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Chapter 239: Nero in the City

Chapter 239: Nero in the City

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

----------------Arriving back in Date A Live World,


I didn't find Fauna around.

"Fauna! I'm back!" I yelled as I look for her.

Glancing behind, I saw her sitting on the bench while eating the blueberry crepe that I bought her.

My eyes widened in surprise when I saw three guys hitting on her.

"Hey, Lady... You look hot... How about we go somewhere together?"

"A beautiful girl like you shouldn't be alone here. You should come with us!" said by one of them while staring at her legs.

One of the guys sat beside my daughter, trying to move close to her while ogling at her large chest.

"Hehehe... You don't have to worry girl, we swear that we will take care and protect you."

Fauna was looking away ignoring them.

Seeing them trying to get close to her.

"Unforgivable..." I mumbled with menacing tone.

As I walk towards them.

*Rip* *Rip* *Rip*

My body slowly became deceptively large and bulky ripping apart my clothes in to small pieces, leaving me naked in my navy blue underwear shorts.

My body bursted in flames.

<<<Za Wan Ultimate>>>

When Fauna noticed me


The three guys turned towards to me.


They were surprised by my appearance.

"This is bad! Stop it, Dad!" Fauna stood up from her seat.

"No! Castration is a must! Divine Sword... Haru---"

Suddenly, branches extended from the tree behind us and grabbed the three guys.

"What's is this--Aaaah!"

They were pulled quickly, hanging them on top of the tree.

"Waaaahh! Something help us! There's a monster!"

"Help me--Hmmmmp!"

The branches covered their mouths to silent them.


I returned back to my normal form.

Fauna grabbed my hand,

"Let's run, Dad! Somebody might saw us!"


Fauna pulled me as we ran away from the scene.

Hiding in a place with no people walking around.

"What are you doing, Dad?! That was too much!" Fauna scolded me.


I look away from her,

"Tsk! Those bastard! If by any chance I meet them in afterlife, I'll send them straight to hell. To boiling of hell all the way down. Hehehe..."

"That's cruel Dad but only worthy people's soul goes to our Realm."

"How dare they look at my daughter with those indecent gaze! Next time I meet them, I'll gonna castrate their balls."


Fauna sighed,

"Anyway, Dad... Who's that blond girl behind you?" she asked pointing someone behind me.

When I look behind,


I saw Nero standing behind me.

"...Nero, how did you?"

"Praetor, I'm your servant. Whenever you go, I shall follow you and stay by your side."


"Now, praise me!"

She looks very proud of herself.


I just patted her head.


Seeing the sun settling down in the great far distance,

"Let's end our date here. It's already sunset."

"Okay, Dad..."


It was already dark when we're walking together in the streets with our surroundings beautifully lit up by shops and building.

Nero was strutting ahead of us.


"Praetor! This place is amazing!"

She was having fun sightseeing around.

"Well... this world might be dangerous but it's beautiful."

Fauna beside me was holding my hand and it seems she doesn't mind.

"Umm... Dad? Is something wrong?"

She noticed me staring at her.

"Nothing... It just that..."

I glanced down at our hands which is we're holding together.

"Dad... Are you being conscious about it? Don't tell me... you're seeing me as a woman than a daughter? We might not related anymore and you don't have the memories but... in soul you're still my father. Have you decided to make me you're woman, instead? No, you can't! I'm still your daughter! Kyaah!"

I looked at her with squinted eyes.


She hit her head gently,

"Tee-hee! Just kidding Dad... Hehehe..."


"Right now, you remind me of Gaia. You're really her daughter not just based on appearance."

She looks displeased, being disgusted by what I said.

"You know, Dad... That is upsetting, really."

Seems like she doesn't really that like Gaia even though they are mother and daughter.

"Do you hate her?" I asked curiously.

"Not that we hate really... Is just that... Aaarrgh! Let me tell something, Dad. Mom might be the one who gave birth to us but... Reginleif is the one took care of us."

"Reginleif? No wonder you treat your mom that way because of her perverted tendencies."

"Yes, Dad... Mom is really terrible for being a mother so Reginleif decided to take over that role of parent and teach us to be a proper Goddess. She's the one who took care of us, told us what's right and wrong and she also played with us sometimes when Dad was busy hunting food. She educated us that's why... don't think of me that I'm the same as my horny mom." she reminded me.

"Haha... I should be thanking Reginleif when I get back in Heavenly Realm."


"Umm... Dad? There's something I wanted to ask you?"

"Oh, what is it Fauna?"

She looks really embarrass.

"How long do you plan to walk around naked?"

Looking at myself, I was still in my underwear shorts and people around us staring at me.

I smiled, shrugging my shoulders.

"Don't mind it. I'm already used walking around naked in the public."

Fauna touched her forehead in headache.


While walking back home,



On the other side of the road, I saw Krul happily waving at me.

She's with Gaia, Esdeath and Kurumi who's carrying a bag of groceries.

I guess they went out shopping together.

Grinning, I waved back at her then run toward us as she crosses the road.

It was fine when I saw a green light sign but when I noticed a truck approaching fast towards her.

It's not slowing down.

"Not again..." I mumbled, taking out a throwing knife from dimensional storage.

I just dropped it down as I quickly dashed forward towards Krul.

Before Krul hit by the truck, I grabbed her and teleported back to my throwing knife, catching it before it fell on the ground.

Krul looks amaze,

"Wow... Husband. You're really fast but you don't really need to do that since I can stop that truck with one arm."

When I let go of her, she gaze at me with a smile.

"But I'll appreciate your effort. It just means you really care for me."

She kissed me on my lips for a moment.

"Thanks husband. Hehe..."


Her smile was beautiful.

Gaia and others arrived in front of us.

"Sun-kun, how's your date with your daughter?" Gaia asked me.

"Of course, it was fun. I want to go out together with my other daughters next time."

"Sun... your promise." Esdeath frowned at me.

"Of course, I didn't forget that. Let me just finish my quest here in this world before I'll go with you."


"Fine then... I'll be waiting. Hmph!"

She seems to be sulking at me.

I guess I should hurry up and finish my quest here.

Suddenly, a notification screen bar appeared in front of me.

[A date with Fauna has been completed.]

[You're quest reward 'Almighty Farming Tool' will be automatically placed on your dimensional storage.]

Checking my quest menu,


Harem System Special Quest (Date A Live World)

(1/1) Go on a date with Fauna(Completed)

(0/1) Go on a date with Tokisaki Kurumi(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with White Queen(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with Shiramine Risa(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with Kujou Karen(On progress)

(0/1) Go on a date with Shiori(On progress)

Failure: Can't redo the quest.


Almighty Farming Tool [✓]

Plum Blossom Flower

3 Harem Invitation

20 Engagement Ring


Luck Stat +50


Glancing at Kurumi,

"It's your turn tomorrow."

Kurumi smiled at me,

"Ara Ara, please take care of me Shouta-kun. But before that, can you please introduce your new woman behind you?"

Slowly looking behind me,

"I saw Nero looking inside the Family Restaurant."

She was looking at their menu.

"I want that borger."

(To be continued)

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