, my daughter wanted to pick up a gift for a boy around your age. We decided on one of these wand holders, but I cannot settle on which one to choose..." The troubled woman said.

"So you want me to help you choose a holster…" Harry glanced at the three pieces on top of the table. He was familiar with those.

"Dragon hide, fire crab shell, and troll skin," Harry enunciated.

"Very good, young man…you have a good eye." Ollivander nodded in approval.

"Crab shell is immune to fire and very resistant to physical damage, while troll and dragon hide are extremely resistant to magic in general. Unless this boy is going to be working with dragons on a regular basis, I would discard that one. And between troll and dragon… I would one hundred percent choose dragon hide. It's a bit more difficult to carve enchantments on it but worth the trouble. I would suggest an invisibility enchant if he is still in school. Most schools would not allow holsters to be used."

"Wow, you are a very knowledgeable young man." The black-haired lady looked impressed. She moved her eyes to Ollivander. "I'll take the dragon hide one."

The old man placed the holster in an elegant box, and the lady paid for it.

"Thank you for your help, young man. I hope we meet again." She then walked to the door before stopping when she realized she had forgotten to ask for his name.

"Mister Potter, ebony eleven inches, and Phoenix core, isn't it?" Ollivander asked with a knowing smile.

"It used to be at least…" Harry muttered.

"Is there something else, my lady?" Ollivander asked, noticing that she had remained at the entrance while looking towards them.

Harry turned around and noticed the woman staring at him with intense eyes.

She then looked at the old man. "No, that would be all. Thank you, Mister Ollivander…and you too…Mister Potter." She gave him a mysterious smile and walked out of the door.

'Who was that woman?... her face was somewhat familiar,' Harry thought.

"So, Mister Potter, what can I do for you? I hope the wand I sold you is serving you well…"

"Actually, no… that's why I'm here. I am in need of a new wand." Harry may have been able to word that better.

"Pardon?" Ollivander looked shocked. "What happened to the one I sold you? Did it break?"

"Well… yes, it did break," Harry admitted.

"Show it to me then, I'm sure I can repair it in no time," Ollivander promised.

'Not this one…' Harry thought. "No, you see… there is nothing left of the wand. It's all gone, including the core."

"The core is gone too?... That's impossible. Phoenix feathers are one of the most resistant materials in the world, no magic performed by a young student could completely destroy it… now tell me the truth, Mister Potter. What happened to the wand? Did you misplace it?"

"You want the truth?, fine… I activated a runic artifact that allowed me to channel through it the combined magical power equivalent of dozens of wizards and used this power to create a flame so hot that it burned the hydrogen from the atmosphere, manifesting something akin to a miniature sun or a small nuclear explosion. Then, I employed this flame to exterminate a basilisk half the size of Hogwarts. This amount of magic was too much for the wand and it turned into dust… core included..."

Ollivander stared at him for an entire minute before speaking again. "I guess I am out of touch after all… I don't understand the jests of the current youth…"

"No, that wasn't a j-"

"Very well, Mister Potter, I understand. I will make another wand, but only if you promise me to take better care of this one. Wands are not tools to abuse and throw away; they must be respected!" Ollivander said with a stern expression.

Harry gave up on arguing with this man. It was better this way.

"Sure… I promise."

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