12 Chapter 12

~Heaven, God's throne~

Michael was keeping an eye on God's system, pondering about his deteriorating connection to it when suddenly his connection to it was ripped out, the suddenness of it caused a considerable amount of pain causing him to collapse on the floor, Gabriel who was keeping him company rushed to his side and tried helped him up.

"Brother? What's wrong?!" Gabriel asked, concern evident on her face.

Michael who was able to compose himself looked into his sister's eyes "I don't know how it happened but my connection to father's system is gone..." he grabs hold of his chest in pain and slowly gets up with Gabriel's help.

Suddenly both Uriel and Raphael rush into God's throne room, Uriel rushes towards Michael, Raphael following close behind "Brother another spike of Holy energy was detected on British soil, it was massive! The sensors indicate a real miracle has occurred."

Michael and Gabriel's eyes widen in shock "What? How? Miracles have stopped occurring since father's death! It shouldn't be possible for a miracle to occur! What was the miracle?!" Michael all but forgot his pain upon hearing this news, while Gabriel watches on in curiosity.

Uriel gulps while Raphael nervously looks away "...Someone was brought back to life..."

Michael can only stare at Uriel in shock not believing that it really happened while Gabriel lets out a gasp "That's not possible... No one has been able to bring anyone back to life without the use of the devil's evil pieces or the Sephiroth Graal... and father could only do it with help of the system".

Uriel only continues to stare at Michael letting him know that it did indeed happen when Raphael speaks up "D-do you think Harry Potter is involved? We know he's able to wield holy magic, Azazel confirmed him to be the one to destroy Bran castle and we now know he was the one to cause that enormous spike of holy energy in London more than a year ago...".

The four archangels look down lost in thought, Harry Potter had become an enigma for them, he's reported to be able to wield holy energy but at the same time he was known to be very powerful and ruthless, also those strange creatures he seems to control are too dangerous to even approach him, the church and heaven decided to never provoke his wrath, not after what he had done to the Gregori, Azazel is still trying to fix the animosity that has fallen upon him for his negligence.

Gabriel has been curious and a little bit afraid, they know Harry Potter can wield holy light and he was reported to be very powerful but she had sensed his energy and sure it was massive and intimidating but there's was kindness there that she was curious about, she wanted to meet him, to know what kind of person he is, the merciless monster that the fallen angels fear or was he the kind protector the yokai seem to love and respect.

Meanwhile, Michael needed to find out what has happened to his connection to his father's system and something is telling him that Harry Potter has the answers "Gabriel I want you to take a few exorcists and ask for a meeting with Yasaka, meet Harry Potter and find out what is going on but do not provoke him, we can't afford a war with him and those creatures he keeps with him".

Gabriel nods and flies off towards the Vatican determined to meet Harry potter.


~Kyoto, Japan: Palace kitchens~

The group was cheerfully eating lunch and talking about their day however their peaceful meal was suddenly interrupted when the girls tense up causing the adults to look at them curiously.

Yasaka spoke up to question Kunou "Kunou? What's wrong?" Kunou turned her gaze towards Le Fay who nods and claps her hands creating a dome around everyone guaranteeing that they wouldn't be overheard, Kunou turn to her mother "Mom a bunch of energy signatures appeared out of nowhere, they appear to be human but there's a lot of Darkness in their hearts" Yasaka narrows her eyes and turns to look at Sirius and Remus who nod in understanding and instantly Apparate away to let the guards know.

The girls get up and begin to walk out with Ereshkigal and Yasaka following close behind them.

Kunou is the first one out of the palace gates and looks around, out of nowhere a bunch of humans appeared in a black mist, Le Fay and Valerie walk up to stand beside Kunou and stare at the invaders preparing themselves for the incoming conflict, Yasaka and Ereshkigal look upon the humans appearing from behind the girls.

Cao Cao takes a step forward and mockingly bows to them "Greetings... " the girls glare at the arrogant human, they automatically know that this man was so sure of himself and his victory that it grated on their nerves, they were ready to show him how wrong he was while an irritated Yasaka steps up "What is the meaning of this? Who are you what are you doing here?".

Cao Cao chuckles causing Yasaka's eyes to narrow "We apologize for intruding but we are the Hero action and we have need of your help Lady Yasaka, Leader of the Yokai faction" Kunou frowns and discreetly signals Valerie and Le Fay to get ready.

Yasaka frowns and responds "I'm afraid that I will have to decline..." Cao Cao smiles "You don't have a choice Lady Yasaka".

