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Chapter 107: Ara ara~

Chapter 107: Ara ara~

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

- Akame ga Kill World -

Standing in front of the large of the fortress,

"Haha... Actually, I came here to tell your prince with foot fetish that thicc thighs are better!" I laughed, yelling back.


"Well, I agreed with you in that kid but still... I can't let a outsider like you to enter from here. So just go home and suck your Mom's tits, little brat!" the man responded from behind the gate.

A vein popped from my temple.

I got annoyed by what he just now to me.

In order not to cause any commotion inside, I used my magic staff to cast a magic on myself.

"Air Magic... Mist Body." I mumbled, transforming myself into mist that can move around freely at high speed.

This magic can also negate both physical and magical attacks while I'm in this form.

Mystogan was surprised when he known that I possessed a magic abilities that's the same as his.

While I'm in this form, I flew over the very high wall, going inside the fortress and landing beside the man who's guarding the large entrance gate.

I noticed that he's not the only one who's guarding the gate and there's a lot of them.

While hiding in a unnoticeable place, I returned back into human form.

With the aid of my magic staves, I casted cast an extremely powerful Sleep spell, capable of putting to sleep almost the entirety of guards around.

One by one, they fell down on the ground unconscious. After I put them all down with sleep magic, I went towards to guard who annoyed me.

He was a man with well built body just like a soldiers you can find around. He was wearing a winter jacket and wolf fur cloak for the very cold weather.

I grabbed his collar from behind and dragged him away with me.

Arriving in a certain alley where there's no people around who will notice us.

Releasing my sleep magic, he woke up.

"Huh? What happened? And how did I arrived here?" he spoke, looking around.

He looked at me, furrowing his brows.

"What did you just do, you little brat!?" he angrily asked.

I stepped on his chest, pinning down him on the ground.

"Ugh! Why is this brat so ridiculously strong even though his body is not that big." he spoke, grabbing on my right foot.


His armor dented with the pressure of my foot.

"Listen to me, old man. I dragged you here to say to you that I'm a adopted child and I never let myself drink my adoptive mother's milk." I said with cold tone.

"Why does it have to do with me? Arrrggghhh!! Please let go of me." he asked, struggling in pain.

"Mom's tiny chest is not enough to fill my glutton twin sister so I just beared myself with a goat milk until I grew up." I explained, glaring at him.

"Then why are you angry at me? It hurts, please let go of me already."

"In other words, you pissed me off." I increased pressure of my foot, pressing down his chest.

"Arrrggghhh! Stop!!! Ugh~" he screamed in pain.

"Okay, my anger has been satisfied! But, sleep!"

I said, putting him on sleep again.

I took his wolf fur cloak, covering my head with it's good to avoid looking suspicious.

After I let go of him, I walked out of the alley like nothing happened, leaving him there alone unconscious.

I wonder myself why I did that.

In the first place, I tease Mom and Nee-san about their flat chest sometimes. But when the others say bad things about them, I'm the one who gets angry for them and become aggressive.


I sighed, walking to the crowd of people and blending with them.

I don't know what time will Esdeath arrive.

I remembered that she'll conquer this fortress instantly, burying 400,000 of its people alive, and broke the hero's sanity and pride, forcing him to strip naked and lick her boots before killing him.

Looking around, I guess I'll kill some time while waiting for her.

Asking the people around, I arrived at the marketplace of this fortress.

"Okay, let's sell some products from my home world."

Taking out a folding table and white table cloth secretly from my dimensional storage, I placed the table on the side of the road, covering it with white tablecloth.

Under the table, I took my magic item products one by one including the potions, placing it on top of the table.

Taking off my hood, I yelled.

"Welcome everyone! I'm here to present you my magic items that now on sale!"

"For those who will buy today will receive a red potion for every each magic item you bought."

"Not only that. If you buy two same magic item, you will get 30 percent off from the second magic item!"

The people around me turned their eyes towards me.

"Tch! A magic item? That brat must be a fraud. Ignore him and let's go." A young man said, holding hands with his girlfriend.

The two of them just walked away from me.

I got annoyed at them,

"Just shut up and go away if you don't want to buy!"

The other people also walked away from me.


I sighed then mumbled,

"Well, as I expected from the dark world with no magic but only danger beast and imperial arms exist."

