2 Chapter 2


{System Gacha

Charge: 100%}


Seeing a black text box with a different font, I was now totally confused. I blankly looked at the horse who was still chilling inside the fence.

That wasn't the thing I was calling.

"Umm, Character reset?"

[Character Settings



Bonus Equipment: Level6 Weapon, Level2 Accessory

Bonus Spells:

Bonus Skills: Required Experience x1/5, Experience Gain x5, Second Class, Appraisal, Character Reset]

The black screen faded away and the blue screen came back, with the words Character Settings in bold.

Kaga Michio, in the original story he was a 17 year old highschool kid, who became so hopeless of his life that he started surfing suicide assistance websites.

When he was a kid in elementary school, he was bullied. Then he learnt kendo to protect himself and as a result the bullies who couldn't beat him started ignoring him.

Even his father was frequently violent with him during childhood after his mothers death. Now he too ignores him fearing that he might retaliate.

Due to all this he grew up as a loner, as an outcast, who had average marks, average face and a low self esteem. As his economic condition was poor too, there was almost no hope of getting into a good university.

That's why he had given up on this world, even the monk who taught him kendo was teaching to grope girls in the kendo class. It just showed him how rotten the world truly was.

Michio was truly afraid of doing suicide, so he was just browsing sites searching for things which will motivate him to give up the suicidal ideas.

Then he found an advertisement on a webpage, 'before you decide to commit suicide' which he clicked.

[If this world is so difficult to live in, then live in another]

The advertisement then asked him about various choices of the world like whether he wanted to live in a sci-fi world, pirate world, medieval world, a world of sword and magic.

Whether there will be only humans, only demi-humans, or both. Is there only a single country or multiple countries? Are wars frequent or not? Is this world a dungeon type or field type or both? Even the starting language could be chosen.

Thinking that this was a new net game, he answered every question seriously. He chose a world of sword and magic, with multiple races, multiple cultures/countries, both the dungeon and field type and no wars.

In the language section not finding any language that he knew of he kept it as default, which was Brahim language.

Then came the bonus point page, where you have to re-roll to get random bonus points and when you are satisfied you can continue.

Getting so into the game he rerolled countless times not realizing that he had been doing this the whole day. At last he got 99, seeing this was the highest number he had ever gotten and being dead tired he clicked continue.

Through these 99 bonus points he was able to add points to his character settings.

In status he was able to increase Strength, Spirit, Stamina, Knowledge, Agility, each point would increase its value by one.

In Bonus equipment he was able to get extra equipment for weapon, shield, helm, torso, arm, feet. The rarity increased from 1 to 6.

For 1 point you can get 1 star then add 2 more ( 3 in total) to get rarity rank 2 and so on. The price gets doubled each time.

The Bonus spells are unique spells which are not available in any class. Bonus skills are some special skills, both of which can be obtained by adding one point except for some skills.

Like for Required experience skill, you will add 1 point first to activate the skill then 1 more to half the required experience then the usual double for 1/3 to 1/5 to 1/10 to 1/20. Same thing for Experience gain skill.

For the class skill you can add 1 point to get a second class/ job and then 2 more (total 3) for 3 jobs, so the usual double rule.

Appraisal is the identify function which helps you identify or appraise things/people/monsters that too uses 1 point.

The last and the most powerful function is Character Reset which can let you reallocate all points whenever you want also for 1 point.

At the end he used all the 99 points like this:

Weapon(6 rarity): 63

Accessory(2 rarity): 3

Required Exp(x1/5):15

Exp Gain (x5): 15

Second job: 1

Char reset: 1

Appraisal: 1

After that despite the blood red warnings of the advertisement, of not being able to return to his original world once clicked continue, he still clicked it. And then he disappeared from his original world waking up in this same heap I found myself in.

"Thank you, Michio for selecting the Char reset option"

Even though I don't know what happened to him, I still pray that he found his own peace somewhere. But seeing this blue screen I wonder what that black screen was. Let's try once more then.


{System Gacha

Charge: 100%}

The blue screen faded away and the black screen replaced it again.

Seeing the different font, colour and the familiar word gacha, is it like another system? Because there was nothing like this in the original story.

I mentally click the box and then suddenly the text on the box starts rolling super fast like an overdosed slot machine. The words flash so fast that I couldn't even read any one of them.

Then suddenly it stops.

<System: Level Rewards>

The text box suddenly became blue coloured? There was a red dot on its upper right side like an unseen notification. Intrigued, I clicked it mentally.

<Villager: Level1 reward

Accept: Yes No >

So it's like a leveling up reward system? I mentally click yes.

With a flash of light the text changes again.

<Basic Language Pack acquired>

Suddenly I feel like something clicked in my head. Like I unlocked something? It felt weird like I remembered something I had forgotten before.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this reward was like a bundle of language starter packs. In the original story Brahim was said to be perceived as japanese to Michio and any other language was gibberish.

Brahim though is the upper class language of this world hence is very helpful but not being able to read or speak the most common language was a big hurdle in the original story.

I can't confirm it but it feels like I know that that's what I got. Leaving that aside what happened to the black screen?

"Gacha System?"

{System Gacha

Charge: 0%}

The blue screen is replaced by the black screen again.

0? So does this mean it is exactly like gacha. Like a system gacha? If my luck is good then that could be very OP. But how do I recharge it? Don't tell me it takes real money!

Money in this world is not so easy to get. I remember the original Michio was always short of money. But then again I don't know how much money does the gacha need and I can even get a money gaining system from gacha or I could even get money from the level system reward.

I will think about it later but right now there is another easy way here to get rewards.


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