Heracles and Sigfried step forward, Heracles speaks up with a cocky grin while slamming his fists together while Sigfried takes out a sword that gives off demonic energy feel to it "Hahaha do feel free to put up a fi-argh!" Heracles was cut off by a powerful kick to the face from Valerie; who moved so fast that no one in the Hero faction was able to see her move; sending him flying and crashing against the ground. Sigfried was able to react and attempt to slash at her back but out of nowhere she pulls out a handgun and shoots at him forcing him to block with the demonic sword in his hand but the force of the shot sent him flying.

Meanwhile Le Fay claps her hands one more time and this time a giant dome surrounds a wide area around everyone, George widens his eyes and tries to use his sacred gear Dimension lost but it doesn't respond "Cao Cao that witch used a spell I don't recognize, she cut me off from Dimension Lost, I can't teleport..." Cao Cao looks at George in shock and was about to speak up but was interrupted when he had to block an attack from Kunou's keyblade from above with his spear causing him to bend a knee and growl in exertion "You won't get away! Le Fay's barrier blocks all forms of teleportation!" As soon as her feet touched the ground Kunou twirls on a foot and kicks Cao Cao away and follows after him, another member of the hero faction, a female named Jeanne, was about to follow them but she and George had to jump to the sides to dodge a blue fireball however they were sent flying by the explosion caused when the fireball impacted the ground Le Fay rushed towards Jeanne with a thrust of Clarent, white lighting can be seen dancing dangerously around the blade.

Jeanne in an effort to not get hit by such a dangerous attack created a wall of holy swords with her sacred gear Blade Blacksmith to block Le Fay's thrust, only for it to shatter upon contact with Clarent and causing a burst of white lighting sending Jeanne crashing against a tree, George tried to blast her with a giant bolt lighting spell but Le Fay swung Clarent at it and sent it flying back towards George catching him by surprise, as soon as the spell crashed against him, it severely shocks him causing to scream in pain "Ahhhhh!" he falls to the ground, his body twitching in pain while Le Fay glares at him and walks towards him once close enough she proceeds to stab him in the heart and unleash a burst of lighting ending his life.

Valerie was keeping Heracles and Sigfried occupied by shooting them with dark elemental bullets that were slowly draining their life force causing them to weaken and move sluggishly, the duo tried to get close but the vampire would dance around them and kick them away, however in a fit of rage Heracles roared and tried to blast her with his sacred gear Variant Detonation but Valerie transformed into a group of bats and flew away from the explosion only to reform above him, her red eyes glowing and pointing both Ebony and Ivory at Heracles, she charges her handguns and shoots him with two dark element charge shots hitting him and spreading a dome of deep black darkness around him, his screams of agony are heard for a few minutes until they stop and the dome dissipates leaving only his smoking skeleton, Valerie softly lands on her feet and turns to glare at Sigfried who is now sweating profusely, meanwhile Yasaka took on her giant ninetails form and began to attack the many monsters created by the wielder of the sacred gear Annihilation Maker Leonardo, who began to sweat as she easily destroys them.

Ereshkigal pulls out a cage-like spear and jumps to attack Connla who tried to block with his sacred gear Night Reflection's shadow manipulation only to be split in half by her spear "How foolish... to think you believed that you could block a divine weapon with a sacred gear Hmph!" she takes off flying over to help Yasaka and lands on her head, {Tehehe I wonder if I can convince Yasaka to try to do a 'bijuudama'? the way Harry described it made sound so cool and fun!} she began to shoot out black lighting from her spear at the many monsters created by Annihilation Maker putting even more pressure on Leonardo who was now beginning to sweat and breath heavily.

Meanwhile, the palace guards along with Sirius and Remus who is in his werewolf form began to attack the rest of the hero faction, who were caught by surprise by the unexpected attack on them and their leaders and one by one began to be taken down, the combination of Sirius's dark and powerful curses from the Black family and Remus agile and fast claw attacks quickly decimated the sacred gear wielders who didn't even have time to summon their gears.

~With Cao cao and Kunou~

Cao Cao landed on the ground harshly but quickly recovered and prepared his sacred gear, a holy spear, and the original Longinus, he stood and looked in disbelieve as his faction was being quickly overwhelmed "H-how... this doesn't make any sense! Harry Potter should have been the only one to watch for!".