Two middle age man walks in front me, looking at the items that I'm selling. They seems some guards who are on off duty.

"Welcome! Feel free to look around." I spoke, smiling at them.

"What are theses red liquid in the vials?"

"Those are red potions. Drinking it will heal any injuries you've got in your body instantly."

Looking at the red potion, they switched their glance on me.

"Sounds unbelievable, kid. I never heard of this thing existing."

"That's right, this is the first time I saw items like these."

The two of them said.

I guess I really need a demonstration to make them believe that my items are real.

But, where can I find a injured person.

If I cut myself, my titan regeneration power will activate quickly before I even drink the red potion, making me look more suspicious to them.


While thinking,

"Hey! Let go of me!" I heard a female voice near me.

Glancing at the direction of the source,

It was beautiful lady with black hair resisting to a man in a military uniform.

"Come on, cute lady. We're just going to play a little at our base. Come with us now and it gonna be really fun." the man said.

"That's right, we promise that we'll be gentle with the two of you." one of his fellow soldiers said, staring at the big breast of the lady.

There are five men hitting on two ladies.

"Let go of my sister, you bastards!" another lady yelled.

The two lady seems to be a twins because the two of them are pretty much look alike.

I can't see clearly their face because they're wearing wolf fur cloak just like me.

Looking at the that scene happening near me, Hehehe... this does put a smile on my face.

"You two, watch me." I said to my two customer, walking out of my stall.


"I'm gonna demonstrate my magic items and the effectiveness of my red potions."

I went towards the scene.

One of the man grabbed, hugging the twin sister.

"Just stop resisting and come with us. Hehehe..."


"Hey! Don't touch my twin sister! Just bring me alone with you and leave her!" the lady said, becoming teary-eyed.

"Then, you accept to come with us. Just say it early. Hehehe." the man said said, pulling the lady near and caressing her thighs.

The lady closed her eyes in tears, enduring what the man's doing to her.

Are these kind of commotions normal here? If it is, this country need correction.

Looking around, the others just watching and not doing anything to help the twin ladies.

Is seems that man is some big guy with high influence or position able to stop others from interfering with his bad doings.

As I expected from Akame ga Kill world, it looks like it was already abandoned by it's God just like Akane's world.

Not only it happens on Empire but also here on North.

Well, it's also their fault for killing Esdeath's tribe, making her joined the Empire's military.

With that, this country is doomed in her hands later or tomorrow after she arrives here.

"Hey, Mister! I think you should stop that." I said, grabbing the man's wrist and stopping him from molesting the lady.

"Huh? F*ck off, Kid! A brat like you should play with your Mom's tits at home before coming here in adult's place."


"You! I'm going to break your arm!" I warned.

I noticed that I already did it,

"Ah, Sorry! Looks like I broke you arm already." I said, letting go of his broken wrist.

Looking at his limping broken arm, his face went paled, trembling.

"Arrrggghhh! My arm!" he fell on the ground, screaming in pain.

"You little bastard! What did you to our boss!?" the man's comrade let go of lady's twin sister, attacking me with his fist to revenge.

Raising my arm, I easily caught his fist even he's several bigger than me.

"What?" he was really shock.

He pulled his arm back but he can't because I was holding his fist firmly.

I threw a drop kick on his legs, breaking it.


"Arrrggghhh!" he screamed then fell on the ground, writhing in pain.

Glancing at the other three who has frightened expression looking at me,

"Who's next? I need more samples." I said with menacing smile.

"Waaaaahh!!! It's a monster!" The three of them ran away.

"You bastard! I'm going to kill--Ugh!"

I stepped on their boss's chest, breaking his ribs before he can finish what he's going to say.

"Now, that's a lot of damage!" I said.

"Ummm... Hey, boy. Thank you very much for helping the two of us but I think we should bring them to the hospital before they die." the lady spoke,

"I want to thank you too but Onee-chan is right. They're going to die at this rate." her twin sister followed.

"Don't worry, you two. With the power of my magic item called Flex Tape, I can fix their broken body instantly. And for the healing, I'll just use my red potions to heal their injuries." I said, taking out a thick tape and red potions inside my clothes.

"Eh?" The two of them reacted.


