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Chapter 209: Raiser Vs Oppai Dragon

Chapter 209: Raiser Vs Oppai Dragon

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

- Highschool DxD World -

----------After Issei barged during the engagement ceremony, Raiser became angry and ordered his guards to seize him but Kiba, Koneko together with Akeno-nee helped him and defeated all the guards together.

All the devils came to the ceremony was confused of what's happening but Sirzechs with his wife Grayfia appeared before Rias and. Raiser, and told them this was a little entertainment that he prepared for them.

He wanted Issei to go against Raiser in a duel to make the engagement party exciting. He wanted to see the power of the dragon he possesses and show his power to the High-class nobles around.

Issei and Raiser accepted the duel and face each other in the arena.

I was invited by Sirzechs outside in the garden of the house and watch the duel over there with him and others.

All the other devils followed after us and teleported too in the garden.

I just accepted his invitation and left my daughters to their mothers then I followed after him.

Reginleif insisted to bring her with me and Sirzechs was fine with it.

Arriving at the garden, there's a large screen above us that fully shows the whole arena.

We walked to the hidden part of the garden which is not far away from the crowd.


I saw Azazel and Vali together with other great Satans. I was surprised when I saw a handsome looking man with long blond hair and green eyes.

He's wearing a red robe with a gold cross on the front of his white alb. He has golden shoulder plates with a white sash and a golden halo set above his head.


"Hello, I am Michael. I am the leader of the Angels. Nice to meet you, Sun God." he lifted his right hand towards me.

I hesitated to take his hand,

"...Nice to meet you too. You can just call Haru."

I guess I'm overthinking things.

I took and shook his hand.


He look surprised then glanced at my face carefully.

"...Is something wrong with my face?" I asked, being confuse of his reaction.

"Hmm... Something... feels familiar about you."

He moved close to my face.

I felt chills on my spine, shivering with my getting paler.

What's with this guy?

He's too close to me.

Akane and I are already having nightmares about Salty boy and Mika's relationship, and it became worst when we known about Astolfo and Kazuma's hot relationship.

That's why, I felt really creepy when a guy move close too much towards me while touching me.

I immediately moved back from him, pulling away my hand.

"Ugh... Sorry, Michael-san but I don't swing that way."


I immediately turned towards Reginleif beside me and I hugged her behind.

"Reginleif! Please purify my emotionally scarred heart."


I heard someone moaning.



I moved my hand, groping something.

I felt something soft and big.

"Mmmh<3! Haru... that's..."

Wait a minute! Reginleif was not suppose this big.

When I looked to whom I'm hugging, my face went pale, sweating profusely when I realized that it was Akeno.


I immediately let go of her.

"I'm sorry! I thought you were Reginleif." I apologized, slightly bowing.

"Ara Ara, Haru-kun. Hugging a girl out of nowhere. That's a bad thing to do. A cute boy like you must be punished."

I bowed to her again multiple times.

"I'm sorry, Akeno-oneechan! Please forgive me!"


Akeno smiled at me.

"Okay, I'll forgive you. But in exchange... Ey~"

She jumped on me, hugging me behind my back.


She sniffing me behind my ears.

"I can't resist my urge anymore, Haru-kun! You're just so very cute that I want to take you home now. I want to cuddle with you and sleep with you tonight! Ufufu..."

She turned my face close to her.


I'm in danger...

She looks like she been craving for me.

I seen this multiple times with the women who's stalking and chasing me in my home world.

There's no mistake...

She became a genuine Shotacon because of me.

Rias grabbed her shoulder,

"Umm... Akeno? You're acting strange... This is inappropriate in front of the leaders of the three factions." she tried to stop her.

"Rias, this is rare chance for me since his girlfriends are not around him." Akeno replied, breathing heavily.

Rias cheek twitched hearing her response.

"It has started."

Reginleif said behind me as we glanced at large screen above.

Rias looks worried about Issei.

Issei said that he would defeat Raiser in 10 seconds which Ravel, Raiser's little sister didn't like.


I yawned, rubbing my eyes.

"What's wrong, Haru-kun? Are you sleepy? I guess boys at your young age should be sleeping this time." Akeno asked while embracing me behind.

"Well, yeah. You're right, Akeno-oneechan. I have to go back already with everyone since the Oppai Dragon will win this time. Everything will go well and Rias can go back her friends, right? Sirzechs-san?"

I glanced at Sirzechs with a smile.

"How can you be sure about that?" Rias asked me.

