3 Resist getting laid

Hisha's eyes stared at Rean, then at Kritz. He wondered how a warlord could be called low life. How weak could he be in comparison to his butler-like minion?

'Just what are you, Kritz?'

[Host, do answer so you save both our faces]

'How dare you mock me, HTC?!' Hisha internally made a strangling gesture on the system's notification.

Caught in a dilemma, he stared, unable to come up with the right words.

[Go with your guts, you dimwit!]

Following through with advice, he voiced his thoughts. "Do away with his existence, his disrespect needs to be treated accordingly. If a warlord can't maintain his position, he's of no use to me."

Kritz's smile turned dubious at his lord's answer. "With pleasure, my lord."

Stepping on Rean's arms, Kritz pulled back on his arms, his red eyes burning with excitement as he ripped out both arms.

"Aaaak! Aaahhh!!" Rean yelped in an ear-piercing scream, writhing in pain.

"I am not done yet," Kritz's voice turned sinister as he wrapped his hand around Rean's head.

Hisha had a stoic expression while watching, trying to prove much of his thoughts were in control and putting to practice what he had seen those in such power and minions act in such a gruesome situation.

Deep down, he was screaming for it to stop, the sight made my insides churn but the physical stomach hadn't responded to his thoughts. It could only mean whatever he was witnessing wasn't as rare as he thought it would be.

'Just who the hell are you, Hisha?' he questioned, looking at his body once more, before regrettably looking back at the gruesome sight.

Applying enough force, Kritz pulled Rean's head off his body.

'Fuck! What the hell?!' Hisha winced.

Blood gushed out from the severed limbs and head, inevitably dropping down in a pool of his blood.

The rolled head which had dirt, and blood, all muddled together in a paste covered the entirety of the face.

"I am sorry my lord for being so messy. I was overwhelmed with rage at how disrespectful he was to you." Kritz licked the blood on his hand clean.

Looking down at his body, he hissed in anger at the blood stains on his shirt.

'Are you sure it was just that?' Hisha had wanted to question, the previous exchange of glares between the two didn't go unnoticed, but it was best to simply raise his brows instead of the answer.

"It is time to leave? I would need to..."

[Don't you dare say rest, you haven't related with the first batch of your harem!!]

'First batch? How many are they in a batch?' he panicked at the information.

His eyes widened at the sound of HTC bicker in his head and the words appearing in front of him.

"My lord?" Kritz called out, unsure if he could continue. "You had wanted to request something."

[I watch your every move and action, host!]

'That is oddly creepy and disturbing, why the heck are you assigned to me?' Hisha narrowed my eyes, unintentionally causing Kritz to look down timidly.

"I apologize for questioning your actions." He gave a slight bow.

Realizing he was just mistaken, the glare wasn't directed at Kritz, but rather at the invisible interface that popped up whenever HTC advised or gave a nasty remark.

'That doesn't matter anymore." Hisha waved the issue aside with the wave of his hand.

He needed to trust HTC on this, it had already proven that it could be trusted to a degree. This was his chance to get to see why he needed to know what relation with his harem meant.

[Codename: Meretrix one]

"Lead the way to the meretrix one." He ordered.

Kritz had a big smile on his face the moment he heard his lord order the statement. This proved to him that his lord was finally accepting the arrangements that had been put in place.

"As you command, Lord Hisha!"

[Congratulations host, you have been awarded the stats log]

'What is a stats l–'

[Such a stupid host!]

The voice of HTC clicked its tongue and refused to answer his question, this only triggered Hisha's suppressed anger at such disrespect.

[Name: Lord Hisha]

[Level: 999]

[Height: 185cm]

[Position: Supreme Overlord]

[Ability: ??]

[Sux: 1000/1000]

[Meretrix: unaccounted]

[Points: 0]

[Exp: 0]

[Total number of your harem: 6969]

Hisha's eyes were glued to the number of harems–that was a crazy figure for just one person.

'This body should be the bane of so many single males out there.' Hisha chuckled, shaking his head.

Considering the level he was in, it was another shocking feat for someone who probably didn't do anything, with Kritz ever-present and ready to do his bidding.

'What's Sux?' Hisha raised a brow to the strange word.

[Congratulations on your first sensible question]

Hisha narrowed his eyes at the sarcastic comment, but let it go over his head.

[That is what you could call the baseline energy of all who possesses an ability. The higher the Sux, the longer the use. Once the Sux is exhausted, a user would need to replenish lost energy to use it once more]

Hisha nodded his head to the information.

'HTC, what's the exp for? I've got enough leveling to last for a while, don't you think?' He pointed at the exp bar.

Kritz looked behind him, narrowing his eyes at his lord's strange behavior but said nothing. Focusing more of his attention on leading the way.

[Finally, another sensible question. You get exp points when your meretrix is satisfied, completing a task, or making your harem stronger than they are currently]

[All you need is 69 points for your level up to perfection]

HTC snickered in his head, a devilish smirk of an emoji plastered at the end of the sentence.

'And my ability? That's somehow obstructed, why can't I access it?' Hisha pointed out.

[Your body and accumulated ability differentiate you from your subjects. The mere sight of another person's ability is enough to gain and use such ability at will, therefore it is impossible to allocate just one single ability to you]

'Great, just great. I got an ability even I can't put a name to, yet?' He frowned.

"My Lord, we are at meretrix one." Kritz stopped at the doorpost, pushing in the door and moving out of the way to let him see whom he would be dealing with.

"Alright." Hisha nodded in acknowledgment.

With a final bow, Kritz ran away like he had seen a ghost.

Looking behind him for a while until Kritz was out of sight, stepping in, the door slammed shut automatically.


His eyes widened, dumbstruck by the barely clad beautiful women. They were all dressed in a transparent lace mesh thin underwear set with short hollow-out panties and an adjustable shoulder strap triangle cup bra.

Taking a glance at all of them, the variety of colors of their matching sleepwear, and the varying cup sizes of those busts were a delightful mix to feast his eyes.

They all looked ready to devour him, as a mischievous grin graced most of their lips.

[Meretrix: 69]

'Looks like this would be my lucky day.' Hisha rubbed my hands in mischief, ready to finally see what this body could achieve.

[Task: Resist getting laid]

[Duration: till the cock crows in the morning]

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