Harry Potter and the Child Of Calamity.

After dying from drowning in a river, Liam found himself turned into a baby. Thinking 'What worse could happen now' He found himself abandoned in an orphanage. "God, What sins are you punishing me for" The sweet girl next door is Hermione!!!. What did you say I got accepted into Hogwarts!!!!! This new life doesn't seem so bad now. Liam shouted, " Magic is magnificent!!, Magic is mysterious!!, Magic is miracle!!". Author's words of wisdom: - The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts. When you will be half way through this book and come a to a plot twist at 1 am... you won't need sleep you will need answers. please read at least 10 chapters before judging.

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Chapter 21: Aftermath.

Liam and harry were both holding Ron walking with Hermione towards the infirmary. Hermione's hand had strained but Prof. McGonagall used a healing spell to somewhat heal the strain, it just needed some ointment for further healing. Ron also didn't need much as he had just fallen in a weird state, he was half unconsciously mumbling strange things. Maybe he was just shocked too much.

Harry was basically fine with no bruise and damage But Liam on the other hand was very tired, the fight had drained a lot of his energy, his clothes were all dirty and he had some small bruise nothing more than that. The only thing he needed now was sleep and rest and he would be fine.

"Liam care to tell me how did you know, Hermione was in the bathroom? I learned about it from Neville who heard rumors from the Gryffindor girls but how could you have known?" Harry asked.

Liam looked at harry and wondered how he should answer, but before he could answer Hermione spoke, "You knew I would get locked up in the bathroom, Like you knew Neville's toad will be found in.. in the castle when we arrive." She had just realized that Liam told her not to get locked in the bathroom.

"Well… As I said I am a prophet. But don't ask much questions okay I don't actually know what will happen. I just get glimpses, like just now I thought that you would lock yourself up in the bathroom but look what happened. You were locked up in there by someone else." Liam looked at Hermione with a bit anger.

Hermione looked down as she didn't want to answer Liam.

Harry looked towards Hermione with shock in his eyes, "Why didn't you tell Prof. McGonagall. Whoever did this should be punished."

"I didn't want them to hate me even more." Hermione said in a low voice.

"You care about them even at a time like this, you could have died there, if I would have been a second late. I don't want to hear your excuses, what they did was a bit too much. We have to make sure nothing like this happens again." Liam was angry on Hermione's behavior.

"Liam is right, we need to take action we can't let them be unpunished." Harry spoke, he didn't want his friend get treated like this.

Hermione felt very happy, "… Hmn" she nodded in agreement to telling about the student to professors.

As they reached the infirmary Hermione had her hands bandaged, Liam just drank the potion he usually drinks, Snape secretly gave him this potion while they were going out of the infirmary. After drinking the potion he had regained all his strength But he was just hungry.

Fortunately madam pomfrey brought some food from the dinner. It was going to get wasted as none of the students had properly had dinner and as it was a feast there was much food left even after the food was sent to the dormitory.

Hermione, Harry and Liam ate until they were full. Ron also didn't have any physically have any injury, madam pomfrey used a sprit enhancing spell on Ron and he woke up after a while and joined to eat the dinner.

"Hermione, I am sorry for what I said." Ron apologized to Hermione.

"Apology accepted…" Hermione replied.

"Just like that… I thought I would have to do a lot more than this." Ron was surprised.

"Well you did come to help me as I didn't know about the troll. But next time please inform a professor first. You would have been killed, what were you thinking running towards a troll would do?" Hermione laughed imagining Ron running towards the troll.

At this comment Harry and Liam also started laughing while Ron was embarrassed.

"Well I think it was a very courageous thing to do, Mr. Weasely should be proud of himself. No everyone have the courage of running towards an angry troll." A voice came from the door of the infirmary.

The group looked towards the door to see who it was, it was Dumbledore.

'A very cool time to make an entrance. After all the events has taken place.' Liam thought but he couldn't blame Dumbledore to his face.

"You all did well. Today I came here just to see if everything was alright. I was worried for nothing you all seem to be enjoying your time. So I wouldn't waste your time anymore, eat you dinner and go to your dorm to sleep."

Harry was a bit confused about something, "Professor, how were the trolls even able to enter the castle. Isn't that impossible? Isn't Hogwarts supposed to be the safest place?"

Dumbledore had a very serious expression but he smiled and replied, "Who said that Hogwarts isn't the safest place? Hogwarts is still the safest place in the whole Britain. Until I am alive no harm shall come to Hogwarts." He said this and left.

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