274 Chapter 274 Vanity Fair

Coming out of Filch's office, Felix pondered about what Lupin wanted to get back; all he knew so far is, that this item is related to his school days and most likely involves either Black or Peter the Dwarf's secrets.

Removing Filch's subjective filter, he gets two more useful pieces of information: one, Lupin and the others didn't care that the item got confiscated back then - at least not on the surface - but now Lupin desperately wants to get it back; two, the item has been lost, and it's hard to find out exactly who took it because it's been a long time.

Many of the young wizards who had violated the rules back then had graduated.

Lacking the key information, Felix could only secretly write it down and remember it for later use. He made his way to Hagrid's hut, where Hagrid is clearing the snow from the pumpkin patch behind the house, and Fang is running around him back and forth happily.

A gray Hippogriff is chained a short distance away, and when it saw Felix approaching, it smacked its razor-sharp beak and tracked his footsteps.

"Hagrid!" Felix shouted from afar, patting Buckbeak's pointed beak. It already became very familiar with Felix, so it tilted its head and squinted, enjoying his touch.

The burly man straightened up and casually stuck his shovel in the ground as he walked over, saying joyfully, "Felix, Mr. Scamander wrote back, that he finished the job! The case has been called back for a retrial!"

Felix nodded, "That's what I came here for. I received a letter too, we need to do something now, Hagrid."

"Do something?" Hagrid repeated, staring at him in confusion.

"That's right," Felix said in an affirmative tone, "Buckbeak's case is called back and there will be a retrial, which could take ten days or half a month, and this is not the time for us to wait... "

He looked at Hagrid's puzzled expression, and let out a sigh, " There is no distribution, it means they didn't characterize it yet, the situation is still against us, if we can pay a fine now, this matter is likely to end early."

Hagrid woke up, "So ... hearings, trials, there's no need?"

"The premise is that we have to be proactive and get involved." Felix said seriously, "My suggestion is for you to visit the Ministry of Magic, ask about the progress of the incident, and submit a fine if possible, and if not, justify the nature of the case: this is not a tamed magical creature that suddenly went out of control and hurt someone, but an accident caused by improper teaching operations."

He finally looked at Hagrid and said, "The initiative cannot fall on their hands, if the Ministry of Magic is focused not on whether Buckbeak is guilty or not, but on the severity of the charge, we will be in an extremely passive situation."

"Then I will go to the Ministry of Magic this afternoon!" Hagrid said excitedly, and he looked at Buckbeak through the window and said happily, "You hear that, Buckbeak, we see the light ..."

As February approached, Felix found himself interacting with the outside world more and more frequently, Lady Dorothea Bonham, Belby, and the Longbottoms, whom he expected, but in succession, some pen pals also wrote to him unannounced.

In the letters, they expressed their congratulations to him. Felix waited quietly, and within two days, three beautiful official letters arrived at the same time, one from the St. Mungo's Magical Medical Association, although the name has a "St. Mungo's", but in fact, it has little to do with the St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, at most, it can be said that they are both established in memory of the same person --- Mungo Bonham.

The St. Mungo's Magical Medical Association, similar to the Wizarding Court Wizengamot, Where here circles of top healers gathered together, except that this association members were more closely connected to each other and owned its own academic journal under its name, "Bezoar".

In the official letter, it enthusiastically praised Felix's outstanding contribution to the cause of magical healing, and it focused on two points: first, it invited Felix to name his own healing plan; second, it proposed to award him the 'St. Mungo's Medal' and invited him to become a member of the Magical Medical Association.

Regarding the former, he really couldn't think of any good name, so he simply followed the conventional naming method and set it as Hap Memory Healing Technique. As for the latter, Felix gladly accepted and replied with a thank-you letter.

The second official letter came from St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, the letter introduced the clinical data of his treatment plan, which is highly effective so far, and also has achieved positive effects on some stubborn memory damage, and the current Dean invited him to make a magical portrait, which is "an honour for every pioneer".

Felix could hardly imagine his portrait being hung. But the thought of each portrait being the equivalent to an ear and eye, made his slight discomfort immediately disappear, and he asked in the letter if the portrait could be done by himself, and St. Mungo's would only need to provide some measurements.

The last official letter came from the Ministry of Magic's Wizengamot administration, and the wording on it is a serious one, announcing that he has been nominated as a candidate for the Order of Merlin, and asking him to provide information as per the attachments for all Wizengamot members to review and use.

Felix complied, one by one, which is the process that everyone who receives the Order of Merlin in the academic field goes through, and Belby did the same last year.

His name began to appear frequently in the newspapers, and the Daily Prophet devoted three days in a row to highlight his contributions, including a recap of his exploits in France, stating that "this is a belated honour."

During meals in the great hall, he always found the young Hogwarts wizards carrying various newspaper clippings and whispering in the corners. In addition to the newspapers, it also related to the fact that he had been receiving a lot of letters from various owls lately, and Felix got tempted to cast some shielding charm on himself, but such things can only be thought of.

One afternoon, Professor McGonagall brought in a young witch with a strange expression, and she introduced her, "This is a reporter from Witch Weekly, and she is here to interview you ..."

After the regular interview, the reporter asked him to pose, Felix felt like a mannequin, and after a dozen photos, he firmly stopped the process.

The female reporter said with a frustrated look on her face, "We can take better-looking photos, Mr. Hap, you will be a strong candidate for this year's 'Most Charming Smile Award' ..."

Felix winced, "Sorry, I have no such intention." He hurriedly ended the interview, and while dining with Snape, he couldn't help but lament, "I don't even have time to do research these days, Vanity Fair is also an arena~"

Snape scoffed at his sentiments.

Only in early February, Everything eventually subsided, and the ice and snow gradually melted, the open space at the entrance of the castle, unknowingly already full of life.

The young wizards took off their thick winter coats and cloaks, took off their scarves, and sat in groups by the lake on the south side of the castle, lazily basking in the sun while watching the giant squid swimming in the lake.

In this laid-back atmosphere, Valentine's Day arrived.


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