Harem System: An Implosion on This Wonderful World


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Chapter 243: Yud Bet

Chapter 243: Yud Bet

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

- Fairy Tail World -

---------Having a big celebration party in the guild, everyone was already wasted from drinking while the children went back home before sunset.

I said my goodbye to them then I went to visit Grandpa Rob's home to where Erza and other children from the tower of heaven are currently living.

They were happy with my souvenirs that I bought from another world then I told them the story of my normal adventures.

Of course, Erza was staring at me with suspicious eyes because she knows that I twisted my stories a little bit to make it sound like a normal adventure.

Night already arrives and everyone was already sleeping. Erza took me outside their home and I kissed her lips, saying my goodbye before I left her. I looked at her girly reaction and smiled as I disappeared in the dark.

After that, I went to visit Mirajane in the middle of the night and knocked at her window. She woke up and let me inside her room, and she seems to be very embarrassed being alone with her in her own room.

We had a nice long chat and we talked about our relationship as she officially became one of my lovers. Before I left her room, I also kissed her in the lips and she seems look happy. We waved our hands from each her with a smile on our face then I jumped from roof to another roof.

Arriving in the deep forest outside Magnolia Town where Kurumi is waiting for me. As I walk forward, a lot of fireflies-like creatures flew out from the grasses lighting up my surroundings.

Ahead of me, I saw Kurumi sitting on a boulder while waiting for me.

"You took your time."

She spoke letting the firefly settle down on her index finger.

Scratching the back of my head,

"I just went to Erza and Mirajane's home to have a nice little chat with them. I didn't notice the time... I'm sorry Kurumi... this day was suppose our date but--

"It's fine! Shouta-kun..."

Kurumi glanced at me with wry smile.

"You are too busy and didn't have any time for your friends and family here. Seeing you having fun with them is already enough for me to consider this as a fun date."


I was surprised of how thoughtful she is to me.

"But what about you, Kurumi?"

"Don't mind me, Shouta-kun... A date should enjoyable and we do it together not because of the quest but because we decided it together. Aren't you suppose the prideful Sun God? The one who only decides? Well... it can't be helped with your new daughter's life on the line."


I went towards her and embraced her from behind her back.

"Thank you..."

She leaned her head towards mine with full of affection,

"It's okay, Shouta-kun... You just have to make up for me next time."

"Yeah, I swear to you Kurumi."

Kurumi patted my head in silence.


"Hehe... You really are the best girl Kurumi."

Her smile became menacing, pointing her gun on my head.

"What? I'm just telling the truth? It's a compliment."

"Shut up, Shouta-kun... I don't like being called by that embarrassing title."

Suddenly, notification screen bar appeared in front of me and Kurumi saw it too.

[A date with Tokisaki Kurumi has been completed.]

[You're quest reward 'Plum Blossom Flower' will given to you.]

"That counts as a date?"

Checking my quest menu,


Harem System Special Quest (Date A Live World)

(1/1) Go on a date with Fauna(Completed)

(1/1) Go on a date with Tokisaki Kurumi(Completed)

(0/1) Go on a date with White Queen(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with Shiramine Risa(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with Kujou Karen(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with Shiori(On progress)

Failure: Can't redo the quest.


Almighty Farming Tool [✓]

Plum Blossom Flower [✓]

3 Harem Invitation

20 Engagement Ring


Luck Stat +50


A light appeared in front of us as it turns into a beautiful flower.

Kurumi lifted her hands, catching the flower in her palm.

Looking at the flower in her palm, she embraced it on her chest.

"My sweet little girl... finally..."

"This is..."

I was amazed by her affection on the flower.

"Hu Tao, you can come out now."

Suddenly, flower lit up a blinding light as it turns to a smol little girl.


The little girl embraced Kurumi back calling her as her mother.

She has a fair complexion and her eyes are a bright scarlet with white, blossom-shaped pupils, faded red makeup painted at the corners. She has extensively long dark brown hair fading to crimson at the tips. Her hair is styled into two high twintails parted with a zig-zag pattern. Her bangs are side-swept to her left, the layers framing her face curled inwards and the layers behind curled outwards, two shoulder-length locks of hair in front of her ears left loose.

She's wearing a black porkpie hat emblazoned with a wooden talisman, adorned with a red plum blossom branch in bloom, along with an indigo tassel tied in a looped knot. She's also wearing a traditional red shirt with a mandarin collar, a black coat with a darker collar and sleeve cuffs, and black shorts with gold accents.


"I'll introduce to you, Shouta-kun... This is our magical daughter, Hu tao."

"Who Tao?"

"It's Hu Tao, Dad! H-U-T-A-O! Hu Tao!" the little girl pouted.

"Okay, Hu Tao..." I patted her head.

Letting go of Kurumi as she puts down Hu Tao.

"It's already dark... Let's go back, you two."

Kurumi grinned then she grabbed my collar and pulled me, kissing my lips.

When she let go of my me,

"Now! Come to me... Zaphkiel!"

The clock appeared behind her as she pointed her flintlock pistol on twelve.

"Zaphkiel... Yud Bet."

Pointing her gun on my forehead.

"Hey! What are you doing, Kurumi?"

"Sorry, Shouta-kun but I'll be sending you to the past of this world."


"I want you to meet someone from the past."

"Wait! Wait! Wait! What are you talking about?"

"We don't have time, I'll explain everything later."


She pulled the trigger and everything went blank.


(3rd Person's POV)

------In a barren wasteland which is dyed in flames, it was filled with lifeless dragons and human army corpses. It was aftermath of war with no one remained alive.


Haru was lying in the ground unconscious.


When his consciousness returned.


He immediately sat up looking at his surroundings.

"Where is this place? Kurumi?"

No one was responding.

Haru remembered that Kurumi sent him to the past.

But for what reason?

Kurumi hasn't responding to him.

He stood up looking at the corpses around him.

"This is terrible..."

He decided to walk around.

Checking one of the dragon corpse,

"These are high quality materials that I can use for crafting. It's such a waste if I didn't bring them home with me."

He took out a knife from his dimensional storage.

Since he has nothing to do and he's currently waiting for Kurumi to contact him, he decided to collect some material from the dragon corpses.

As he dismantle them, he buried the remaining parts to the ground and made a grave for it. He also buried the human corpses and uses the armors and swords as a grave sign.

While he's having a tough time dismantling some of the dead dragons because of its tough skin,

"Oh! I forgot about that!"

He remembered about 'Almighty Farming Tool' also as All-purpose Farming Tool that he got as a reward from the quest.

Taking it out, it was in a form of hoe.

"Let's test it out."

He doesn't want it to break so he decided to imbued it with Haki.

Swinging it to the nails of the dragon,


It easily slice through the nail cutting it down.

"Wow! This is amazing!"

It says in his system inventory that it was all-purpose so he tried to transform it in different kinds of tools and it works. It transform into rake, axe, machete, shovel, sickle and many more.

He was more amaze now of the all-purpose farming tool.

With this tool, he can easily dismantle the dragon corpse now and buried the remains.


One week has already past and he already finished taking all the materials he needed. He also buried all the corpse and finished all their graves.

Now, Haru has nothing to do and Kurumi hasn't contacted him yet.

Sitting under the tree near the lake, he look dazed while singing.

"Country roads... take me home..."

"To the place... I belong!"

"West Virginia... mountain mama..."

"Take me home... country roads..."

He looks home sick.

(To be continued.)

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