31 Harry Gaunt - Chapter 31

Harry tripped over an empty bottle. "Bellatrix," he said as he flicked it away through the leaves. "I've told you. There's nothing interesting here."

It was just a boring sub-urban town. Which had litter within every field and push that they'd walked through thus far.

"I just want to see it." Bellatrix held onto his hand as she led the way through the trees. The forest didn't bother her apparently, not with Harry's light shining above them. "You'll have to teach me that."

Bellatrix had already tried to copy it, but it just wasn't that easy.

"I can teach you right now. Let's go back." Harry tugged Bellatrix back a bit, which seemed to have the opposite effect as she laughed happily. "Tempting." She stopped and let Harry come to her side. "But no. We're almost there anyway."

She gave his hand an encouraging squeeze.

"I'm sick of this forest," said Harry, deciding he'd do something about it as he stepped behind Bellatrix. "Hold still. And don't let go." He brought his hands around her middle.

Harry didn't want to drop her.

"Okay." Bellatrix eagerly wrapped her arms around his, feeling warm and content as his hands held her steady. "Should I do anything?

"No." Harry took a few deep breaths in preparation. "Just keep your eyes open. You'll want to see it."

She held onto him, leaning back against his chest. Bellatrix left nothing to doubt when it came to Harry, she liked touching him, and much to Harry's frustration, he liked touching her too.

"Here we go."

Bellatrix felt the ground fall away as they rose into the air, her vision clouded by a smoke that covered them in an inky shroud. She could still see, but it was like her body wasn't there anymore, like she and Harry were just a cloud as they floated above the trees.

They picked up speed. The light from Harry's Lumos completely gone now as she set her eyes on the town ahead, which was approaching faster and faster with every moment.

Harry was right she thought, there wasn't much here as they touched down by a flickering street lamp by a children's park. There was a large field of mown grass as well.

Bellatrix's body come back to her a moment later, then felt Harry's as he took a deep against her back. "Harry?" She slipped around in concern, facing him as her hand let go.

He was sweating.

"It's alright," he said, settling his breath as he gazed down at her. "It's a lot more physical than you'd think. And you're heavier than I thought."

"I'm very slim." Bellatrix countered with a teasing grin. "Couldn't you tell?" She remembered very well where his hands had been, not that she minded one bit that they'd been there.

"Of course you are," chuckled Harry as he stepped around her, moving them away from the light while he glanced at the all the houses spread around the playing field. "Well, we're here now. Shall we go?"

There was a path leading away between the houses, which could only guess led to the town.

"Yes, let's go." Bellatrix was excited again, and this time slipped her arm through Harry's like a lady always should.

Harry took a moment to adjust to it, then settled with his hands in his pockets while she clung to his elbow.

"No, wait." Bellatrix changed her mind as she fished his hand out from his pocket.

"Make up your mind," said Harry as he sighed. "We need to decide on some ground-rules too. Along with the rest." He could already guess that she'd object to less handholding. "It's this way."

Harry led them across the grassy playing field, his gaze looking off between the different windows and doors still lit up.

Bellatrix tightened her grip.

"You don't like me touching you?" she whispered, glancing down at their hands as they walked. "T-there's nothing wrong with holding hands. Lots of people do it."

They were eighteen. What she and Harry did was up to them, not anyone else.

"That is true," allowed Harry as they neared a wall. "But we're different. You're different." He shouldn't have to explain what it meant to be a daughter of House Black. "What I mean is - we're-"

Bellatrix tugged him round so she could see him, the two coming to a stop within the gloom. "I know." She said forcefully to him. "And I hate it. This should be our choice, not theirs!"

Bellatrix looked away in frustration. It wasn't fair.

"Let me tell you about my plans," offered Harry. "You might not be so sure after you hear the-"

Harry felt a pinch against his hand.

"Bellatrix." He stepped gently towards her. "Just listen. Please." He looked into her eyes, the light just enough to see her growing distress.

