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Chapter 226: Spirit of Destruction

Chapter 226: Spirit of Destruction

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(3rd Person's POV)

- Date A Live World -

AST, are members or temporary members of the Anti-Spirit Team (AST) , a special unit within the JGSDF designed to suppress and eliminate the spirit by means of killing them.

Currently, they're going against the mysterious spirit known as White Queen with a name 'Eve' but they all taken down easily.

All the people are evacuating in panic.

One of the member of AST tried to stand up, gritting her teeth in anger.


Shidou ran towards her.

Origami pulled out a pistol gun and pointed at white queen.

"I'm going kill you, Eve! No matter what!" she said with full of anger.

"Origami, please stop it!" Shidou tried to stop her.

"I won't! I will never until I exterminated her!" Origami yelled with full of hatred.


She pulled the trigger.

The bullet halted in front of the White Queen.


"What?!" Origami and Shidou was shock.


They felt the repelling force and thrown away for a short distance.


Origami tried to stand up but her legs won't listen.

Her equipment was already badly damage and won't work.

All she can do was to glare at her opponent.

White Queen frowned at her, looking at Origami's eyes.

"Do you hate me?"


Origami looks really frustrated.

Her hatred towards spirits was so intense due to a Spirit killing her parents five years ago.

She took out something from her side and it eject a blade-like light to form a sword.


She stabbed it on the ground and used it as a support to make herself stand.

"Origami, you have to stop now!" Shidou said, standing up.

Origami ignored him as she took her sword stance.

White Queen closed her eyes,

"So... you still want to fight? Then as you wish. But know this..."

She remembered everything from her past, flashing through her memories.

- Flash Back -

Inside a room in a hospital, she was sitting on the side of her bed, happily waiting for someone.

Few hours later, she was pouting, sulking from waiting.

"Onii-sama is taking his time... He told me that he would buy me some snacks then clean the house before he come back here and get me. Moooo..."

Suddenly, someone enter the room.

Her expression became filled with happiness then glanced at the entrance door

But she got disappointed when she saw that it was just a doctor.


The doctor looks really nervous.

"Y-Your big brother has already fully paid your hospital bills so you may now able to leave and go back home."

She frowned at the doctor.

"About that, Onii-sama already told me when he visited me this morning. I'm just waiting for him to come and fetch me here."


The doctor's expression became complicated, looking away from her from nervousness.

"What's wrong?" she asked, having a bad feeling.

"About your brother..."

The doctor brought her to a certain ward room with people covered in white cloth on bed.

"Hey! What are we doing here? Where's my big brother?"

The doctor was not responding which made her very nervous.

They stopped on a certain dead person fully covered in white cloth with a lot of blood stains. The body shape was already unidentifiable.

She froze, seeing the dead body.

"I'm sorry to tell this... but your big brother, Arata Shouta died in an accident when a oil tanker truck ran over him."

Tears started to fall from her eyes.

"This is a lie, right? Onii-sama?"

She slowly walked towards the dead body of her brother in front of her.

"Tell me! This is lie! Come and get up already! You're just joking, right? This is not funny, Onii-sama!"

She can't believe what she seeing and forcedly tried to open the white cloth.

"Miss! Don't do that!"

A bloody hand fell down on the floor.

She was completely shock as glanced back inside the blood stained white cloth.

The doctor immediately placed back the hand inside the cloth and covered it.

She trembled and immediately embraced the remains of her big brother. Her expression was full of pain, shedding a lot of tears of losing something very important to her.

"Ugh... ugh... Uh... Uuuuu... Waaahhh! Onii-sama!" she mourned in deep sorrow.

Her brother sacrifice everything just for her and she can't now pay him back.

All of her relatives saw her as nothing but nuisance because of her health condition.

Only her siblings was there beside her, supporting her and giving her some courage to live. And her big brother is the only pillar that giving her hope to live on.

"Uhu uhu uhu! Uuuuuu!"

Another memory flashed through her eyes.

A memory when she was tied in the bed surrounded by men in a unknown room.

He saw a man that she recognized in the middle. It was the man whom her parents trusted on their company.

"Get away from me!" she struggled.

"This is my revenge to your brother! But he's already dead so I'm going to vent it to you, his useless little sister. As I expected, you're so naive just like your parents to trust me. But that bastard brother of yours crushed me down before I can even take over the company."

She was completely shock from what she heard.

"Do it!"

The man ordered his men as they came to touch her body.

"Stop! Get away from me!"

They ripped her clothes, started to grope her body.

"After this, your big sister is next. I'll make sure you siblings will suffer."

One of the men ripped off her underwear then enjoyed licking her private part.

The other men are groping her breast.

"I'm sorry, Onii-sama..."

All she can do is to close her eyes as they enjoyed defiling her body.

"I can't take it anymore, I'm going to put it in!"

"Then I'll go for her butt."

"Let's do it together at same time."


A loud sound of the door being forcedly opened.

"This the police! Don't move!"

They started to panic.

"It's the police! We have run!"

She was able to take off the tie in her hands then kicked the balls of one who's holding on her.


She was able to escape and ran away, jumping through the window.

Running through the unknown forest.

She was panting.

*Pant* *Pant*

"Don't let her go away! She saw our faces!"

"This body of mine should be for Onii-sama. I won't let them take it away."

When she arrived in the middle of the road.


The kidnappers saw her.

"She's over there!"


*Toooot!* *Toooot!*

Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw ten wheeler truck approaching fast towards her.

It doesn't have any driver.


- Flash Back Ends -

After remembering what happened to her past life.

She glared at Origami as she moved her right fist down.

"MY PAIN IS FAR GREATER THAN YOURS!!" she yelled as the ground started to tremble.

"What's happening?" Shidou was anxious looking around.

When he felt something and looked above, his eyes widened when he saw a humongous meteor falling down from the sky.

Origami was completely shock.


The white queen has a conceited expression,

"Those who tries to hurt me, I will destroy all of you!"

"Eve!!" Origami yelled in desperation.

"Hehehe! Tengai Shinsei."

<<<Shattered Heaven>>>

"Waaahh!" Origami screamed in anger.

Shidou jumped and hugged her in order to protect her.


A black sphere appeared, expanding as it destroys the whole meteor into nothing from the sky.

"What?! A Space Quake? Who?" The white queen was surprised.

"Ufufu... looks like I arrived back in this world on time."

A beautiful girl wearing a gothic lolita astral dress with uneven twin tails arrived in front of Shidou and Origami.

The white queen glared at her.

"Kurumi!" Shidou called her.

"Nightmare!" Origami glared at her.

"Ara Ara. How ungrateful of you from being saved by me."

"I didn't asked you to save me!" Origami angrily said."


Kurumi glanced at White Queen, smiling at her.

"Kurumi." White Queen mumbled, despising her.

"To think I will find another clone of mine. How amusing."

"Who's clone are you talking about? I'm completely different... I will never become a copy of someone."

White Queen took out a flintlock pistol and pointed at Kurumi.

Kurumi did the same and pointed at her.

"Ara, aren't you just the inverse form of mine?" she mocked her.


"Shut up!"

"Ufufu... I'm just joking. I know you're not really the white queen."


White Queen was surprised then she frowned at her.

"A different soul is dwelling inside that body, right? Imouto-san?"

Suddenly, both of them pulled the trigger.


(To be continued.)

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