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Chapter 95: Perverted Goddess's mess

Chapter 95:. Perverted Goddess's mess

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

- Heavenly Realm -

When my consciousness returned, I immediately open my eyes, looking around. I found myself lying in the middle of a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers, trees and sceneries.

I'm in Garden of Gods right now, home of the perverted Goddess.

When I sat up, feeling the cold breeze around my body. I noticed that I am completely naked.


Well, nevermind. I'm already used being naked.

I stood up then I stretched out my body.

Looking at the big stump on the middle of the garden, I didn't find the perverted Goddess anywhere around it.

"Gaia, where are you!?" I shouted around.


But, there was no response.

"Tch! That perverted Goddess... She called me here in hurry but she didn't even meet me. What is she even doing?" I spoke with annoyed tone.


*Rustle* *Rustle*

I heard a rustling sounds on the big bushes behind me.

When I turned around, I saw a giant black bear approaching behind me.

The giant bear and I stared at each other for a moment.

"Did the perverted Goddess asked you to take me to her?" I asked.

The giant black bear just nodded at me.

"Hahaha... Even you, are aware that she's a perverted Goddess."

The giant black bear turned around, giving me a sign to ride in him.

"Okay, fine. Let's go."

I jumped into the giant bear's back, riding on it.

The bear was bringing me somewhere.

Seeing an apple tree ahead of us, I stood up from the bear's back.

"Want some?" I asked the bear.

It just shook it's head.

"Okay then..."

I raised my arms, taking fruits on the apple tree we passed by.

I sat back on the bear's back, taking a bite on a apple.


"So sour!"

Arriving at certain part of the garden, the giant black bear suddenly stopped running.

"Is it here?" I asked.

The bear just nodded at me.

"Then... thank you for bringing me here."

The giant black bear ran back to the direction where we came from.

What in front of me is a deep forest full of tall trees and tall grasses.


I walked inside the forest, following a path with no grass.

Just few minutes later, I saw a tree house with several lamps lighting up the entrance connected a bridge going up to the tree house.


It's looks beautiful and living there is really relaxing.

"Even though she's a pervert. She is very good in making a house designs."

"Earth-chan, are you there?" I yelled.

"Come inside!" I heard a response from her.

I went and climbed up to the tree house.

Upon entering inside, the first thing I saw is Aqua, Gaia and Eris lying down on their futon.

My cheek twitched looking at their condition.

The three of them seems sick except Aqua who looks dead-drunk from drinking too much alcohol.

Gaia and Eris are both wearing facemask while Aqua is hugging a alcohol bottle.

Does God and Goddesses can get sick in the first place.

"Sun-kun... we have a favor to ask you..." Earth-chan is having a hard time to speak.

As a part time doctor, I can see that she have a sore throat. The problem is she's a deity so I don't know how will I cure it.

She sat up from her futon slowly.

"Gaia, you have a fever right now! You shouldn't force yourself." I quickly went towards her, supporting her to sit so she won't fall.

She was wearing a purple sweater.

She slowly opened her eyes, looking at me.



"Sun-kun, why are you completely naked?"

"I don't know. I'm already like this when I arrived here. Also I have nothing to wear here in the first place." I responded.

"Hehe..." she weakly laughed.

*Cough!* *Cough!*

She coughed.

I noticed that her hand is slowly moving towards my crotch, I immediately slapped her hand away.

"Don't be shy, Sun-kun. I'll make sure that it will feel good using my mouth." she said, having a perverted smile while heavily breathing.

I looked at her with disappointed expression, pinching her cheek.

"Aw, aw, aw. It hurts, Sun-kun. You're going to create another mount Everest on me."

"You're weakened right now and you have the energy to do perverted things. Just rest into futon and get well immediately." I scolded her.

"Hehehe... Sun-kun is worried about me and I'm happy about that." she giggled then said.

"Anyway, why did you call me here? You said, you have a favor to ask me, right?" I asked, putting her back in her futon.

"Yes, since Eris and I are sick while Aqua is unconscious from drinking too much. Any of the three of us can't do our job."

"What about your angels?"

"They're busy doing our compiled paper works."

"Then what's the favor you want to ask me to do?"

"You see, Sun-kun. I actually made a mess because of my sickness."

"Huh? What are you talking about. You're already sick in the head in the first place." I dissed her.

"How cruel, Sun-kun!"

"Then what do you want me to do? Clean up your mess?"

"No, I want you to guide someone to her reincarnation."

"I don't have the power to reincarnate someone just what you did to me." I said.

"Don't worry, Sun-kun. I personally reincarnated you by my own power because you're someone special to me. They're going lend you the reincarnation room used by Eris and Aqua where everything is automatic. You will be just there to guide the person and give her cheats then she will be automatically sent to the world which pointed by the device we used." She explained.

"If it's only that then, I'll do it. But why are you calling it a mess by you?" I agreed then asked.

"Actually, the God of Death mistaken what I requested him to bring me."

"What happened?" I asked.

"I asked her to bring me a Maple syrup for my pancakes but what he brought me is a person instead."

Maple? Sounds familiar.

*Cough!* *Cough!*

Earth-chan coughed.


*Toot~* *Toooot~*

I heard a truck horn outside.


That familiar sound.

"Sun-kun, the god of death has finally arrived. He came here to take you to that room."

"Okay then... get well soon."

I stood up.

"Sun-kun, before that!"


She lifted up her right arm, outstretching to point her index finger to me

"Can we point our fingers together? Please use your left arm." she requested with a smile.


I don't know what is she thinking.


I sighed then said,

"Okay, fine."

I extended my left arm towards her, touching the tip of her index finger.

The tip of our index finger touched together.


I felt a déjà vu. I only feel for a moment but I can't really remember what it was.

I just saw a picture of younger perverted Goddess crying.

"Hehehe..." she giggled while blushing.


"It's nothing, Sun-kun. I just remembered something in the past. You may go now. The god of death will guide you there."

I retreated back my arm, parting our index fingers from each other.

"Alright then... Get well soon, Gaia. And also Eris, stop playing sleep while peeking at me. I guess Aqua will be fine since from head to toe she's made of water."

I went outside, going down from the tree house.

*Toot~* *Toooot~*

I followed where the truck horn sound came from.

"Isn't this..."

Behind the tree, I saw a delivery truck with menacing aura.

It has no driver inside.


Reading what's written on the plate.

[Isekai Transport Service]

I can feel the truck was staring at me intensely.


Suddenly, the door to passenger seat opened.

"Oh, you want me to get inside."

I cautiously approached it, climbing inside the passenger seat.

*Toot~* *Toooot~*

The door closed on it's own then it's started to run.

*Broom!* *Broom!*

Suddenly, the utility box opened itself in front of me.

There was a clothes inside.

"Oh, thank you very much for the clothes, Truck-kun."

*Toot~* *Toooot~*

That was his response.

When I wore the clothes, it's was a white Yukata with pink border on the neck part.

Looking at myself in the side mirror,

"Hehe... Not bad."


The truck started to move, going to a certain direction I don't know.

Suddenly ahead of us, a blinding light lit up, shrouding everything outside the truck.

When the light disappeared, the truck stopped and the door on my side opened.

"Is it here?"

I went down from the truck.

We arrived into a dark room with an office desk and chair. In front of it is another chair.

The sidedoor of the truck closed then it moved, turning around and then it stopped.

The back of the truck opened,

What the truck is doing?



A coffin flew out from it's back.


When the back of the truck closed.

*Toot~* *Toooot~*

After that, it went away, disappearing slowly like a ghost in the distance.

That truck gives me creeps.

Anyway, let's get started.

(To be continued.)

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