Kunou lands in front of him and points Star Seeker at him "Did you really think the Yokai faction and us would stand idly by while Harry-sensei protected us? Le Fay, Valerie, and I have been training hard along with the rest of the yokai! We want to protect him as much as he protects us! even mother and Eris have been training!" she glares at Cao Cao.

Meanwhile, Cao Cao can only gape in shock at Kunou's declaration, he growls and begins to twirl his spear "We're the Hero faction! We're the chosen protectors of humanity! We will kill all the supernatural beings and bring peace and freedom to humanity!".

Kunou only shook her head in disappointment "You aren't heroes... sensei told me that a hero doesn't choose to be one, they become one because they tried to do the right thing, you're just bullies with hearts full of darkness and hate... We won't let you keep walking around and continue to cause death and chaos!" at that moment Kunou's keyblade began to glow as her heart filled with determination to protect her people and family and thus her keyblade evolved once more, its name echoed in her head "Destiny's Embrace..." she smiled and griped her Keyblade's handle tightly as the light begins to dance around her.

Cao Cao began to sweat, this isn't how it was supposed to go, they were supposed to overwhelm the guards and kidnapped the young kitsune in front of him forcing Yasaka to cooperate with them but now they were facing true monsters instead and they're being defeated one by one.


~Rookery, Lovegood's living room~

After a delicious lunch, Pandora and Luna dragged me into the living room and sat me on one of the comfy couches there, both mother and daughter excitedly asked me about where I was, what happened to me, and my reason for attacking Dumbledore and leaving the British magical community.

I thought about it for a minute, whether to tell them or not but in the end, I decided to fully trust them and so I told them about the game, meeting Ereshkigal, about the other worlds, that I was a member of the Yokai faction and about my power.

Their reaction? They were excited and curious about all the things I learned, the people I met, and the many creatures I'd seen.

We talked for a few hours and Pandora, Luna, and I were talking about the kind of magic I learned about and I was asking about my mom something that Pandora was super happy to talk about, however, I suddenly tensed when I felt the girl's energy spike {Huh? What are they doing?} Pandora and Luna stare at me in confusion as I close my eyes to focus and try to sense what's going on {Everyone is fighting... but they seem to be doing all right on their own. Hmmm, the enemy are... humans? Why would humans attack a supernatural faction? Are they stupid? Looks like I'll have to ask what's going on once I get there but for now, they don't need me to intervene hehehe am so proud of you girls...} I open my eyes and smile at both Pandora and Luna, who smiled brightly back at me.

Out of nowhere, Luna spoke up excitedly "Oh~ Harry can I see that weapon you used against that old goat?" I chuckle at Luna's nickname for the old fool and summon Oathkeeper and show it to her, her eyes sparkle so much that I decide to show off a bit and summon oblivion too, both girls clapped and smiled brightly.

But suddenly Luna became entranced by the black key-like weapon in front of her, it look so mystical and beautiful, it was like something was calling out to her, it was that black key-like weapon, it was reaching out to her and she gave in, she reached out to grab it, something that surprised its wielder but Harry allowed her to hold it and as she did both her and the Keyblade glowed in purple darkness.

Oblivion had chosen the last of Harry's students, a new wielder of darkness has appeared, a kind and gentle beautiful darkness.


~Kyoto: Kunou's vs Cao Cao~

Both Kunou and Cao Cao's weapons were clashing at high speed, their weapons striking each other releasing sparks and loud bangs, however, it was evident that Cao Cao was struggling to keep up, while Kunou was calm and relaxed and it infuriated him, but in one exchange Kunou charged fire on her keyblade and the moment it clashed with his spear an explosion was unleashed sending him flying, smoking, and burnt from the blast.

He was just able to land on his feet and glare as he lifted his spear, holy energy began to surge up from it "Balance break-what?" he was about to unleash his sacred gear's balance breaker, he had smiled triumphantly as he saw the too familiar orbs begin to form when he saw his opponent point that strange weapon of hers and yell "'Ragnarok!'" his eyes widen in shock as he witnesses multiple orbs of light shoot out and destroy his balanced breaker before it even finished forming.

Kunou disappeared in a flash of light and appeared right in front of him her weapon ominously glowing with light "'Arcs Arcanum!'" and all Cao Cao saw, was the young kitsune swinging her weapon too fast for him to react, the pain was too much from the numerous strikes hitting him and by the time he was sent flying by the combo he was already unconscious before he even crashed against the ground.

