25 Chapter 25

"Roxanne, we will do this same thing one more time. But this time after I attack the Needle Wood five times, I will call out your name. As soon as you hear me I want you to disengage from the demon and back off. I will be attacking it with a new Power and I don't want you to be near it when I do" I explained to Roxanne the changes in the plan.

"Okay Master" Roxanne accepts my new plan with a nod.

"This new Power might harm myself. So if after my attack I seem off in any way, just feed me the strengthening and nourishment pill. If it's not enough, feed me one more of each."

I don't think there would be a problem but I still told Roxanne to be prepared.

"Master, you can count on me" Roxanne replies seriously.

"Okay let's go to the next demon"

We took quite a bit of time defeating this demon. If I didn't have my cheats honestly it would take half an hour to kill a single demon that too of Level 1. That's why for a faster progression normally people would form a 6 man team.

I added a single point to Weapon to obtain Gram, removed all the BP from Crystallization Upgrade and add all those remaining Bonus points to Spirit.

We walked for a bit and found another Needle Wood, no demon can escape Roxanne's radar.

We did the same as the last time, I attacked first then Roxanne kept it busy while I waited for opportunities to strike.

This time I was hit only once during my 5 attacks. I am definitely improving or maybe I am just getting lucky.

Wizard, a Job people are desperate to acquire in this world. It is not that easy to acquire this job. The simplest way to acquire it would be to defeat a demon by using Magic. If you do that you will acquire a Wizard job. But to use Magic you need this Job.

Hence most of the people aren't able to get this Job. Normally to get a wizard Job, Nobles and people from super wealthy families of this world use a special medicine on their kids before they turn 5 years of age. And you must be at least Villager Level 5 before even trying to acquire this job.

Experienced Explorers and adventurers would form parties with newborn babies, and kill demons in labyrinths. That way they could carry the baby to higher levels. This kind of practice is mostly done by super rich and Noble Families.

Mostly that special medicine is Orb of Self Destruction, a kind of suicide item. It lets users deal massive amounts of damage to the opponent in exchange for their own life. Its like sacrificing all your HP to give a last suicidal attack.

It is believed that if this Orb is used by children smaller than 3 years, there is a chance that the Orb doesn't activate and that child could get a Wizard Job. There must be some kind of loophole because of low MP or Hp that's why the Orb didn't activate.

If the Orb didn't activate then the demon won't die and then the kid will get a wizard job. I don't even want to think about how gruesome the kids death will be if the Orb did work. This is method is so popular that Orb of Destruction are considered high class gifts for the newborn of Nobles.

As I said people are crazy about the Wizard job here.

I am sure this isn't the only way. If you used your full MP then also you could acquire the Wizard Job. But using your full MP is very dangerous, if you are low on MP your thoughts will turn negative, if your MP becomes zero you could even commit suicide in depression.

Basically MP is also your mental power, your will, your positive emotions if you use it too much then it would become dangerous. Your situation will become as if you are attacked by the Negative Hollows from Perona.

I knew that all of these options are a bit dangerous, so I went for the middle ground. First weaken an enemy to the last breath, it would have been better if it was a human as demons have very high health compared to humans but I still chose a demon from the labyrinth as it would leave no trail.

I have done the first step right now. For the next step I opened Character Reset and removed Gram and all my BP from HP, Endurance and Spirit.

I added 1 point to the Bonus skill Second Job and added Hero as my second Job. Then added 1 point to Bonus skill Incantation Shortening, 1 point to the Bonus spell Equivalent Exchange and then added the last 98 points to MP.

"Roxanne" completing my preparations, I shouted her name.

Roxanne promptly backs off from the Needle Wood as soon as she hears me shout.

"Equivalent Exchange!" Looking at the Demon I shouted the Bonus Spell's name.

Equivalent Exchange, this was the Bonus spell which was one of the only attack spells in my system I could use safely. This spell first uses all of the user's MP to damage the opponent, and if that's not enough then it will consume the user's HP until the user or the opponent is dead.

I had already boosted my MP with the Job Hero which increases my MP (medium) and even added 98 Bonus points to MP, increasing it further by 980%.

The most important point is that the demon is on its last breath and a simple attack from my nerfed self and an Iron sword is enough to kill it right now.

As soon as the spell left my mouth the Needle Wood exploded with a bang. My eyes closed instinctively and when I opened them there was just smoke in the Needle Wood's place.

The spell worked! And I am not even having any negative thoughts, I guess the preparations paid off. It was good that Roxanne had retreated or she must have definitely been hurt.


I picked up a leaf from the ground, this is a rare Demon drop from Needle wood it has like 10% drop rate. I guess I am lucky as I found it in just 5. I put the leaf in my drawstring bag for now.

"Are you alright, Master?" Roxanne comes to my side and looks me up and down checking to see if I am okay.

"I am fine and the experiment was a resounding success, all thanks to you Roxanne" I hugged her in excitement despite the armor.

" Y-your welcome Master" Roxanne was baffled by the hug.

I break our short hug and focus on my reset screen. For Roxanne it must look like I am thinking hard by staring in the air, but I am looking at my invisible to others system page.

[Job Setting

Acquired Job: Villager Level 5, Thief Level 3, Hero Level 2, Farmer Level 1, Explorer Level 3, Swordsman Level 1, Warrior Level 1, Merchant Level 1, Wizard Level 1, Herbalist Level 1

Set Job: Villager Level 5, Hero Level 2]

There it is! Looking at the Wizard job I could almost hear Hagrid's voice in my ears. You're a Wizard Michio! It would be funny to see him try and pronounce my Japanese name.


Effect: Increase Intelligence (small), Increase MP (slight)

Skill: Beginner Fire Magic, Beginner Water Magic, Beginner Wind Magic, Beginner Earth Magic]

Air, Water, Earth , Fire! I will bend them, I will bend them all and there is no Fire nation to stop me here from becoming the Avatar!

I chuckle at my own jokes. I am just very happy right now. Wizard was one of the tricky jobs to get and now that I have it, things will become much more convenient.

In the original story Michio used this same bonus spell 'Equivalent Exchange', but he did it on a thief who had his full health. That thief died a very horrible death, his body exploded in blood and guts. Even og Michio got mind down because of the excessive loss of MP.

I looked at the second job I got.


Effect: Increase Intelligence (small), Increase Dexterity (slight)

Skill: Crude Drug Creation]

I must have just obtained it when I picked up that leaf. To obtain this job, you just have to pick up a raw material which can be used for compounding.

Well let's look at the level up system for the rewards, I am a bit excited to see what I will get.

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