Harry didn't want to hurt her. "That man you heard me speak of," he began, getting a cautious nod in return. "He's going to try and take over Britain. And as you know, it's already begun."

He would reveal himself soon. Harry was sure of it as Bellatrix made a quiet scoff. "Walburga seems to think he can do it," she said sullenly, thinking the woman a complete idiot for believing it. "They all do. But Harry, why is that your problem? It's the Aurors, the Ministry-"

"They're useless." Harry turned away. "They won't fight him. He's a Gaunt, he won't be beaten by the likes of them."

Harry had to be the one. And he would be, he'd make sure of it as he turned back to her.

She looked at him, pained as she held his hand. "B-but Harry, it's madness. You can't fight him all on your own. He's supposed to be a Dark Lord right?" Bellatrix was incredulous, even if she knew how strong Harry was. "Maybe you were right. Maybe we should just leave."

Bellatrix had what she wanted, and it was right here. She refused to him killed.

Harry looked down at the floor "Harry," she whispered, reaching up to show his face. "You don't have to do this. Whatever happened before that you cannot tell me." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Stay with me…"

She whispered into his neck, resting her cheek against his skin.

Harry hugged her back, holding her as his fingers curled into the back of her robe. She felt so warm, so unlike his life until now.

"I-I want to." Harry murmured as he felt her hands travel down. "But I must do this. H-he must die."

She touched him, her fingers smoothing against him….


Harry's breath caught in his chest, he breathed her in as her hand wrapped around him. She stroked him gently, murmuring in his ear... "…hold still now." She titled up towards his face, staring with lust as she looked into his emerald eyes.

They were beautiful, foggy with desire just for her as she gripped him in her hand. She'd do this for him. He wasn't going anywhere as her strokes became faster and faster.

"Guh, Bellatrix- wait-" He kissed her softly, panting as she returned it with a need of her own.

Harry's robe was in the way. "Take us back," she whispered, shivering as his hand came up across her nipple. "H-harry!"

Harry listened, picking her up as her legs wrapped around him. He kissed her still, his hands holding her up around her bottom.


Harry broke away with alarm. He couldn't apparate.

"H-harry?" panted Bellatrix, her head coming up as she searched his face. "What's wrong?" She followed his gaze as he looked towards the trees in the distance.

Bellatrix ducked her head. There were people coming out through the trees. "Oh my-"

Harry was already moving, carrying her towards the shadow of a garden wall. "I can't apparate," he whispered into her ear. "They're here."

It was only too similar to how they'd done it before.

"You can't be serious." Bellatrix hissed into his ear. "Can't you push through?"

She adjusted herself in his arms, his attention removed from the trees as his hands slipped up her skirt.

Bellatrix giggled.

"I'll set you down now." Harry said quickly as she found her feet. "And no, it'll be just like before. Only bigger this time." He took her hand and brought her to his side. "This ward is massive."

What on earth were they planning. Harry couldn't just break through or every muggle within a mile would be out and about, wondering why it was their windows had shattered.

Even more would die.

"You must go Bellatrix," explained Harry as the men began to gather at the far edge of the field. They hadn't seen them yet. "Keep running until you can apparate, it'll only be a mile or two."

He looked to his side when she didn't answer. "Bellatrix?"

"I am not running off through a strange muggle street," she said, her gaze set afar as she watched the men organise themselves. "And you're not staying here either."

She didn't want Harry to fight them. It wasn't worth it, even if Harry seemed to think it as his thoughts ran quickly.

"Let's run," said Bellatrix. "We'll go through the town. Then apparate from there."

The path was towards the light down the wall to Harry's right. They had to go now before they came.

Harry seemed to have had other plans.

"Don't you dare." Bellatrix grabbed a hold onto his arm with her other hand. "We need to go!" She kept her voice down, but no less urgent as Harry stayed put, staring at the men with a blankness to his gaze.


