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Chapter 192: Fruits of Hardwork

Chapter 192: Fruits of Hardwork

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

- Alternate Konosuba World -

---------- Morning arrives,

Inside the Adventurer's Guild, I was sitting on the dining table waiting for those three girls to arrive.


I yawned, leaning on the table.

Right now, I'm wearing my white Yukata with pink collar and wooden sandals.

I'm still wearing an white eye patch to cover my crimson right eye and my barcode birthmark so that no one will know that I'm actually a Crimson Demon.


A waitress approached me.

"Are you ready order?" she asked me.

"Sorry, Miss. I am waiting for my companions to arrive here." I responded with smile.

"Okay..." she slightly blushed, walking away.

Few minutes later,

One of the three girls finally arrived.

It was Nee--No! It's Megumin.

She has a very tired expression while eating an apple.


Sitting beside me,

"Is something wrong?" I asked her.



I heard a long rumbling sound.


It was her stomach.

She looks really weakened because of her hunger.

Even though she and Nee-san are the same person.

The difference right now between them is quite big.

The Megumin here looks malnourished and her body in thinner unlike Nee-san who looks energetic and healthy with her thighs thicker than her.

Also I just been noticing it just now...

Seeing the chest of Megumin here, there's a difference between her and Nee-san which is Nee-san has a bigger chest than her.


*Sniff* *Sniff*

I became teary-eyed.

"Huh? What's wrong with you? Why are you crying?" Megumin asked me.

"Nothing, it just that... the fruit of my efforts and hard work for many years has showing up. I just can't stop myself from crying." I responded, wiping my tears of happiness.

"Oh... Okay...."


Megumin lied down her face on the table.

"I'm hungry... The apple I picked at the tree on side of the road wasn't enough to fill my stomach... ugh..."

"Those two are really taking their time..."

I glanced at the waitress,

"Miss! May I take an order now?"


The waitress quickly went towards me, giving the menu.

"Thank you."

Taking the menu,

"Hey, Megumin!"


Megumin lifted up her head and glanced at me.

"While waiting for others, you can order anything you want. It's my treat." I gave her the menu.

"Is that true? I can order anything I want?"

She stood up quickly and getting close to me.

She was delighted.

I just smiled at her,

"Yeah. Order anything you want. But don't eat too much, we have to travel later. Don't worry, I made a lunch enough for everyone."

"Yay! I want this! I want this! Even this!Also Add this! I want this also..." Megumin pointed everything she wants in the menu to the waitress.

"Umm... Is this really okay?" Waitress whispered, asking me.

"Don't worry, Miss. My debt went to buy some milk and I'm rich now." I responded.

"Huh?" she didn't get what I said.

"Anyway, I want to order some tea."

"Sorry... but there's no tea on the menu."


Half of an hour later, Aqua and Darkness finally arrived together.

Aqua was the first to approach me,

"Aren't you two too early? I just woke up--"

"No, you two are late!"

I pointed at Megumin beside me who has satisfied expression.

"Look at her... she already ate a lot of servings of food while you girls are still sleeping soundly in the morning."

"What?! Where did you get some money for you to order a lot of this, Megumin?" she asked her.

Megumin pointed at me,


When Aqua turned towards me, she grabbed my collar.

"Hey! What about me? I still didn't have any dinner last night---"

I took the menu on the table then pushed it on her face.

"Then come early to the meeting place and don't overslept!" I retorted.

When she took the menu,

"Order anything you want. We can't go on a quest with an empty stomach." I said, drinking some lemon juice.


She immediately called a waitress and orders a lot of food.

Glancing at Darkness who's being shy to approach me,

"Hey, Lalatina! Why are you still standing there?"

"Huh?" she was surprised.

"Come here already and order your breakfast. We still have a lot of preparation before we go on a quest--Huh?"

I realized something from what I said.


"Oops, my mistake..."

"Lalatina?" Megumin mumbled, being confused.

I'm always called my Fiancee with her real name that I already used it too much and slipped out of my tongue.

Darkness's face reddened and grabbed my collar

"H-How did you know that? I never told anyone about my identity except my friend Chris." she shook me.

Ah... This is going to be a pain in the neck.

"That blonde hair... Don't tell me... You're an Aristocrat too?"

"Nope, I'm just a commoner you can find anywhere." I responded.

"Then how did you find out my identity?"

"Your Mom told me about you."



Darkness suddenly trembled, becoming teary-eyed.

"What wrong?" I asked.

"Stop lying! My mom already passed away when I'm still a young child!"



I messed up again!

I'm the one who cured Katarina-sama's illness and saved her.

She still alive and chasing me in my home world.

*Ara Ara, Ufufu...*

I shivered, remembering her terrifying voice everytime she caught me.


"Sorry about that. I actually came from a family of merchants from faraway lands and your family is one of our frequent customers in the past. I might be also a little child at that time but I actually met your Mom when she's still alive." I explained, making up things.

But some of it are true in my home world.

As future son-in-law and the future head, the Dustiness house helping us expand our family business thru their connections on different places and territories. This made the special products from my home village to reach far away places and sold there.

This made our village blossomed slowly.

"Okay..." Darkness slowly let go of me, sitting in front of us with sad expression.

"Anyway, you can order anything you want."

"Is that okay?"

"It's fine." I said, drinking my lemon juice.

She gave me a suspicious look.

"What wrong?"

"Why are you so kind to us? Aren't you just going with us on a quest?" she asked.


"Isn't it my servant fault that you girls are in this situation? Having a romantic relationship with your party leader that's why you girls can't go on a quest and earn some money, am I right?"


"That's why, I will pay for the food before we go on a quest as a compensation to that."



She just decided to accept my answer.

After we finished eating, we went to the quest board to choose our mission.

"Ah, that's right! We haven't asked your name yet. Do you have Adventurer's card? If you have it, can you show it us?" Megumin asked me.

"I have it but I won't show it to you girls."

The three of them frowned at me, giving me a suspicious look.

"Only Luna-nee and the guild who knows my real identity but I can at least tell you my name and my job class."

Smiling at them,

"Hello! My name is Haru and I'm a Arch Wizard. Nice to meet you girls."

(To be continued.)

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