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Chapter 229: Battle Royal

Chapter 229: Battle Royal

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(3rd Person's POV)

- Date A Live World -

--------------In the middle of the road,

Haru immediately touched Origami on the arm,

"Crazy Diamond!"

Origami's whole body was shrouded in golden aura and her fatal wounds instantly healed which surprised Shidou.


Origami was not in pain anymore and she immediately sat up from Shidou's arms, checking her body.

"She's fine now."

Haru stood up then he went towards Kurumi.

"Don't move, I'll heal your wounds."

"No, you don't have to."

Kurumi suddenly grabbed Haru's wrist and pulled him towards her.

She was smiling as she gently held his head and kissed his lips.

Mio and White Queen was surprised from what Kurumi did.

Haru didn't resist and he just let Kurumi take some of his mana.

When Kurumi let go of him, licking her lips.

"Congratulations, Shouta-kun... I'm yours now. Feel free bang me just like you did with Hinagiku and Gaia if you're brave enough to take the wrath of your other girlfriends." she whispered close to her ears.

Haru's face became pale.

"That sounds scary, Kurumi."

"Ufufu... That's why, you have to do things with them in order of whom you got first in relationship with you. No one will complain if you did it with Megumin or Yunyun first."

"Yeah, but Nee-san and Yunyun are still too young for that so the order got messy when I wasn't able to endure it anymore."

White Queen was walking towards them with very furious expression.

"You two sure are pretty close. I never seen that guy around. I wonder who is he?"

Kurumi smiled at her,

"He's my boyfriend. Aren't you jealous?"

"I'm not! I'm going to kill the two of you!" White Queen retorted.

"Well... unlike the widowed first spirit over there, you died without having any experience with opposite gender."


White Queen became flustered.

"It must be hard for you, right? Imouto-san?" Kurumi said, mocking her.

White Queen trembled, being provoked by her.

"Haru, you take on White Queen while I'll face Mio--Huh?"

Kurumi found Haru depressed while sitting on the ground.

"Haru? What are you doing?"

Haru glanced at her with dejected expression.

"You're terrible, Kurumi. Why must you hurt me this way?"

Kurumi grabbed his shirt from behind, then dragged him.

"Haru, you get depressed on strange things. Come on!"

"What you said just now was applicable to me too, Kurumi. It must be hard for me too, right?"

"Harukin! We don't have time for that! They're coming now!"

White Queen charged towards them and swung her sword.

Haru grabbed Kurumi in his arms and immediately jumped very high while carrying her in his arms as he dodged White Queen's sword.

He summoned his Stand Dark Berserker as it grabbed Shidou and Origami, carrying them away from the battlefield.

Kurumi looked at Haru with squinted eyes.

"You know, Haru. I can easily evade that attack even without you helping me."

"At least let me act cool sometimes to you, Kurumi."

Haru just gave her a wry smile,

"Oh, really... I think you just wanted to touch my thighs." Kurumi grinned.

Haru looked away.

"Stop flirting in front of me!"

White Queen yelled in anger.

Haru took out his Excalibur from his dimensional storage again and parried all her bullets.

When he landed smoothly on the ground, he gently put down Kurumi.

Kurumi kissed him on cheek,

"I'll leave her to you. I'll take on Mio."

Haru grabbed her wrist,

"Are you sure? She's the strongest spirit, you know?"

Kurumi smiled on him,

"No, I'll be fine. Don't worry, I have a way to defeat her. Please trust me on this, Haru."

The two of them stared at each other for a moment then,


Haru sighed, letting go of her arm.

"Okay... but please be careful."


Kurumi nodded.

"I'll tell you this. Don't try to flirt with White Queen or you might regret it later." she said before going towards Mio."


Haru was confused of what she said.

Tilting his head,

"Is that a warning from her?"

White Queen charged towards him and swung her sword at highspeed multiple times.

"Atomic Slash!"


Haru was completely shock as he jumped away, evading all of her attack.

"From what Kurumi said, are you reincarnator just like me?" he asked her.

White Queen frowned at him.

"What if I am?"

"Can you tell me your name from your past life?"

White Queen pulled out flintlock pistol and pointed at him.

"No! I'll never!"

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Haru's expression turned serious and he moved his left arm, catching all her bullets with his hand.

Opening his hand, the bullets fell as it vanishes in the air.

Looking frustrated, White Queen ran close to him and pointed her palm.

"Shinra Tensei!"



A powerful shockwave tried to push Haru away.


Haru was still standing in front her, unaffected by her shockwave.


White Queen was surprised.


Haru suddenly remembered,

"Ah, that's right! I ate a devil fruit call Quake-Quake fruit so you're shockwave attack doesn't work on me since I'm a Tremor-human."

"Stop joking around!"

"I'm not really...." Haru denied.

White Queen used her sword to attack him again.

Haru just easily evaded all of her swing.

He took out some throwing knives and scattered it around.

"Atomic Slash!"

White Queen tried to cut him swiftly but he suddenly disappeared, escaping from her attacks.

Haru appeared behind her.

Being curious of her after what Kurumi said about the regret if he flirted with her, he slapped her butt from behind.

He felt something very soft.

"You pervert!"

White Queen glared at him as she turned and moved away from him quickly.

"How dare you touch me with your dirty hand?!"

Haru just smiled at her,

"What's wrong? Never touched by a man before?" he asked with mocking tone.

"Guys are nothing but trash. All they want is to slip inside under girl's skirt." she said with disgusted expression.

"Well... No wonder, you have no experience with guys if you thought like that. I'm telling you, not all guys are like that. You just have choose wisely. I bet you're a cute girl from your past life. There should must at least some guys who approached you, right?"

White Queen looked down, remembering her past life.

"No one."

"Huh?" Haru was surprised.

"No one dares because... my big brother chased them away."



Haru sighed,

"Such a waste... You're brother must be some good-for-nothing person to let such a cute girl like you to stay single. You should just left that worthless guy."

Suddenly, White Queen trembled.

"Take that back."


White Queen glared at him with teary-eyes,

"Take back what you said about him! You'll never understand how much he sacrifice just to save me!"

She started to cry.

Haru grinned, finding a chance to gather some information about her.

"I don't, but who cares? All I know that he is some kind of person who's a worthless, useless, incompetent, good-for-nothing, idiot, thickheaded, moron, pathetic, pitiful, creepy, disgusting, shameless, awful, terrible, weird, ugly, bum, unpleasant, despicable... Did I miss anything? Oh, that's right! He must be a scumbag Siscon!"

White Queen became really furious,

"I'm going to kill you!"

Pointing her sword on the ground,

"Scatter... Senbonzakura."

The blade of her sword separates into a thousand tiny, slender blade fragments that looks a Cherry Blossom petals which fly away from the hilt, leaving only the sword's handle in White Queen's hand.


Haru was surprised again.

"I'm going to end you with this ability." White Queen said with her face messed up with tears.

She pointed her sword hilt towards him.

All the blade fragments went towards Haru.

Haru immediately jumped away to dodge the petal blades.

"That cheat ability is troublesome..."

(To be continued.)

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