He snapped out of it. Bellatrix clung to him. "Alright, let's go." Harry glanced around, then led her down along the wall towards the tarmacked path.

Bellatrix held tight to him, her steps evening out as they disappeared from the fading light.




Cygnus gathered the men at the field they're scouted the day before, one that was perfect in every wat as the men prepared for the attack. The Dark Lord was very pleased with their work, he'd even given Cygnus a special award.

There had never been a wizard more powerful than Lord Voldemort. Never. Cygnus had seen things that had struck fear and awe into his very soul, nothing could compare to the might of Salazar's heir.


"I can't believe I missed him," he said beneath his breath for the umpteenth time. "Stupid cow. She should have informed me at once."

Cygnus boiled at the insult he'd been given. As he still did after Arcturus banished him from Grimmauld Place.

The audacity of the man. Cygnus was far more important than Lord Black could ever hope to be. He'd been chosen, the Dark Lord's very best as Yaxley stepped up to speak to him.

"Sir, we're ready." He donned his mask.

"Good." Cygnus copied him. "Let's make this count. It's the last we'll be doing for a while."

The Dark Lord had other plans they were to implement, one's far more impactful than killing sheep within their uniform houses. "Begin."

Cygnus gave the order, staying back while dozens of Death Eaters spread out across the field. More had come in through the trees. He looked proudly upon them, seeing well through the slits of his mask, until, something caught his eye. Movement by a park to his far left. "Hmmm?" He spotted two muggles running down a path in the shadowed light. "Likes rats."

He set off in their direction. They had about 20 minutes from the first spell being cast before the Aurors showed up, which would have been 40 minutes if that nut, Lord Gaunt, wasn't living up to the madness of his ancestry.

Cygnus had seen the report himself from his spies within the Ministry. Gaunt had almost killed a man, and over a small fine for apparating without a licence. "He's no good."

The young lord was sure to be a liability, and an unknown to boot despite his obvious ties towards the Dark Lord.

He was keen to meet him, the Dark Lord that is, but Randolf and the others had advised against it. It was too soon.

"Now where are they," he muttered as he arrived by the path, his wand in hand as the sounds from the explosions begun to reach him. "Such fun."

Cygnus would have fun when he found them.




Harry and Bellatrix were running down the pavement, being forced to after the smoke thing Harry didn't have a name for failed to work. He said he'd never technically been taught it, just copied it from someone else as they turned down a different street.

The ward was far bigger than they'd thought.

"Harry." Bellatrix panted. "I can't keep going." She began to slow.

Harry looked slightly behind, seeing Bellatrix come to a stop beside a tidy driveway. She wasn't used to it.

"Okay." Harry surveyed their surroundings, thinking how best they could get out here. He didn't like running away, but with Bellatrix here, he shouldn't risk it as his eyes settle on a ghastly coloured car just behind him.

It was beige. And looked like it belonged to Aunt Marge. "We'll take this," said Harry with a gesture for her to follow.

"A car?" she said with recovered breath. "You can drive one of those?" Bellatrix had some serious doubts as Harry arrived at the door. "I am not getting in that."

She put her foot down. She was a Pureblood witch, not some muggle.

"Fine. Stay here." Harry waved his wand across the door locks, which clicked open before he climbed inside.

He watched her through the windscreen.

She'd crossed her arms, standing unimpressed at the end of the driveway.

Harry started the engine, remarking at the clever charm Arthur had invented. He was a truly clever man as Bellatrix finally came, stomping up to the passenger door before Harry flicked it open.

She climbed inside. "Happy now?" The door snapped shut as she tried to get comfortable. "We're no better than muggles."

Harry laughed. "I like muggles." He reached across to strap her in.

She kissed his cheek unexpectedly. "Of course you do," she said. "But I don't."

Bellatrix only liked the clothes they made as Harry strapped himself in. "They can be a bit bumpy sometimes."

Harry shifted into gear.

Bellatrix put her hand on the door handle.