I covered their body using the magic item 'Flex Tape to keep the broken part straight then I shove a red potion on their mouth, making them drink it by force.

Few seconds later...

"My arm! My arm! It doesn't hurt anymore! It's not even broken anymore! Even my ribs!" the man said, feeling that he just saw a miracle.

"Me too, Boss! My legs! Their fix now that it felt that nothing happened to it." his companion spoke while being teary-eyed.

"See! My products are genuinely real." I said with proud tone.

"Boss! I can't take off this thing around covering my body." the man's subordinate spoke in panic.

"Me too, I can't take them off!" the man spoke, trying to take off the tape.

"Of course, that tape is so sticky strong that it won't come off easily--Ah! Sorry, Looks like I used the wrong product to the two of you."

"You bastard, you will pay for this!" the man said, running away from me with his subordinates.

"Hey, wait! I still haven't demonstrated my other products!"

The two of them disappeared in the corner.

It's saddening but, I'll find another way to demonstrate my products.

I went back to my stall.



The twin ladies ran towards me.

"Hey, boy! How about we treat you to something as thanks for helping us." the lady said, holding my hand.

"Mhm-mhm." her twin sister nodded.

I noticed that the two of them are taller than me because my line of sight is on their big chest.

"Sorry but, I will refuse because I'm busy selling my magic items. Thanking me is already enough."

"Then, how about we buy all of your magic item and come with us for a drink at a certain bar." the lady desperately said.

"I can't because I'm still not in the right age to drink alcohol." I replied.

"Eh? How old really are you? You look like not more than 16 years old boy for me." she asked.

"... I'm still 15--"

*Cling!* *Cling!* *Cling!* *Cling!*~~~~~~~


There was an awkward silence.

I forgot that one of my products in my stall are magic lie detector devices that crafted by myself.


"I'm 13--"

*Cling!* *Cling!* *Cling!* *Cling!*~~~~~~~

All of my magic lie detector devices that I'm selling on my stall sounded again.


The two lady stared at me with squinted eyes.

It seems that they already understand why the devices sounded.

Another awkward silence.

"I'm still 12 years old."

The magic lie detector devices didn't made any sounds.


The two of them held each of my hands, caressing it gently.

"Ara ara~ Lying is bad, you know?" The lady spoke.

"That's right, boy. The two of us just wanted to thank you." the twin sister followed.

I sweated profusely.

The two of them took off their wolf fur cloak.

Looking at their appearance, it seems the two of them has the same face but a little different hairstyles on their dark long hair. Both of them are beautiful and well-endowed woman with fair skin and a curvaceous figure.


"As a punishment. Eii!" the lady pulled, hugging me.

"Onee-chan, that's unfair! I want to hug him too." the twin complained, hugging me from behind.

In this kind position, me unable to escape right now is inevitable.

"You two, who's that boy that your hugging?" I heard another woman's voice near us.

"Everyone, this boy saved us from those bad guys and he's really cute."

"Eh? Seriously? Those soldiers are really disgusting!"

"That's right, they're using their high position to kidnap any girls they wanted."

"Are you two okay?"

"Yeah, thank to this boy. He saves us from them and he's really strong." the lady proudly spoke about me.

I glanced to the girls who just arrived and there was four of them.

"I'll introduce you these girls are our fellow recruits from the female division of the army." the lady said.

I shivered and slipped out of the twins, falling to the ground.

"Kyaaaah! They're right, he's really cute!"

"Yeah, I want him too. I want a very young boy like him."

"Then let's take him to our base."

"I want to sleep with him tonight."

The four of them are staring at me like I'm some prey.


Me, the sun should never sets on Onee-san Empire.

Suddenly, a notification bar appeared in front of me,

[Defeating 300 Danger Beast has been completed.]

My eyes widened in surprise.

Wow, that was fast! With Maple and Erza together, the danger beast hunt will be very easy and fast.

[Your reward 'Sun God's Smite Axe' will be automatically placed on your dimensional storage.]

So... each reward will be given after finishing a part of the quest. That's nice!

I stood up from the ground.

"I don't mind going on a date with you girls but, you have show me around this fortress, okay?" I said.

The six of them looked at each other then they gave me a thumbs up.

"Okay." all of them said at the same time.

I decided, I going to put this place under my rule.

(To be continued.)

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