14 Blood of the Overlord

Quickly shooing the sisters out of the room, Ryan told them to get food at the campus store.

When they said they had food, he told them he wanted to eat chicken specifically.

When Izzy ran to the kitchen and produced a frozen chicken, he glared at them, and they finally got the message, leaving the room.

Pulling up his heavenly screen for the first time, Ryan couldn't contain his excitement as his hands were shaking in anticipation.

[Status(!), Allegiance, Quests(!)]

Seeing the three tabs, his brows raised in surprise. Valery had said that they would get two tabs when they first ranked up to an E-Rank Enhancer, but maybe it was because he was also a cultivator.

Selecting status first, he saw his screen open, and his eyes widened, and he opened his mouth as his jaw dropped.

[Name: Anthony Dire]

[Age: 18]

[Gender: Male]

[Race: F-Rank Human]

[Cultivation Rank: F-Rank]

[Enhancer Rank: F-Rank]

[Talents: (F-Rank Upgradable) Blood of the Overlord]

[Heavenly Credits: 0]

"Are you fucking kidding me!" In outrage, Ryan screamed and punched a hole in the wall, or at least he tried.

Even with his power flowing to his fist, he heard cracking sounds when his knuckles came into contact with the wall, and he howled, "Fuck! Fuck! That Fucking hurt!"

Shaking his fist, he looked back at the wall and found his first worthy opponent in this new world... a wall.


After getting some ice to put on his fist, Ryan cooled his first and raging emotions.

He was enraged because his name was Anthony Dire on the heavenly screen.

How did that make sense?

The "All-powerful" heavens couldn't even tell him his birth name?

He couldn't actually be an orphan in this life, too, right?

He suddenly felt the fear and loneliness he once left behind in his past life creep back into his soul.

In his previous life on earth, he had been on the verge of death before he met someone he could call family.

He couldn't let such a thing happen twice.

He had been hoping to find his name and track down his family to get a better grasp of his background and what those visions meant.

But it looked like it wouldn't be so easy.

Bringing up his status screen for the second time, he looked at the rest of the info, as he had instantly gone ballistic when he saw the first line.

[Name: Anthony Dire]

[Age: 18]

[Gender: Male]

[Race: F-Rank Human]

[Cultivation Rank: F-Rank]

[Enhancer Rank: F-Rank]

[Talents: (F-Rank Upgradable) Blood of the Overlord]

[Heavenly Credits: 0]

"Looks like I somehow got F-Rank in both cultivation and enhancer but… how is that possible?"

Ryan couldn't understand how he got F-Rank in both, but that's when his eyes fell on his talent.

"Blood of the Overlord?" What an imposing name, and it's upgradable.

Looks like he would have to do some research into what talents were, as well as how he somehow upgraded at least his cultivation rank in his sleep.

He felt the power inside him was at least 20% bigger than when he had inspected it the first day he arrived in Ravier.

First day… wait, what day was it?

Ryan felt through his inner clock that at least a day had passed, but that meant that he had missed the first day at the academy.

He opened the door to his bedroom but was greeted by two figures standing in the doorway, their fists raised as if they were ready to knock.


Ryan looked at the two girls sitting across from him at his dorm room's dining room table.

Apparently, the little bedroom stocked with its own fridge and kitchen wasn't his whole room but a spare bedroom on the first floor.

Lizzy had explained that after he had fallen unconscious, they had carried him back to the slave house and had Mistress Elena transport them to the male dormitories.

Ryan was displeased that he was in such a vulnerable position in front of that woman, but he guessed it was better than having the two carry him through the whole campus.

After they got back to the dorm, they tried several methods to wake him up, but nothing worked.

They were about to go to the teachers after he hadn't awakened for three days, but Lieutenant Valeria came to check why he wasn't attending classes.

After checking, she left, saying to inform her when he woke up.

Day after day came and went, and three weeks passed. They had been worried that he might never wake up until they heard that trumpet's call…

Ever since Lizzy brought up the trumpet call, the atmosphere had changed, and the three sat in silence, eating the chicken the sisters had made.

Disregarding everything else, this chicken was something special. He didn't know which of them cooked it, but he would definitely be requesting more meals from them.

However, the taste of the food couldn't make up for the fact that he had missed the first three weeks at the academy.

He didn't know what he had missed as the girls said they had stayed inside waiting for him to wake up, besides the regular visits to the campus store for food.

Ryan looked at the duo with a contemplating gaze. They still wore their veils, but they had put on regular maid outfits that showed off their amazing figures.

The fabric hugged their amazingly bountiful bosoms and lean stomachs.

The hair that a bonnet had hidden in the slave house was uncovered, and the duo, who looked identical in every other way he could see, varied in hair color.

Lizzy (blind) had light ocean-blue hair. It was partially braided, but Ryan could tell that if she let it loose, it would easily fall below her shoulders.

Izzy (mute) had flaming red hair she wore proudly as it flowed downward behind her back.

Ever since he had laid eyes on them, he felt the same sensation he had experienced back when he was with the Ice Queen, the hunger to conquer.

He felt that urge to conquer in his veins, the need to have them pinned below him.

Ryan had been able to control it thus far, but he felt he was slowly losing control.

"Lizzy, Izzy," Ryan said, gaining the attention of the sisters.

"You should leave the room. I'm not feeling quite right at this moment." The pain in his voice was evident as he was slightly clenching his teeth while averting his gaze from the two.

His thoughts were becoming more about lust, the need to dominate these women and make them his.

Izzy tapped Lizzy on the shoulder a few times in their normal communication method, and after a few moments, Lizzy spoke, "Master, we can't go. If something happens again, even if we weren't at fault, Lieutenant Valeria would hold us accountable."

The urge was getting worse and worse as, with his last vestiges of control, he got up and tried to lunge for the door, hoping that distance between the girls would cool down this raging feeling.

But before he could even take two steps, the girls were already out of their chairs, and in front of him, Lizzy holding his right arm, and Izzy holding his left.

Things were about to get interesting.

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