2 Bonds of Blood 0002: Childhood Sweethearts

7 years later, on September 1st, 1988.

"Harry! Come on down. You don't want to be late for your first day of school, do you?" Lily shouted from the kitchen in fluent French. After living in France for the better part of a decade, Lily had grown very familiar with French.

"In a minute, Mum." Harry's reply was slightly muffled and made Lily's head shake, though she continued making breakfast.

With breakfast finally ready, Lily put the necessary things on the dining table and walked to Harry's room, about to go check on him. That was when there was a knock on her door.

She turned to the door instead. She twisted the lock and opened the door. It revealed a little girl with silvery blonde hair who seemed to be around 9 years old.

She was wearing the Beauxbatons uniform that consisted of a light blue button-up collared dress that went just to her knees. She wore a similarly colored blazer over her dress that had the Beauxbatons emblem embroidered on it.

"Fleur, honey? What happened?" Lily asked Fleur who replied, "Mum sent me to check up on 'Arry and to help you if you needed anything." She held the hems of her blazer as she looked at Lily with a cute smile. Though her eyes had a gleam that told Lily exactly what she was here for.

"Is that so?" Lily smiled with a shake of her head as she stepped aside, "Come on in, take a seat at the table, we haven't had breakfast yet."

"Yay!" She cheered as she ran to the dining table where Lily had already set a plate for Fleur. This was a regular occurrence as the little girl just adored Lily's cooking. She would regularly find excuses to come by and eat with Harry and Lily.

Lily and Harry lived in the same suburban district as Fleur's family, so Fleur's parents didn't have any problem with her going to Lily's house by herself.

Meanwhile, Lily went to check up on Harry. She walked into his room and saw her son still asleep in his bed. Seeing his state, she sighed, "Why am I not surprised…"

She brought her wand out and cast multiple spells on Harry, "You're lucky we don't have any time…" She grumbled as Harry was forcefully awoken and levitated out of the bed before his clothes flew out of his closet and replaced his pajamas. The whole process took no more than a few seconds and by the time Harry came to his senses, he was standing in front of his mother, completely cleaned and fully dressed for school.

He was wearing a light blue button-up collared shirt and pants that were a slightly darker blue along with a necktie that matched the color of the pants. His blazer was almost identical to that of Fleur.

"Morning, Mum…" He hadn't yet recovered from the shock of being forcefully awoken by magic and stayed there frozen for a few seconds.

"I told you last night to go to sleep on time…" Lily shook her head and said, "Come on, Fleur is waiting for breakfast downstairs."

"Oh…" Harry's response was lackluster as he followed his mother down.

"Fleur, do you not like your mother's food?" Harry asked in French as he took a seat beside Fleur.

"Please, my mother is an amazing cook," Fleur said with a straight face.

"Then why do you come here every morning when you aren't at Beauxbatons?" Harry asked with a laugh as he chowed into the pancakes.

"Shut up." She mirrored his movements and grabbed a few pancakes before drowning them in maple syrup.

Harry gave her pancakes a look before wrapping his arm around Fleur's neck and pulling her toward him, "Ahh! Mrs. Potter!" Fleur instantly cried out, though Harry didn't care, and stuffed two of the pancakes on her plate into his mouth by the time Lily came back from the kitchen, "Harry!" She said sternly.

Harry let go of Fleur and said with a laugh, "Sorry, Mum…" He gave an annoyed Fleur a victorious look as she looked at her missing pancakes.

"You…" She gave him a vicious look as she took out her wand.

Harry's eyes widened as he noticed the wand and shouted, "Mom! Fleur's hexing me!" His words sent Fleur into panic and she quickly hid her wand.

A few seconds later, Lily came with more pancakes and took a seat with them, "Can you both have a peaceful breakfast for a single morning?" Her tone was full of exasperation.

"She started it." Harry instantly threw Fleur under the bus.

"I did not! You were the one who stole my pancakes first." Fleur shouted as she glared at Harry.

"You did too." Harry gaslit her.

"Did not!" She said.

"Did too!" He said before both of them said in tandem, "Ouch!" They held their heads in pain.

They both glared at Lily, "You used magic!" Harry complained.

"Do you see my wand?" Lily said smugly as she pointed at her want that was in its holster at the side.

"Y-you cheater. You cast it wandlessly." Harry instantly caught his mother.

"Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" She provoked him.

"Fleur, Mum's bullying us…" Harry grabbed Fleur's arm and shook it, instantly changing sides and even dragging Fleur into it.

"Mrs. Potter, how could you…" Fleur shot Lily a betrayed look, instantly teaming up with Harry to gang up on Lily.

"Stop being dramatic." Lily laughed, "Here, I got you extra pancakes." She pushed the plate to Fleur.

"Sorry, 'Arry. She's too strong for us." Fleur instantly gave up on her new teammate for food.

"Can't say I blame you…" Harry sighed as he continued eating the delicious fluffy pancakes, "They are great pancakes, Mum…"

"Thank you, Harry." Lily laughed at her son's antics.

"Are you prepared with everything, Harry?" Lily asked, she had already helped Harry pack a while ago and was just making a last-minute check.

"Yep, I've got my clothes, books, money, everything." Harry nodded.

"The Portkey?" Lily asked.

"In my pocket."

"The backup Portkey?" She asked.

"In my luggage," Harry told her.

