5 A lustful immortal

[Exp: 56]

He was shocked that he had gained so much just by doing nothing?

The ladies that had been affected by his little show all displayed signs of their desire increasing by the second, this had sparked a chain reaction for Hisha's exp.

[Meretrix 01-01]

Zui walked back to Hisha, her hands around his neck. She had noticed how the others had reacted to such a show that was given.

"My lord, how about we give them a show that they are bound to remember?" Zui whispered into his ears boldly.

Skeptical about what she planned on doing, Hisha narrowed his eyes and shook his head. He would not be tricked by her cunning offer. Rather than go at it again with her, he would rather go on with another.

Scanning the surrounding area for another, he caught sight of a female with layered blonde hair which almost fully covers a small and oval-looking face. Clear hazel eyes, set innocently within their sockets, watching him timidly. Her fair skin gracefully compliments her nose and mouth and leaves a captivating memory of her body on full display.

She wasn't like the rest, she rubbed her shoulders, her other arm crossing over her bust, trying to cover herself up. She looked unsure and somewhat pure.

Hisha wondered how she had been chosen to be one of his harems and had tried to participate in the tournament.

[Host, do not be fooled by such innocent looks, look underneath the soft exterior]

Not understanding what HTC had said, he dismissed the warning, walking over to her.

Stretching out his hand, he pulled her up from the bed. Pulling her by the waist, feeling her hand still trying to obstruct them.



"Could you trust me?" He whispered, feeling her tremble slightly in his grasp.

Nodding her head, she lowered her arms, giving him full access to pulling her closer to him.

Her bust pressed onto him. He looked down at her, his brows raised at the poking feeling he felt on his chest. Pulling away slightly, he took into account the fact that her nipples were the culprit.

A behavioral change coursed through his body, feeling her body heat. He couldn't understand why this was happening but he instinctively pulled her closer.

Her face and body turned slightly red to the stare from Hisha. She had tried to maintain her ability for as long as she could, but his mesmerizing green eyes that pierced through her thwarted her plans.

"Solara, a little easy on the heat, would you? We are still interested in our lord's health." Zui cautioned, rolling her eyes.

'Health you say? More like your lord's body.' Hisha snorted in irritation at the subtle way her words were tailored.

Solara heated up in embarrassment upon hearing those words. She couldn't hold his gaze anymore, he had noticed her weird ability and like the others would push off her before he got burnt.

[Ability detected: Blaze]

[Pairing in progress]

[Replication complete]

Hisha narrowed his eyes, he could finally understand what HTC had said about his ability, this had just given him a clue on what he could call his.

'HTC, henceforth, my ability is called replicate.'



[Ability: Replicate]

Solara was shocked that he could withstand the heat she produced unintentionally. "I... I..."

Her words were hushed with a hand to her lips by Hisha. "You don't need to apologize, I can handle the heat."

The other meretrix watched with gaped mouths at how gentle he was with Solara.

Going as planned, he needed to keep in mind the mission, he was glad that he had managed to kill a few birds with just a sloppy kiss with meretrix 01-15.

All he needed to do was be spontaneous as he worked his way with Solara.



Raising her legs to his waist, he let her feel the bulge in his pants by pressing in on her covered crotch.

She let out a moan to the action, "mmmm!"

The heat was spreading all around the room as he ground onto her, temporarily not being in control of his actions.

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]


'HTC, what's happening?' Hisha called in a panic, noticing his hands reaching out for her waistband.

If this continues, there is no way he would be able to carry out the mission given to him.

[Reconstruction in progress]

[50% loading...]

[70% loading...]

[100% loading...]

[Reconstruction complete]

Hisha's hands stopped just in time.

The surrounding area stilled as Hisha looked around in confusion.

[Ability: Time manipulation]

'I didn't issue that.' Hisha protested with a frown.

[This is an automatic procedure, this allows you to freely converse with me without looking crazy]

Hisha hummed at the logical explanation, satisfied with the answer, he needed the question he had asked earlier answered.

[There was a glitch in the system, the original host's lust had been triggered, and had tried to take matters into his own hands]

Hisha internally facepalmed at the new information, he felt stupid for thinking he could fully be in control of the body he possesses.

[Lord Hisha was a lustful immortal who had to satisfy his urges somehow. Do not expect your virgin self to amount to such an experience. Only when you do surpass his, can you fully be in control of this body when situations like this occur]

'A load of bullshit, but I'll take your word for it.' Hisha narrowed his eyes, wishing to continue from where he stopped.

There were just seven more exp he needed to level up, curious to know what surprises that would bring for him.

Immediately after his time manipulation was deactivated, everything resumed as they were meant to. They all reacted as if nothing had happened.

His hand was still on her waistband. Pulling her in for a kiss, he fondled one of her boobs, feeling the heat that radiated from her crotch as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]

[Exp +1]


[Exp: 69]

[Level up!]

[Congratulations host, you have successfully gained an item]

[Do you wish to view the item]


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