Harry Potter and the Child Of Calamity.

After dying from drowning in a river, Liam found himself turned into a baby. Thinking 'What worse could happen now' He found himself abandoned in an orphanage. "God, What sins are you punishing me for" The sweet girl next door is Hermione!!!. What did you say I got accepted into Hogwarts!!!!! This new life doesn't seem so bad now. Liam shouted, " Magic is magnificent!!, Magic is mysterious!!, Magic is miracle!!". Author's words of wisdom: - The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts. When you will be half way through this book and come a to a plot twist at 1 am... you won't need sleep you will need answers. please read at least 10 chapters before judging.

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Chapter 19: Girl with Fluffy hair causing trouble 2

Liam didn't know where the Hermione had gone. The troll attack was going to be today. He asked a Gryffindor girl who was in the way hurriedly, "Have you seen a girl with a bit curly and fluffy hair go from here?"

"Who? Hermione she went towards the library. That geeky nerd." She had a very bitter expression.

Liam was not in the mood to talk back he rushed towards the library. Running through the hallway, passing by crowds of students, finally after reaching the library and a bit of searching he saw a little girl sobbing in the corner of the library holding a book.

Liam slowly approached her, "So you were hiding here. It took a while to find you."

Hermione was not in the mood to talk, she turned away covering her crying and sobbing face with the book she was holding, "Go away, don't you see I am reading. Don't disturb me." She said in a very weak voice.

Liam slowly walked towards her and then sat on the chair next to her, "Tell me about this book you reading, will you?"

Hermione had picked up a random book without actually noticing which book it was, "Umm its… it's …" she tried to read the title of the book, "It's…"

"Ms. Granger don't try to lie to me. I know what's going on, you were crying weren't you." Liam stopped beating around the bush and got to the point.

Hermione in anger, "No I wasn't, why would I cry. And didn't I tell you to stop calling me miss granger."

"Oh! So you do remember, I thought you didn't think of me as a friend."

Hermione hit Liam with the book in her hands, "You are so mean."

Liam smiled, "Aren't you the one who keeps avoiding me and not telling me your problems."

"You…. I don't know why people are so mean to me. What did I do to make them hate me so much? I just try to help them." She put down the book in her hand on the table revealing her face which had dried tears. She looked like how any 11 year old kid would after crying.

Liam took a deep breath and said, "They are just jealous of you. You are smarter than them you are favored by the professors. And they treat you like that because they know that they can't compare to you nor get to your level. It's not your fault."

"I don't care what anyone says but a person I considered a friend also did the same. That's why I felt very bad." Her expression started to get gloomy.

"Are you talking about Ron, he is an idiot. I am sure he also feels bad about what he said. I saw him on the way here. The next time you meet he will surely apologize." Liam knew that Ron was impulsive, he would surely understand his mistake and apologize.

"Will he? I don't think so." Hermione had her doubts.

"Did you forget? I am a prophet. I know what will happen in the future."

Hermione laughed, "It better happen the way you said it will happen or else I will hit you harder."

"And you also be ready to pay my consultation fees." Liam also teased her back.

"What consultation fees, you are a scammer. I don't know you. " Hermione pouted and turned away.

"Okay enough of the nonsense, go wash you face quickly. You look very messy. You don't want to look like that in today's feast, do you?" Liam suggested to Hermione who was acting to not know him, "And also don't lock yourself into the bathroom. Next time you have any problem just know you can rely on me."

Hermione was triggered, "I am not the kind of person who would lock themselves into bathroom just because someone teased me. Don't forget I am a Gryffindor student." She walked out the library with a pouted face.

'Surely you won't lock yourself in the bathroom.' Liam laughed, he thought now that he was in library 'why not read something?' Suddenly his eyes went towards the book which Hermione had kept on the table.

That book didn't have a title, it seemed like a very old book. The book was black in color with golden frame. It did seem to have something written on it but because of its age maybe it has been erased.

Liam opened the book out of curiosity, but to his surprise the pages were blank.

"What's up with this book?" he walked to the counter where madam Pince was sitting reading a book.

"Madam Pince this book is blank. Can you tell me what's wrong with it?" Liam asked in the sweetest voice he could, he knew that madam Pince had a rough attitude so he didn't want to upset her.

Madam Pince put her book back on the table, "Blank you say… Let me see."