"And the emergency parchment scroll?" She asked.

"In my backpack. I'm prepared, Mum." He said with a little whine.

"I'm just worried…" Lily said before thinking something, "Walk me through the process of using the scroll."

"Mum…" Harry whined, but Lily just gave him a stern look. He gave up and said, "I just have to use my quill to write the message on it before tearing off the part where I wrote the message on and throwing it into the air."

"What will happen then?" Lily asked.

"It will burn on its own and you will receive the message," Harry gave his prepared response.

"Good," Lily said as she noticed him casting an envious look at Fleur's waist, "Don't feel too jealous, you'll get your wand the next year too. You aren't ready yet for it."

"I know. But spending a year studying theories is so boring," He whined," And I can already use your wand to cast magic," Harry said

"You have to deal with it, honey. You aren't the only student. There are muggles and other students who have stricter restrictions…" Lily explained with a smile, "How about this? When you come back at the end of the month, I'll help you with the applications of those magical theories that you learn this year. You can use my wand as much as you want at that time."

"Promise?!" Harry's eyes lit up when he heard Lily's words.

"Promise." She laughed.

"Um…" Fleur seemed hesitant but gathered the courage to speak, "Can I join in too, Mrs. Potter?" She discretely gave Harry a look and saw his expression getting sour.

"No, it's just Mum and me. You aren't invited." He lashed out.

"Quiet down, Harry. Fleur can join in too, it will help you to have a partner to practice your magic with anyway." Lily saw Fleur's expression brighten up at her words and smiled.

"But…" Harry was full of complaints.

"No buts. And Fleur will only be able to come by during Christmas and festival holidays. Unlike you, She has full boarding from this year." Lily's words placated Harry.

Harry was currently too young to live in the dorms for the entire year so, Beauxbatons had a semi-boarding system for the first years. Once Harry reaches his second year, he would be moved into the full boarding system like Fleur.

This system was in place to get students used to the boarding system for their first year without directly plunging them into it.

The girl in question pouted when she heard Lily's words, "I don't want to stay in school for the whole year… The people there are annoying…" She looked away with a pout. Clearly, she didn't have the best time at school.

"Maybe it's you who's annoying," Harry said nonchalantly.

"Y-you meanie…" Fleur pushed away the plate and got off the chair before walking away.

"Harry…" Lily frowned at Harry's words.

"What? I didn't even say anything too bad. I just called her annoying. I've said meaner things to her before." Harry raised his hands defensively.

"Apologize to her," Lily said, "Your words hurt her."

"But…" Harry's words died down as he saw his mother's stern gaze, "Fine." He got off the table and grabbed his and Fleur's plates that still had their breakfast.

"Where are you taking that?" Lily asked with a raised eyebrow.

"She likes food, it will placate her easier." Harry shrugged as he walked upstairs after Fleur.

Lily was a little impressed by his thoughtfulness, 'This kid, I swear…' She shook her head.

Harry walked into his room, pushing the door open with his foot, "Go away." He heard Fleur's muffled voice that had hints of sobbing as she buried her face in his pillow while lying on his bed.

"This is my room," Harry stated as he took a seat beside Fleur on the bed and put the plates on the side table. Seeing that Fleur didn't respond "God, I love this pancake." He exclaimed as he tore off a bite and started eating.

The sound of his deliberately loud chewing was the only thing that was heard in the empty room for the next minute.

"I hate you." Fleur got up and looked at him begrudgingly as she grabbed her plate and stuffed her teary face with the pancake.

"I don't particularly like you either," Harry shrugged, "Mom sent me to apologize to you." He said with the food still in his mouth.

"Finish the food in your mouth before you speak." Fleur chided him after swallowing her food, she was almost finished.

"Whatever." He paused before eating the last piece, "I'm sorry that you're annoying." He said before putting his empty plate to the side.

"You…" Fleur grabbed a pillow and hurled it at Harry.

"Hey!" He shouted as he fell off the bed due to the force she hit him with. He stood up and looked at Fleur with vengeance in his eyes, "You're on." He said as he grabbed a pillow and hurled it at Fleur.

What was supposed to be a simple apology devolved into a childish pillow fight that lasted for the next five minutes.

When Lily came up to check on the both of them, she was greeted by the scene of Fleur straddling Harry and hitting his face with a pillow again and again. She saw Harry hit Fleur's side with a pillow, throwing her off of him, and intervened promptly.

As Harry was about to hit Fleur's face with a pillow, he felt his hand going empty as he was lifted into the air. The same happened with Fleur as she developed a pout on her face.

"So this is apologizing, huh?" Lily gave Harry a dry look.

"I did apologize," Harry said defensively as he floated in front of Lily who had her wand out. She was levitating Harry and Fleur.

"How exactly did you apologize…" Lily's eyes narrowed as she looked at Harry.

Harry said, "I said, I'm sorry and everything."

"That is a lie. He said that he was sorry that I'm annoying. He never apologized." Fleur said angrily.

Lily glanced at Fleur before looking at Harry again with scrutiny.

She was about to say something, but then a knock on the door stopped her, "It's time to leave." She said, "I expect you both to make up through the carriage ride." Lily said sternly. When she didn't hear a reply from them she asked, "Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." Both of them replied in tandem. They gazed at each other for a moment before turning their heads away with a 'humph'.


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