Kunou walked towards where Cao Cao lay unmoving "Hmph! That was boring... hmm what did Uncle Sirius say to always do?... Oh! that's right! always make sure to double tap!" with that said she points her keyblade at Cao Cao's chest "I've wanted to try this since sensei gave it to me... Holy Firaja!" I fireball made of white flames shoots outs from her keyblade, quickly she jumps back in a flash of light, and the instant the holy fireball made contact with Cao Cao it exploded into a pillar of white swirling flames, turning the Hero faction's leader into nothing more than ash.

"There! Now let's see if anyone needs any help" She takes off flying towards where the others were fighting, she knew that more than likely they didn't need her help but sensei told her to never underestimate her enemies and to always have your teammate's backs and she always listens to her sensei.

~Valerie vs Sigfried~

After having killed that loud-mouthed human Valerie glared at Sigfried who was nervously holding his demonic sword in front of him "This is just a guess but the hero faction is part of the Khaos Brigade isn't it?" Sigfried tensed up and Valerie smiles "Huh? I guess I got it right, I recognize that glasses-wearing mage, he was the one who brought all those devils and fallen angels to Bran castle, I saw him walking around the castle before I tried to escape".

Sigfried glares "balance breaker!" four metallic arms sprout out of him, and he then summons a demonic blade on each "It doesn't matter if you know that, I'll just have to defeat you!" he lunges toward Valerie and swings all six of his swords, each one hitting Valerie however none of the swords are able to penetrate her skin, she just stands there with a deadpan on her face while Sigfried stares in shock "W-what? But how?!" he was about to jump back but stop himself when he felt the cold barrel of one of her guns below his chin, all he could do was look into Valerie's eyes in fear and anger.

Valerie only smiles at Sigfried "Harry showed us how to reinforce our bodies with ki, even if you and your little club were somehow able to hit us with your weapons, it wouldn't do anything to us, you lost this fight before it even began but don't worry... we'll send the rest of your friends to you soon enough" with that said she pull the trigger and blew Sigfried's head off in pieces, his body fell to the ground twitching and Valerie stare at the swords, now on the floor "Hmmm might as well take them" She shrugs and picks up the swords, she puts them in her pocket dimension "I'm sure Harry will find something to do with them" She shoots a charged fire shot at Sigfried's body and incinerates it as she walks off towards where Le Fay is fighting.

~Le Fay and Jeanne~

Jeanne stood up trembling from pain, the collision with the tree was hard enough to cause quite I bit of damage she looked up only to see George be easily defeated by Le Fay and could only stare in shock as she kills him.

Le Fay only continued to glare at the now corpse of George, she points her hand at his body and fires a stream of flames cremating his body instantly Jeanne in anger creates two holy swords and lunges at Le Fay who without even moving or looking at Jeanne creates a shimmering green magical barrier around her stopping Jeanne's attack cold "Why did you do that? He was already dead! There was no need to desecrate George's body like that!".

Le Fay made the barrier burst pushing Jeanne back, she tilted her head lightly and look into Jeanne's eyes before she honestly answered her questions" My teacher told us to always make sure to destroy an enemies body, you never know when some necromancer or a sexually confuse snake..? I'm still not sure about that one, would use their bodies and revive them or turn them into monstrosities that would later become too much of a pain in your butt to deal with".

Jeanne gaped at her reasoning but couldn't really argue with that logic, then Le Fay glared at her making Jeanne tense up "But you don't have room to complain, you attacked us first and what was your plan anyways? Just walk in here and beat everyone? Did your leader really think that it would be that simple?".

Jeanne could only look to the side in shame.

"..." Le Fay was left speechless.

"Are you guys stupid!... Who thinks that they can attack a supernatural faction and get away with it that easily?! And you're all human! Sure all of you have sacred gears but as you can see that really didn't help you!" Le Fay points at a giant Yasaka in her ninetail fox-form who has a cackling Ereshkigal riding on her head and shooting black bolts of lighting while she slams her tails destroying any creations of Annihilation maker.

Jeanne looks down in defeat and lets go of her swords "I surrender... just please don't kill Leonardo, he's just a child and we pushed him into this... I'll cooperate and tell you all I know".

Le Fay stares at Jeanne for a minute but then nods and creates a small magic circle on her ear "Lady Yasaka, don't kill the kid, one of the hero faction's leaders has surrendered, the boy was pushed into this" I didn't take long for Yasaka to respond "Got it! I'll let Ereshkigal know to knock him out, good job Fay-chan!" Le Fay smiles and points a hand in Jeanne's direction "Seal!" Jeanne's body glows in gray light for a second and she felt her connection to her sacred gear vanish, then Le Fay proceeded to hit Jeanne on the forehead with Clarent's hilt knocking her out, was it necessary no not really but she did enjoy it.