Looked at the book in Liam's hand, "It's not a book I have seen before. Are you sure you found this book in the library?"

Liam nodded, "Yes it was around that shelf." He pointed towards the shelf he was sitting near.

She took out her wand and chanted while pointing towards the book, "Revelio".

But the book had no changes in it, "It's probably just a fancy notebook. Keep it with you if some student reports that he has lost a note book I will send that student to you. If not then that will belong to you."

Liam hesitantly kept the book with him, "What was that all about? Why do I have to do this?" Liam had no other choice but to agree.

He decided to read the fantastic beast books, he had a strange liking to the books. Maybe it was the way of writing which made him like the creatures or just looking at strange creatures amused him. He spent the rest of the time reading volume two of the book as he had already finished reading the first volume.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hermione had washed her face, as she was using the towel she heard a sneer, "So, you were hiding here, at last if found you. You think you are better than us don't you. You have to face the consequence for your ego." Said a Gryffindor student she looked like a senior student.

"You dared to embarrass me in front of the professor now you will have to face the consequence." Said the Gryffindor girl in anger.

"When did I do that...", Hermione was scared, a senior student was very strong she didn't want to fight her, "What are you going to do? Don't try anything I will tell the professor about you." Hermione warned her.

She took out her wand transfigured the sink's pipe to bind Hermione's hand, "Now stay here till tomorrow." She walked outside the bathroom after which two other girls who looked like as the same age as Hermione locked the door to the bathroom.

"You are sure that no one will know of this right?" Asked the senior student to the little girl besides her.

"No one uses this bathroom this time of the day and also the feast is starting everyone must be busy preparing for the feast. No one will notice." Replied the little girl.

"What about her friends?" The senior student had doubts.

"She doesn't have any friends. I have always seen her alone." The other little girl answered.

"Such an egoist, she must think no one compares to her that's why she made no friends." The senior student showed a very disgusted face.

"She deserves what we did to her." The little girls said in unison.

"Just to be sure, spread a rumor that she has locked herself in the bathroom herself and is crying."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Liam had stopped Hermione from locking herself into the bathroom. He knew that this would cause many unforeseen situations but he didn't care anymore as he didn't want someone who he considers a friend in danger. Knowing that the person is going to be in danger and not doing anything about it then feeling guilty was not something he wanted to happen.

After reading about trolls and how they behave, preparing himself for the case that a troll attacks. He was very sure that any single mistake could have gotten Harry and Ron killed. They were very lucky to have survived. The events which led to Harry and Ron succeeding in defeating the troll were very specific even a single event missing could cause them to fail.

Liam had seen many events change than before, his presence caused a big change in the events. He was not sure that Harry and Ron may succeed, he was not even sure that the troll attack will be today. Those events may even had caused Quirrell to not let the troll in today. This was highly unlikely as the Halloween feast was a very good opportunity for him but still he didn't want to take any chances. Now he could rest assured that Hermione wouldn't be in any danger.

Walking back to his room, he decided to walk by Quirrell's office. But walking by his office he didn't see anyone in his office.

"The troll attack is today. There's no doubt about it."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the great hall, all the little wizards were sitting and enjoying the feast. Liam was eating like a pig as he always did. Quirrell was going to come running from the entrance of the great hall anytime, he was in hurry to eat as he didn't want to be hungry after. His appetite had decreased significantly, which he theorized was the result of the potion Snape was giving him. He was thankful for that.

Liam tried to look for Hermione in the Gryffindor table. But to his surprise she was nowhere to be found.

"Where is she?" He found that Hermione was nowhere to be found.

"Where did she go?" Liam was worried.

On the Gryffindor table, Harry noticed Hermione was missing, "Where is Hermione?"

Neville who was sitting next to harry replied, "I heard the girls say that she had locked herself in the bathroom and has been crying all day."

A loud shout could be heard, Prof. Quirrel came running through the door, "Troooll!!!! There are trolls in the dungeon."

Dumbledore and the other professors stood up looking at the scared Prof. Quirrell.

He fell unconscious after saying this. All the students started panicking they threw the food in their hands on the table, everyone started shouting, "Trooll!! Ahhh!!" and ran towards the door. Liam stood up in shock, "Hermione… she's not here. Where could she be?"

Dumbledore shouted, "SILENCE!!... All of you don't be scared. The prefects shall take all the students to their respective houses. The teacher shall take care of the troll."


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