Glancing at the screen above,

"Recently, the Oppai Dragon has been using his power indecent way but now he's in desperate situation that he can lost someone dear to him which

is you Rias. He will do everything just to take you back even he sacrifice a part of his body. This time, he'll take him seriously."

"Issei..." Rias mumbled looking at Issei at the screen.

Issei charged at Raiser while trying to activate his Boosted Gear.

"Balance Breaker, Boosted Gear... Scale Mail!"

He was clad in red dragon armor which shocks everyone.

Raiser and Issei charged on each other.

The fight goes on and he was in the losing side until he used the rosary hanging on his Boosted Gear and punched Raiser to weakened him.

Issei was about charge but 10 second has passed and his red dragon armor disappeared.

Issei now is in pinch as Raiser grabbed his collar, lifting him up.

He brought out a bottle of holy water and splashed it on Raiser's face, making his face melt and unable to regenerate.

"It's over." I mumbled.


Akeno heard and glanced at me.

"It's Oppai Dragon Win." I followed.

Issei poured the remaining holy water on his boosted gear while talking too much and used this chance to attack by punching through Raiser's solar plexus making groaned in pain,kneeling down on the floor.

When the match was over, the arena deformed and slowly disappears.

Ravel took her big brother and flew away while Issei propelled in the air.

Akeno let go of me,

"Sorry, Haru-kun. Let's continue this next time. I should at least congratulate this Oppai Dragon your talking about." she winked at me then flew away towards her friends.

Rias followed after her in hurry.

Koneko caught Issei and congratulated him together with Akeno-nee and Kiba.

Koneko threw Issei towards Rias and caught him.

They celebrated together as Rias and Issei ride on the griffon together and kissed in the sky.

Sirzechs said, the engagement now is good as broken with a smile on his face.

Glancing at Sirzechs,

"Now, may I ask what is the leader of angels and fallen angels doing here? Even the Butt Dragon is here."

"Butt Dragon--Pffft!" Serafall chuckled.

Vali frowned at me,

"Who are you calling butt dragon? Don't compare me with that weak red dragon emperor!"

"Of course, if you're the Oppai Dragon's Rival, that means you're the Butt Dragon." I explained.

"If you keep mocking like that, I don't care if you can stop time or something. I'm going to defeat you!"

A pair of white Dragon wings on the Vali's back, with eight energy feathers.

I just grinned at him.

He activates the Scale Mail armor of Divine Dividing, cladding himself in white dragon armor.

"Vanishing Dragon, Balance Breaker!"


*Vali! It's too early for you to fight him!* Albion warned him.

"I don't care! I want to know how strong is he!" Vali responded.

He slightly ducked down and lunged himself towards me, throwing right fist.

"King Crimson, Activate." I mumbled.

*Thung!* *Brrrrrrrrrrng!*

He was just moving according to the future I saw without him conscious about it.

I just moved around, passing him while smiling.

*Vali? What's happening?* Albion spoke.

Vali was not responding,

*Vali! He's behind you!*

"It's useless, he won't realize." I spoke.

After erasing 10 seconds of time.


Vali hits nothing and stopped immediately on spot.

"What?! Did he stop the time again?"

He quickly turned towards me, gritting his teeth in anger.

*No! It's different, Vali. It's not a time stop. He has another strange ability.*

"I'm not finish yet!"

Vali launched himself towards me again, throwing his fist.

"I guess, this will be enough for you."

Using my pinky finger in my right hand, I concentrated the power of the sun on it as it flared up.

When Vali got close to me, I thrust my pinky finger on his shoulder, piercing through his dragon armor.

"Mini- Divine Spear... Harukin."

I just slightly tilted my head, dodging his fist.

Pulling away my finger, blood came out from wound on Vali's shoulder.


He grabbed in pain his bleeding shoulder.


"His small finger destroyed my armor? Impossible!"

The wound I made on him is deep.

I guess I overdid it.

Vali's dragon armor disappeared.

*Vali, you should stop this. He's too strong for you right now!*

"This is impossible! Just how big the difference between me and him!"

He was frustrated.

"Just like how the Oppai Dragon love girl's big breast, I, the Thigh Dragon love girl's Thicc thighs as much as him. As a Butt Dragon, thou shalt love girl's soft butt. That is what you lack." I told him with serious tone while pointing at him.

He looked at me with disgusted expression then looked down, holding his head.

"This must be a nightmare!"

(To be continued.)

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