Harry had to admit as he pulled away, that he didn't like the idea of stealing someone's care. It made him feel like a boy again, somehow living up to what the Dursley's had always said about him. He glanced at Bellatrix, sitting like she would within an elegant chair with her knees together.

She was remarkably composed as they went over the speedhumps, especially when a van came speeding towards them on the other side of the road.

Though, she did lean away a bit.

"Harry, can you finally explain what Arcturus asked you to do?" she asked, taking this opportunity to quiz him as they slowed for a stick with a red light on it.

"He asked that I spy for him," returned Harry, his gaze looking idly towards a small supermarket by the junction. "He thinks the Dark Lord will try to undermine Hogwarts, get the students on-board and into his ranks." Harry had to commend the man's insight. "And I agree with it. But it's already too late."

Every Slytherin who was anybody was involved somehow, hoping to climb up and become a part of the 'Pureblood Revolution.'

"That's his goal," added Harry. "He wants to take control of the Pureblood houses, then use them to further his goals." The light turned green. "Whatever they turn out to be."

Harry could still feel the wards settle over them.

"I see." Bellatrix worried her lip as the car trundled on. "I suppose we can already guess who's involved. Lestrange and Malfoy, and the rest of them." She swivelled to face him. "Do you know what he wants? The Dark Lord."

Harry turned down another street. "I don't think even he knows. Except for power, any power he can get his hands on."

It had never been clear what his final goal would have been, he'd seemed to be waiting for Harry to be removed before he furthered his goals.

"And what's your plan?" Bellatrix asked as they approached a street with little shops on. "If you just wanted to kill him, why not seek him out and be done with it?"

It seemed to her a simple matter for someone like Harry, who she knew without even asking had done things like that before.

"I wish it were that simple." Harry explained with a tightening of his hand at the wheel. "Do you know what a Horcrux is?"

He heard Bellatrix gasp.

"He has them," he continued, glancing her astounded expression. "It would be pointless. I need to find them first."

Harry daren't tell her any more than that. Especially that there was at least one within the walls of Hogwarts.

She'd probably be off looking the moment they arrived if he did.

"H-how do you know that?" she said quietly as Harry slowed the car down. "He couldn't have told you. Nobody would. Is it because you're family? Did you…" She looked at him carefully. "Grow up with him?"

Harry didn't answer as he parked in an empty space along the high street, the ward finally gone as he turned the engine off. "No," he said to her. "But I've known him for some time. He's much older than me, in his sixties now I should think."

Wizards aged differently. Voldemort was in his prime whereas Lord Black, who was well over 150 years old, was not.

"I am sorry Harry." Bellatrix could see how affected he was, how he held at bay all the things he was feeling. "I'll try not to bother you with questions." She rubbed his arm, tugging the fabric of his sleeve in her usual way. "Promise."

Harry laughed blithely. "You're not a bother Bellatrix," he said, looking to the side into her eyes. "And while I still think it would be best for you to stay clear of all this." He gave a pointed look, which she ignored. "It seems that I have no say in the matter. You just won't leave me alone."

She was here and that was that, and she'd grown on him. Bellatrix was far different than how she was during the future.

"Exactly." Bellatrix's tugged his hand into her lap. "Now we can get started."

Harry blinked at her. "With what?"

"Winning of course," she said, patting his hand before searching for how to get out of this thing.

Harry flicked his hand and unlatched the door. "Watch the road," he advised before getting out as well. The two clicking the doors shut before Bellatrix came to the pavement.

She reached for Harry's hand, then without delay, the two disappeared.

Across the street stood a man with a silver mask, disillusioned as he watched it all beside a worn brick wall.

He gripped his wand in his hand, utterly confused as he was incensed by what he'd seen.

Bellatrix, with a muggle?

Cygnus removed his mask. "Dear Merlin." He was going to have to speak to his wife. Druella would know what to do as he turned away. "Stupid cow."


Cygnus disappeared.


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