Kunou and Valerie walk up to Le Fay "All done Fay-chan?" Le Fay nods and looks back at Kunou "What about everyone else?".

Valerie spoke up "Sirius and Remus are already done dealing with the rest of the Hero faction, the Anbu guards helped and they overpowered them quite easily" She lets out an amused giggle "Harry is going happy that his suggestion to create the Anbu corps was a success".

Kunou grins "What about mother and Eris?" Le Fay points at where Yasaka and Ereshkigal are walking from, an unconscious Leonardo was being dragged by the scuff of his uniform by Ereshkigal, a few minutes later Both Sirius and Remus join up with the group "That was fun! I haven't had a chance to let loose in a long while!" Sirius cheerfully exclaimed while Remus looked at Jeanne "Prisoner?".

Le fay nodded "Yes, she surrendered with the condition to not kill that young boy Ereshkigal is dragging around, she has information on the Khaos Brigade that we can use" Everyone nodded.

Suddenly a voice speaks up from behind them "It seems like everything is already over, did you guys have fun?".

Everyone turns around and sees Harry walking out of a dark corridor along with two light blond females, Kunou, Le Fay and Valerie rushed towards him the moment they saw him, causing him to widen his eyes in shock and fear, but it was too late the girls crashed into him and dog pile him while excitedly telling him about their battles causing Harry to grin and look into their eyes "I'm proud of you guys" the girls blush but smile at their sensei's proud look in his eyes.

Yasaka was about to speak but out of nowhere she felt something tugging at her tails causing her to look back only to spy a pair of bright silver eyes looking back at her "..."

"..." They stare at each other in silence until the owner of those pair of silver eyes smiles brightly "They're very fluffy!".

This made everyone laugh "Well, and who might you be little one?".

The pair of silver eyes shined in excitement "My name is Luna! I'm Harry's new student! I'm a keyblade wielder now!" Kunou squeals and jumps into her mother's tails and hugs Luna who was happy to return her hug "Yes! A fellow keyblade wielder!".

Everyone turns to Harry who had gotten up along Le Fay and Valerie "Yeah... it seems Oblivion found someone compatible with dark-type keyblades, as of now Luna is the chosen wielder of darkness".

Everyone turned and stare and the gentle and kind-looking girl and then back at Harry "I know, I know but just because she can wield darkness it doesn't mean that she has to be evil, wielding darkness is about accepting that part of yourself besides I doubt Luna is even capable of being evil" he turned to introduce Pandora only to find her missing, he looked around and found her touching and asking a poor Tengu, who looks a tad bit traumatized "Errr... the woman who might be sexually harassing that Tengu over there is Luna's mother, Pandora Lovegood, apparently she's a friend of my mom" everyone sweatdrop as they watch Pandora leave the poor Tengu shaking and in tears and move on to a Kappa who couldn't move fast enough to get away.

Remus spoke up "Oh that's right, she was good friends with Lily back in Hogwarts, she even helped your mom prank James, Sirius, and me a couple of times, boy was she vicious, I still remember how she curse all four of us to be furless for months in our transformed forms and took pictures..."

Sirius barked out a deep laugh "It was great! a stag, dog, and werewolf running around hairless and pink all over the forbidden forest!".

Everyone chuckled at the funny images.


~Ottery St Catchpole, Rookery~

Meanwhile, Xenophilius Lovegood returned home and found a note floating right in the middle of the living room, knowing that this was from his beloved wife he approached it and grab it, and he began to read it.


My love,

I died but was brought back to life by Lily's son Harry! apparently, he's living with the Yokai faction, isn't that exciting! I've always wanted to meet a yokai!

Anyways Little Luna was apparently chosen to wield a powerful and ancient weapon of darkness! called the keyblade, so we left for Kyoto so she can learn how to wield it, I left dinner on the kitchen table under preservation charms! I'll be back in a week, to visit and make sure you're doing ok and I'll be bringing souvenirs!

Love, Pandora.


Xenophilius gently and slowly folded the letter with a fond smile "How nice, I wonder if the yokai will let me take a few pictures for the Quibbler".

Cheerfully he walks to the kitchen and begins to eat his dinner but suddenly he stops "What's a keyblade?".

And so Lovegood's life is about to get very interesting.

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